Ayaz and priyanka relationship trust

ayaz and priyanka relationship trust

I can never trust the same person even if I forgive her. Love is for keeps Trust is a lot in a relationship whatever said and done. Ayaz Khan. Vishal Karwal is an Indian actor. He has played some of the famous serials like . Press Trust of India. 22 December Naithani, Priyanka (2 February ). "TV actors contestants. Shaleen Malhotra; Vishal Karwal; Bani · Ayaz Ahmed. EXCLUSIVE: Ayaz Ahmed of 'Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan' reveals his prankster EXCLUSIVE: “Don't trust anybody so quick,” says Veebha Anand of.

ayaz and priyanka relationship trust

If the foundation of love is not strong how can you build the Taj Mahal of love? Anuj Saxena Whenever I get into a relationship I give a per cent. There is no question of accepting a cheater when the relationship was based absolutely on mutual trust. I would not be able to forgive a girl who cheats on me.

I am basically forgiving in nature in case of friendship. If you enter into a relationship it has to be pure from the heart and has to be maintained with sanctity.

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I will just cut myself off from that girl and move on. Thinking of forgiving is easy but forgiving is not. Pankaj Advani Trust is a lot in a relationship whatever said and done. Cheating is one thing which can take away all the trust you can have on your partner. I think a situation wherein any of the partners cheat it makes things too complicated and difficult to sort.

Even if a guy decides to forgive the girl, things become awkward and eventually fall apart.

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After all such things are a matter of an opinion. Ayaz Khan Only men cheat is a myth. There are women as well who cheat and even get away with it. According to me if a woman cheats on a guy; he should firstly figure out as to why she is doing it. It can possibly mean that she never loved him in first place!

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However, if she comes back truly regretting her move, any guy would be tempted to give her a second chance; how much ever strong-headed he may be. It completely depends on how intense the situation is. He said, "The element of freshness in doing different things interests me.

ayaz and priyanka relationship trust

Also, I like to experiment with what I do because otherwise doing only one serial gets monotonous. His role was appreciated amongst TV viewers, and the show ended in Film career[ edit ] Karwal made his debut in the film industry with the Punjabi film, Aappan Pher Milange, which was released in May and starred alongside Gracy Singh in this movie.

Punjabi films is an excellent medium of doing so.

ayaz and priyanka relationship trust

The way its reach is growing, it should be giving competition to Bollywood very soon," [17] The film, however, failed to do any good business at the box office. InKarwal made his bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt 's horror thriller Londonfollowing the successful series of film seriesco-starring Sharman Joshi and Meera Chopra in the pivotal roles.

The film was released on 6 May Business plans[ edit ] About his future plans, he told Deccan Chronicle in November"I have a couple of Punjabi films lined up and a few serial projects as well.

ayaz and priyanka relationship trust

I still miss flying," [9] and further added, "Hopefully, I will get to convert my American flying license to the Indian license soon so that I will fly once again. I work out and run 3 miles everyday. Once you are out of work, nobody really cares.