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In what is no doubt yet another bid to freshen up its image, Gap has also included pop duo Karmin, Tennessee dancer Lil Buck and musicians. Penn Badgley Quotes About White Actors Penn Badgley. Penn Badgley Criticizes . Relationships. Listen to the Ultimate Romantic. Karmin — featuring singer Amy Heidemann and her fiancé keyboardist Nick Noonan — had a major hit in with "Brokenhearted,".

The Japanese pop duo Pink Lady started out as teenagers after winning the talent competition Star Tanjo! They scored 4 on the Oricon charts with their debut single "Pepper Keibu", followed it up with several more, their own animeand a movie, then scored a hit in the United States with "Kiss in the Dark".

However, in earlythey were caught in a scandal involving a New Year's special and a school for the blind. Their managers claimed they'd invited the students of a school for the blind to the taping, but the school denied having made any such arrangement; either way, they used blind children to promote their special.

Then they tried to save their careers by eyeing the States once again with Pink Lady and Jeffwhich killed not only their careers, but also the variety show genre for good. After four part-time reformations, they reunited for good in and have been active ever since.

Band leader John Fogerty was already on bad terms with his bandmates and forced brother Tom out of the picture, but Mardi Gras was seen as their weakest album and got barely any play on the radio.

The band's final concert ended with them getting pelted by coins and walking offincinerating what was left of the goodwill in the band and ending the Revival for good. Back inThe Smashing Pumpkins was one of the biggest bands in the alt-rock movement, with its first two albums having been hugely successful.

For the third album, the band insisted on going bigger. While it was a critical and financial success, the work required to create and mix two compact discs' worth of material caused tensions within the band. The tour exacerbated these tensions, especially after Jonathan Melvoin and Jimmy Chamberlain overdosed on heroin, leading to Melvoin dying and Chamberlain, who survived, getting fired. Soon after, Billy Corgan's personal issues, including his divorce and his mother's death, caused him to become a control freak.

So that alone should give you and idea about the tension behind this album's production. While the band released three more albums, none of them got the same acclaim as their previous efforts, and the original band dissolved in they did eventually reunite in Axiomatic, the third album by Australian pop-rock group Taxiride was an attempt at Genre Shift to a more hard rock style. Needless to say, it bombed dramatically compared to their two prior albums which were both certified platinum.

To put it into perspective, Axiomatic peaked at 91, whereas their other albums peaked in the top 5. After releasing an acoustic best-of album Electrophobia that completely flew under the radar, Taxiride pretty much fell into obscurity after Axiomatic. Eagles have been hit with this twice. An acrimonious split in the late 70's which came complete with one of their last concerts, the "Long Night at Wrong Beach", having band members Glenn Frey and Don Felder taunting each other about a backstage beating was the first wedge in the band and ended Glenn Frey's relationship with everyone else, especially Felder; he also fired his agent.

The band reunited in sparked mainly by the success of Common Thread, a covers album put out by multiple Country Music artistsbut Felder was forced out of the band in and sued them as a result. The band seemed effectively done again in due to Frey's death — but, in spite of Henley announcing that the Eagles would not continue without him, they performed several concerts in featuring Frey's son Deacon and country singer Vince Gill and have been touring frequently since then.

Kill Hannah were a band who were fairly well-regarded and built up a cult following in the indie rock scene for their unique mix of Electronic Music with elements of Shoegazing and Post-Punkcompounded by singer Mat Devine's breathy Dream Pop inspired vocals. Their singles "Kennedy" and "Lips Like Morphine" were used in quite a few youth-oriented shows such as One Tree Hill which compounded their fandom.

The band were due to release a new album on a major label inbut Mat Devine was attempting to become a Broadway star and the band ended up never recording the songs due to being tied down by their continued touring as well as Devine's continued performances in Broadway.

They finally called it quits inafter 18 years as a band. Britpop band Kula Shaker, despite being loathed by critics for their style, were a moderately-successful band in the s. However, the band's fate was slimmed when lead singer Crispen Mills admitted to hoping the Swastika would be reused for its positive mystical meanings during a newspaper interview. Some research then discovered that Mills' previous band The Objects of Desire had included a former member of the National Front who had dated Mills' motherand had played at a conspiracy theory conference in London that had also neo-Nazis among the speakers.

