Anthy and akio relationship help

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anthy and akio relationship help

Akio, Utena, Anthy and all the rest of the cast are all aspects of Utena's psyche relationship and this is why she eventually refuses Akio and Touga. to the person who looks beyond her own desires to help someone else. Akio needs Anthy as a tool to seduce duelists into the games, by offering She believes all the abuse she takes is worth it if she can help her brother. girls in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable. most fascinating character in the series, and Akio and Anthy's relationship meant to use both of them to help us understand Anthy and Akio.

[Spoilers][Rewatch] Revolutionary Girl Utena - Episode 25 : anime

The basic problem is one of nobility in an ignoble world. Utena desperately wants to be more than a sum of a dangerous relationship and this is why she eventually refuses Akio and Touga. Utena choses an unconventional path to join the self aware ego and the super ego over the will of the id, honoring friendship in the face of power. It is something most people have to struggle with as they attain success: This is a particularly important question in Japan as they join the world economy.

They are brought up believing in the group and putting those relationships first, but as business and western values enter their society, they are more often facing the idea of big CEOs sacrificing factory cogs for their own gain. In this way, Utena choses a woman over a man in refutation of traditional gender roles. That Utena and Anthy are the same person, I think, is hinted at in their similar relationship with Akio, and in the switch of Anthy and Utena in the coffins during the last episode.

anthy and akio relationship help

So, for your question: Dios is merely a portion of Akio, a power he possessed in the past. When Utena and Anthy and Akio were one, before the fall, nobility was a power they all possessed. However, nobility and self sacrifice for others is not a power associated with the selfish Id, so try ashe might, he cannot attain that power.

Symbolism and Roses

Anthy becomes a real person because after we mature, we are able to develop our super egos, our concience, in a way that controls and usurps the id and assists the ego. It presented me with such a powerful force that is Akio Ohtori and everything about him radiates power. Power is a wonderful concept. Power is a controlling force. The car is a representation of his power.

Wikipedia documents pertinent observations emphasis mine: After being expelled from the Academy for injuring Touga, Saionji is given permission to return to Ohtori, and he challenges Utena for another rematch.

During the fight, Utena discovers that an even stronger sword than the sword of Dios can be pulled by Anthy from her body, and she uses it to defeat him once and for all.

After that, Akio appears before Touga and takes him into his car to an unknown place he calls the End of the World.

Akio Ohtori

After that the duo starts to take each one of the remaining Student Council members to that place. It is implied that the victor of the duel will be determined by how strong a bond exists between the duelist and the bride: But even with their newfound strength, they lose their duels against her.

I have never seen anything this sexy in anime. I can easily imagine some kind of sexytime is going on in the back seat. The different seductions culminate in the seduction of Utena herself. The counterpoint to the seductions performed by, and enabled by Akio are the manipulations made by Himemiya Anthy.

anthy and akio relationship help

So - Miki the nice kid. What will he be when he does? What choices has he got? He has Touga for his mentor, and no one can be the perfect man forever, remember.

anthy and akio relationship help

I think we have to compare Miki to Dios, which gives us Kozue as the young Anthy. The power dynamic in that relationship is multi-layered and painful, and definitely not one-way.

The character designs of all the other characters of Utena are fairly straightforwardly carried over in the movie, with only minor changes - but the character design of Akio is utterly different.


Movie Akio is smaller, less threatening, more pathetic: To Utena they will always be two utterly different people, but to Anthy there is a continuity, a direct line from one to the other.

Anthy loved Dios, and Akio is Dios. And the story of Akio in the movie is also different. But what makes Akio terrible - what makes him a villain, in fact - is that he then becomes cynical.

The power of Dios is all over the place!

anthy and akio relationship help

The story of her sacrifice, of the moment when she becomes the rose bride, is key here. Everyone can blame Anthy. And Anthy lets it happen, because she loves him, and Akio blames her, hates her, for the loss of his power power derived from strength and nobility, remember and for his incestuous desire for her, and abuses her to punish her for it.