Akane and ranma relationship trust

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akane and ranma relationship trust

He wondered how Nabiki was going to patch things up with Akane. .. No relationship can really last without trust, so I needed a situation that. This category contains pages that detail relationships between characters. Trending pages. Ranma-Akane Relationship · Ranma-Shampoo Relationship. Akane Tendo is offten called a good martial attest and though she is . A mutually over-possessive relationship like this is surly lacking in trust of each other.

Then he collapsed on top of her, and they laid there for a few seconds before Ranma rolled over on his side and they snuggled in each other's arms before falling asleep. Within a few hours, Ranma woke up to a very pleasant sensation down south. He looked down and saw a head of blue-black hair bobbing up and down on his lap.

akane and ranma relationship trust

Ranma laid his head back down and enjoyed the blowjob. Life is good, he thought. After a quick bath and some light petting they headed downstairs, while Nodoka was just finishing breakfast. She had taken over the household duties after Kasumi had left for her honeymoon. It had not taken Tofu long at all to propose to Kasumi, and they had gotten married soon afterwards.

As they sat down for breakfast, the middle Tendo sister staggered in, looking half-dead as she usually did in the morning. Nodoka handed her a mug of coffee, which she gratefully swallowed with one gulp.

She almost instantly perked up after her morning dose of caffeine.

Ranma and Akane's "Thriller" of a Relationship

I think our current one is close to breaking. Although she wished her husband was here to share the good news with, all in all, Nodoka was happier than she had ever been since Ranma was born. Life is good, she thought. For Ranma and Akane, the first part of the school day was relatively uneventful.

Kuno challenged Ranma and was pounded for his trouble, as usual. After the deluded kendoist had regained consciousness, Kodachi came out of nowhere and swiped his wig off of his head. When the Principal had shaved him and Mousse bald, he had also rubbed into their scalps a special chemical that prevented their hair from ever growing back, which most of the student body found hilarious.

Mousse had taken to wearing a hat at all times, while Kuno had taken to wearing increasingly ridiculous wigs, which his sister had begun to take great delight in snatching off his head at every given opportunity. She had even transferred to Furinkan to do this more often as well as being close to her "Ranma-sama," which Ranma, understandably, was not happy about. Kodachi had also begun paying Nabiki enormous sums of money for pictures of her brother's expression after she snatched off his wig.

Just that day, the "Black Rose" handed Nabiki one of the biggest wads of cash she had ever seen. The Ice Queen almost had an orgasm right there. The "incident," as it came to be known, started rather innocently. Akane was joining her friends for lunch when she heard a "Bwee. Akane turned around and looked down, and, sure enough, there was her pet pig, P-chan.


I'll give you three guesses who was under it at the time. And the first two don't count. Suddenly, with a "Nihao, Airen!

All went quiet as Akane stared at the very naked Ryoga that was now in her arms. He then ran off again. Where'd he get the folding chair? Ranma came back, this time carrying a bag of popcorn. Where'd he get the popcorn? Ranma sat down on the chair and scooped up a few kernels of popcorn. And continue Akane did. What followed was perhaps one of the most brutal beatings in Nerima's history which was saying something.

All through it, Ranma happily watched, eating his popcorn as if he were at the movies. He would occasionally give Akane tips on just where, and how, to hit Ryoga to cause maximum damage. Finally, Akane was through, and she punted the Lost Boy over the horizon.

His body wriggled awkwardly, like a beetle pinned by its wings.

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The reactions of the fellow movie goers ranged from polite shock at the rude interruption to whispered complaints. Someone in the back aisle booed at them to sit down or leave the theater. Akane felt her face grow warm, mortified on multiple levels. After all her years of successfully defending herself from unwanted advances, she had clumsily let her guard down.

The embarrassment of someone sneaking past her defenses and kissing her in public, even if only on the cheek in a darkened theatermade her want to crawl into a hole and hide. To make matters worse, Ranma was there to witness the entire fiasco. Adding the proverbial cherry to the top of her misery, an entire crowd of spectators were grumbling at them to leave. Not surprisingly, a uniformed theater attendant quickly arrived. With flashlight in hand, he firmly asked the three to depart and escorted them to the exit.

Outside in the waning light of the evening, Akane's face was livid, and it was hard to determine exactly who was the target of her rage. Her first reaction was to firmly shove the hyssop bouquet back at Gosunkugi. Akane turned to face him next. It sure looked like one to me! Gosunkugi knew when his luck had run out.