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While Mills did apologize for his comments later on and ridiculed neo-nazi ideology, the band broke up in from fierce backlash, before reuniting in to slim success. Twisted Sister was among the hottest acts in rock in The follow-up, Come Out and Play, sold much less than Stay Hungry, and didn't have any standout hits. While Come Out and Play was a letdown, 's Love is for Suckers polished the band's sound, took away most of their sense of humor and wiped their makeup off Kiss-style.

Twisted Sister split up the following year; after three one-off reunions inandthe band reunited full-time in and officially disbanded with a farewell tour after the death of drummer A. On March 10,just ten days before the invasion of Iraqthe Dixie Chicks were performing in London. Bush came from her home state of Texas, comments that earned applause from the British crowd where public opinion was staunchly against the war but infuriated her fans back home.

American Country Music in was filled with pro-war jingoism almost to the point of parody, and many fans saw Maines' opposition to the war as borderline treasonous. Virtually overnight, one of the biggest country acts and all-female music groups in history was all but blacklisted from American country radio, with the band's singles rapidly falling off the charts, Maines receiving death threats, and at least one radio station holding a contest where listeners could bring their Dixie Chicks albums and merchandise to be crushed by a bulldozer.

They only recorded one more album afterwards Taking the Long Way inone that was heavily informed by the controversy at that, and while it was commercially and critically successful, this was in spite of a near-total rejection from country fandom and radio.

Two years later, they went on hiatus. Shadows Fall was poised to become one of the biggest names in heavy music in the s alongside other rising stars like Lamb of GodAvenged SevenfoldMastodonTriviumand their fellow hometown heroes Killswitch Engage. Like all of the aforementioned bands, they were snatched up by a major label. Unlike the aforementioned bands, their major label debut, 's Threads of Life, was a bomb, debuting at 46 compared to 27 for Ashes of the Wake, 30 for City of Evil, and 34 for Blood Mountain; Ascendancy barely charted but wound up selling far more over the long run and providing two singles "Redemption" and "Another Hero Lost" that went nowhere, as the former was too heavy for the average rock radio listener and the latter sounded nothing like the rest of the album.

Furthermore, it did nothing to increase their live draw and also helped alienate a lot of longtime listeners with its decidedly more commercial sound. While it didn't destroy their career immediately, it did kick off the start of a lengthy downward slide that took them from being able to pullpeople a night in the mid s to pulling 70 a night if they were very lucky by the time of their farewell tour in and turning them into has-been jokes in terms of reputation. Despite riding a wave of popularity with their debut album, their success evaporated virtually overnight after Cheyne's diva antics and disastrous performance at the Australian ARIA Awards, the most prestigious music event in the country.

The night started badly for her after she was caught rolling her eyes after Van Dorsselaer accidentally stepped on the back of her dress when they walked to the stage to pick up an award for Single of the Year. Afterwards, the group performed a medley of their hits. Aside from singing out-of-tune through the entire performance, Coates called for a glass of water midway through the set.

As guests looked on, she proceeded to set it down at the front of the stage and left it there for the rest of the performance, even pausing at one point to pick up the glass and drink from it in the middle of a choreographed dance sequence. Her diva antics became an instant punchline in the Australian media, and the band never recovered from the incident, disbanding in after attempting to produce a second record. While Coates did attempt to have a solo career, her album failed to produce any traction and she left the music industry soon after to become an interior designer.

The ARIA Awards incident is so infamous that, nearly two decades on, it's still used as a punchline on social media. However, this Black Sheep Hit created a rift in the band between singer Terri Nunn, who liked the song, and bassist and songwriter John Crawford, who hated it.

The resulting infighting saw the band break up less than a year after the song was released. The recording of Guns N' Roses ' cover of "Sympathy for the Devil" for the Interview with the Vampire soundtrack caused tensions that had long been boiling between Axl Rose and the rest of the band to snap. Axl attempted to micromanage the song's production, with Slash recounting that he demanded that the guitar be played note-for-note like Keith Richards did on the original; when he was unhappy with Slash's version, Axl had his friend play over Slash's part.

Slash left the band shortly afterwards, and Gilby Clarke followed shortly thereafter; he was upset that he hadn't been called in to help record the song at all, especially given his fandom of the Stones.

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GNR would only record one album of original material in the two decades it took Axl and Slash to reconcile, and his and longtime bassist Duff McKagan's return in may send a signal that the band is coming back big-time. Lopes was disgusted by its Pay Evil unto Evil message a girl gets revenge on her boyfriend's cheating by cheating on him in turnand she was not shy about letting it be known, even threatening to wear black tape over her mouth in the video.

Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan Are Married

The use of Violent Femmes ' "Blister in the Sun" in a commercial for Wendy's drove a deep rift into the band. Not only did fans accuse them of selling outbut bassist Brian Ritchie felt the same way and sued frontman Gordon Gano, claiming joint ownership of the rights to the song. The group disbanded, and wouldn't reunite until When "Take It to the Limit" became a hit, Eagles frontman Glenn Frey pushed bassist Randy Meisner to perform the song during live performances, as he was the only member of the band who could consistently hit the high notes.

Meisner grew increasingly disgruntled with having to sing it at every show, culminating in a backstage fistfight between him and Frey during the Hotel California tour in that led Meisner to quit the band. The rest of the band broke up three years later after the "Long Night at Wrong Beach", when tensions between Frey and Don Felder boiled over at a concert in Long Beach, California and the two of them threatened physical violence against each other after the show.

The Eagles only stayed together long enough to finish the concert tour and record a live album before going on a fourteen-year hiatus. Welsh rock band Lostprophets lost its prestige when frontman Ian Watkins was charged with predatory child molestation in and sentenced to 29 years in prison.

The rest of the band has since disowned the Lostprophets name, and started over as No Devotion with Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly. A more literal case occurred with Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington, who committed suicide two months after the release of his group's 7th album One More Light, which earned polarizing reviews from critics and fans alike due to its pop-oriented sound. Linkin Park currently remains inactive and it's unknown whether or not they'll ever recover from this.

The Band Perry seems to have fallen into this. The band even deleted nearly all references to "Live Forever" off their social media, to the point that the single was even unavailable on iTunes for a time. Inthey signed to Interscope Records — all while fighting rumors that they had abandoned country music entirely, with the band members even saying they only chose Interscope so that they could distribute singles to pop while also having sister label Mercury Records Nashville service their country material.

They announced a new album title, My Bad Imagination, but their first Interscope single "Comeback Kid" fared even worse at country radio, and another single titled "Stay in the Dark" made no noise on the AC format. Although initially slated for a release, My Bad Imagination was stuck in Development Hell well into Given how thoroughly the band seems to have abandoned its core, combined with the highly negative reception to their poppier material, it remains unlikely that The Band Perry will ever return to their "If I Die Young" glory days.

Consensus among fans is that the band just got too full of themselves and too pompously wrapped up in their Genre Shift. Oasis ' album Be Here Now not only snapped the momentum they'd built off their first two albums, 's Definitely Maybe and 's What's the Story Morning Glory? Bythe album had become infamous in the UK for being a common sight in used bins at charity shops.

While they continued recording music until finally breaking up innone of their later material received anything close to the acclaim or impact of Definitely Maybe or Morning Glory, and the fall of the Gallagher brothers from rock gods to tabloid punchlines was swift. Todd in the Shadows goes into more detail in this videocomparing it to The Phantom Menace as an overhyped late '90s project that went from major success to Hype Backlash to "was it really that bad?

One of the first teases from their final album, released in October, was the disco-heavy "Bye Baby". Fun, free, and full of life, the track embodies everything that made the former Bad Boy girl-group so great in the first place.

It's a bit sad to hear a song like this and realize that they simply couldn't keep it together for the sake of their fans. They truly did have something special going on, and that's not an easy thing to say goodbye to. Things become even more difficult when that music happens to comes from a part of the world that you're not too familiar with.

Although the fabulous foursome have released several singles between discs, their last full album was released back in Filled with pieces of hip-hop, dance and even some acoustic jams, the disc broke a record by becoming the highest charting K-Pop album in the history of the Billboard chart. During my first full listen, I immediately found myself drawn to the mid-tempo "Happy".

While most of the lyrics may have been foreign to me minus one English line: Truthfully, it probably wouldn't have mattered if I had never found out what the song was actually about; lyrical content is only one part of what makes a song enjoyable. Eventually, I did find out that the song wasn't actually that positive, but with that being said, every time I hear "Happy", I feel incredibly I guess that's what matters the most.

Like so many others, it seemed as if the former pop star was choosing to emulate the "blue-eyed soul singers" that are currently overrunning the music industry. We've already got enough, and truthfully, they haven't been doing very well as of late at least in my opinion.

It wasn't until Jonas' full album dropped that I decided to give him an honest listen -- and truth be told, he managed to shock me much more than I ever thought that he could. Seriously, people; he's that good.