About a boy marcus and will relationship last

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about a boy marcus and will relationship last

About a Boy is a coming of age novel written by British writer Nick Hornby which has sold After a pleasant relationship with a single mother, Angie, Will comes up with the Marcus and Will's friendship strengthens as the story progresses, even after . This page was last edited on 20 December , at 41 (UTC). He writes in a personal angle, first Marcus', then Will's, then Marcus', Will's, and so on. This creates a personal relationship to both of the. Relationships in About a Boy by Nick Hornby Essay The relationship between will and Marcus and also the relationship between Marcus and Ellie how this nation's education system has changed over the past forty years but still isn't up to.

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Y work, and breaks his collar bone. This prompts Clive into having 'a big think' about the meaning of his life, and he summons Marcus to Cambridge to see him. Marcus decides to bring Ellie along with him for support, however they are arrested on the way as Ellie smashes a shop window displaying a cardboard cut-out of Kurt Cobain — accusing the shopkeeper of 'trying to make money out of him' after his suicide.

Meanwhile, to Will's despair, he falls in love with a woman called Rachel. Rachel is a single mother with a son named Ali Alistair who is the same age as Marcus. The two originally fight, but quickly become friends. Will's emotional faculties are liberated and he begins to 'shed [his] old skin' of emotional indifference — simultaneously Marcus is becoming more typical of his age, and he begins to enjoy his life more. The penultimate scene takes place in a police station in a small suburban town, where nearly every significant character in the novel is present; their common link being Marcus.

The novel ends during a three-way dialogue between Marcus, Will and Fiona where Will, to see if Marcus has truly changed, proposes the idea that he play a Joni Mitchell song on Fiona's piano, which she is enthusiastic about. The band is also mentioned several times in the book.

In other media[ edit ] Main article: While the screenplay closely follows Hornby's novel, it omits scenes involving drug use and has a different ending.

It removes any reference to the band Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

about a boy marcus and will relationship last

She tells Marcus that she loves him but resents him too, and thinks that being his mum is not enough for her. In her suicide note to him she asks him not to hate her.

It just wants to do its own thing. Fiona is regarded by Will as a hippy, because she wears long, baggy clothes and never bothers to have her hair cut properly.

about a boy marcus and will relationship last

She makes Marcus listen to her favourite music, such as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, and has never allowed him to eat meat. She is not much use to him when he is being bullied, just telling him that he will have to get used to it. Fiona has problems keeping relationships with men and admits to Will that she worries about this.

Overall, Fiona is a good person but she has to learn to let Marcus make his own decisions about life. Ellie Ellie is a girl at the same school as Marcus.

Will and Marcus

She is three years older than he is, and is in Year She is a fan of the band Nirvana, and loves the lead singer, Kurt Cobain. She feels that he understands the awful problems which face teenagers. Marcus admires her for her fearlessness. He is slightly afraid of her at first, but gradually comes to adore her. Ellie helps Marcus to deal with the bullies, and she and her friend Zoe look after Marcus during the dinner break at school, taking him to their form room.

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Ellie is amused by Marcus, and when she realises that he knows nothing about Kurt Cobain, she teases him, saying that Cobain is a footballer with Manchester United. Ellie seems to get on very well with her mother on the whole. She tells Marcus that she just wants her mother to be happy, and this makes Marcus think about his own mother. When Kurt Cobain attempts to kill himself but fails, Ellie is very upset.

She tells Marcus that Cobain hates this world and just wants to die, even though he has a wife and a little girl. This makes Marcus compare his own situation with that of Kurt Cobain, and he feels very sad.

about a boy marcus and will relationship last

Ellie goes on the train with Marcus to Cambridge, but as it is on the actual day when Kurt Cobain succeeds in killing himself, she is in a strange mood and is determined to get drunk. She frightens Marcus and seems out of control.

about a boy marcus and will relationship last

When she tells Marcus that life is shit he questions her, asking if she really thinks that, because to him her life does not look too bad.