This was a situation even his confidence boosting charm could not cure. They continued their banter, completely ignoring him. He was sadly used to being invisible to people.

It was NOT a date. Nabiki was supposed to explain that this wasn't a real date. But regardless, you had no right stealing a kiss from me!

A short beep from his phone drew his attention away. He pulled out the device, the latest in mobile technology, and smiled. Email confirmed the lab results had finished; the database was ready for the final tinkering. With a script he had prepared on his phone, it took only a single button to log in and issue the essential command. He would always have the memory of his lips caressing dear Akane-chan's cheek, and his own private agenda to exact revenge on Ranma was now in place. The two youths continued their argument, oblivious of Gosunkugi's departure.

Akane threw up her hands. I was only going along with this because Nabiki owed Gosunkugi a favor. He tried to recall the characters of the name of the sperm bank. Weren't they read as go-sun-kugi? He doubted it was a coincidence. Akane's brow scrunched in puzzlement. Ranma's sudden and uncharacteristic alarm cooled her temper. I mean, what's done is done, right? And she did it for the good of the family. I mean, with me, you know, to, you know, uh Not to mention, you're totally overreacting about this.

I think you're the one under-reacting It was enough to unbalance him slightly, but not send him flying. What else would she need from a bank? Nabiki was one sly bitch. Akane obviously was not getting the joke, and at the assumption he was laughing at her, she had already begun to storm off.

Ranma Pairing : ranma

Ranma quickly got control of himself. Akane merely glared at him. Ranma rolled his eyes. It's okay for you to get jealous over Ukyo, but I'm supposed to believe that date wasn't a date? I already told you, Nabiki -" "Yeah, yeah. She hated to admit it, but perhaps Ranma was right.

akane and ranma relationship trust

Maybe it wasn't as bad as it had looked that day in Ukyo's restaurant. Sometimes she wondered if his curse wasn't about gender changing, but about attracting as much chaos as possible. Yet, she couldn't shake the image of Ukyo's passionate embrace and Ranma's strong arms around the girl's back.

She wasn't ready to fully forgive him Akane continued walking, but her eyes refused to leave the pavement. I'm just supposed to forget about all those times Shampoo is naked in your room, or in your bath?

Or Kodachi in your arms? You didn't believe me then either, but it turned out she was lying, not me. If things were in reverse, he wouldn't believe his story either.

I'm not a liar. Ranma opened his mouth to deny it, but realized how futile that would be. It was a well used tactic of his to rile up or distract an opponent. Their fighting discipline was called Anything Goes, after all. You lied to me then.

Akane had too good a memory. He had been pretty mean at the time, tricking Akane into thinking she was responsible for him destroying a cure to his curse. You admit to lying and then tell me I should trust you blindly? He honestly tried hard not to directly lie to Akane, but there were certainly more than his fair share of 'lies-by-omission' and cover-ups when it came to her precious P-chan.

Akane was trembling and hated herself for showing such weakness. While Akane and Ranma's argument had ended, a different fighting match began in the Tendo guest room. How have you raised our son? Strength without honor is just creating a bully and a menace.

He never had been too proud to keep from groveling to his wife, especially when his head was at stake. Our discipline is Anything Goes. When you could have stolen a single meal, you chose to steal a girl's innocence, her future, and her honor.

Ranma is a good son, a good man. Surely you have seen this? Her beloved only son changed sex with a splash of water, suffered a debilitating phobia of cats, and - knowingly or not - had stolen the dowry of an honorable young maiden. These were hardly points of accomplishment. Husband, I give you one last chance to be honest with me and atone for your mistakes. Is there any other disreputable behavior we need make amends?

It was the wrong answer. Nodoka's eyes burned with rage. From her robes she extracted several sheets of paper and slapped it hard between them.

They were bank statements. The color drained from Genma's face. Explain a nearly empty balance? Explain how not one yen has been used to rebuild our home while this -" she extracted a stack of receipts detailing expenses for restaurants and bars. Genma carefully scanned the possible exits.

His wife was seated directly in front of the door, blocking the main means of escape. He had to shift the blame away from himself, which was exceedingly difficult to do when caught red-handed. Nodoka frowned, not at all convinced. I don't recall Ranma accompanying you to these expensive restaurants and bars, especially when his female admirers provide him free meals. If we rebuilt our own home, it would separate them. It was all for the sake of our son's future and uniting the two schools.

Not to forget, gaining the dojo. She could smell the excrement of lies her husband was feeding her. Even if it was beneficial for Ranma to remain in the Tendo household, there was no reason for Genma to waste their precious funds for his own selfish desires. The Tendo daughters are orphans who are struggling to support themselves, let alone us! Tell me why we shouldn't leave this instant? She was her in cursed cat form, relishing the gossip her exceptionally skilled feline ears overheard.

There were certainly advantages to her transformed body. As a cat, she was a silent, stealthy predator with suburb night vision.

It was also far easier to climb and hide in the innocent branches of the Tendo family's tree. Unlike past visits with the goal of seducing Ranma in his bed or bath, this time Shampoo was on a reconnaissance mission. Mousse's news of a forced separation and Nodoka's displeasure needed verifying.

She had never imagined overhearing this treasure trove of information. Although her spoken Japanese skills were poor, her listening comprehension was fluent. While Ranma's mother continued to berate the Panda-man, she learned much.

Nodoka was even more paranoid about Ranma's perceived manliness than she realized. In addition, she strongly disapproved of them lodging with and depending on the Tendos. It was the weakness she was looking for; the blood pledge forbid her to directly interfere with Ranma or the Tendos, but Ranma's dear, paranoid, and overbearing mother was ripe for manipulating.

When Ranma and Akane arrived inside the dojo, a surprise visitor was waiting for them. She had last seen the cross-dressing ninja clinging to the ceiling while Ukyo threw exploding Okonomiyaki. Konatsu bowed deeply in greeting. The last thing he wanted was another angry or crying confrontation. Ukyo-sama became very distressed when Ranma didn't see her, and when he pulled away - " Konatsu blushed. Ranma stuck his tongue out at Akane. Told ya it was all Ukyo, not me.

However, the second part Konatsu mentioned had her full attention. If Konatsu could be believed - and he had always been honest with them before - then Ranma really had turned down Ukyo.

The cute childhood friend who cooked professionally had failed to win Ranma's heart, even after that passionate kiss. Her mind was still reeling from the information and its implications, but slowly the odd events of the week clarified.

That was why Ukyo got so mad at her on the street, and why the chef shouted with such certainty that Akane loved Ranma. Akane turned to face Ranma, her hand gently resting on his shoulder. Ranma flustered and had difficulty thinking of a proper response.

Akane's deep brown eyes were pleading for the truth. After all the fuss Akane had made with not trusting him, he hardly felt ready to declare his affections, but he couldn't bring himself to lie to her, either. Akane frowned, her worry intensifying. In mock horror she asked, "Kodachi? Ranma felt his heart begin to race.

He wouldn't be able to keep up the charade for long with her giving that beautiful smile. Ranma desperately changed the topic. Ranma shook his head and made a mock bow. All it took was a quick grab at the stack of water bottles and a splash later Ranma was female.

He couldn't believe he had fallen for that same trick twice. Konatsu mused, departing as silently as he arrived. Imagine if they knew it was Nabiki who asked him to come over and straighten out the quarrel. Ranma and Akane glanced shyly at each other, neither sure how to begin. Before they had a chance to fully disclose who they saw in the Mirror of True Love, their students had piled in for class. Now, post showers and the excitement of the day, they were left with no more excuses.

Akane had asked him to meet her on the rooftop to talk, but she was having trouble garnishing the courage to speak first. This was not going to be easy. Akane cleared her throat lightly. Ranma had such a bloated ego, she was half afraid it would explode with her admission. Ranma smirked and opened his mouth to gloat. About time you saw it my way -" Akane cut him off before he could dig a hole for himself.

In the future, I'm going to try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but that means you have to try harder, too. Could she really open herself enough - to let her be this vulnerable - in front of Ranma? They still hadn't directly admitted who they had seen in the mirror, but Akane had read Ranma's body language enough to guess that it was her.

He had nearly declared his love for her at Jusenkyou, had refused to deny feelings for her since then, even if he continued to deny stating them. With Konatsu's revelation of how Ranma broke his promise, It was enough to get her to gamble that she had his heart. Akane took a deep breath. If their relationship would ever have a chance, she needed to get some facts out in the open. You act like I'm not good enough. What else am I to think? Ranma felt like kicking himself in the mouth.