Bane and catwoman relationship memes

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bane and catwoman relationship memes

Since we now (kinda) know that Catwoman and Bane are working together from the tid-bit in the Anne Hathaway interview, I'm wondering how. Here are 15 Characters Who Knows Batman's Secret Identity. Unfortunately, Catwoman also found out who Batman really was, and Bane knew from the . off the mask and deletes 99% of the mystery in their relationship. Catwoman is a character from the DC comics universe, specifically affiliated with [ Batman] Bane, Batman, and Memes: DailyGeekFacts Christopher Nolan was.

You mean the light-hearted, self-aware comic where the fanservice is clearly a joke, and the character still has choice and agency? How does that represent all female-led comics?

bane and catwoman relationship memes

Wow, Electro is ripped here. People who get bent out of shape because of comic book covers really have too much time on their hands. DailyGeekFacts Mary Elizabeth Winstead has stated that after learning the backstory of the Huntress, she has become very excited to portray the character I think Winstead will do an ok job as Huntress.

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Not great, not awful. Batman, Future, and Memes: Your red sweater, your black leather You dress better, I fight better. Batman, Joker, and Love: I freaking love this. Bane, Batman, and Goals: Blackpanther Mcu Marvel dc dccomics dceu dcu dcrebirth dcnation dcextendeduniverse batman superman manofsteel thedarkknight wonderwoman justiceleague cyborg aquaman martianmanhunter greenlantern venom spiderman infinitywar avengers avengersinfintywar ironman thanos Couple goals. Blackpanther Mcu Marvel dc dccomics dceu dcu dcrebirth dcnation dcextendeduniverse batman superman manofsteel thedarkknight wo So utterly terrified by what he had seen, Joe Chill rushed to the aide of his criminal cronies, who later executed him for his part in bringing the Batman to bear.

After ordering Clayface to pose as a reanimated Robin and purging himself of cancer in a Lazarus Pit where he also surmised Batman's identitythe Riddler harassed Batman by saying, "Now the world is my oyster.

He knows that if the emerald lunatic revealed Batman's identity to the world, Riddler would have devalued his most prized enigma of all: Who is the Batman? Unfortunately, the Riddler and the Joker are stuck in the same conundrum: After his biting words sink in, Batman turns the tables on Riddler by threatening to tell Ra's Al Ghul that he secretly used a Lazarus Pit. Once again, the Riddler becomes the punchline to his very own joke.

Catwoman, however, doesn't listen and rips his clothes off. It all comes off as alarming and very uncomfortable.

Some obviously exist in other universes where everything changes. According to the story, Catwoman was once a flight attendant.

bane and catwoman relationship memes

Selina survived a plane crash but was knocked on the head and this removed all her memories and inexplicably made her want to commit crimes. This insane story was later retconned to be an insane story that Selina made up, but for decades it was her actual origins. There was no anti-hero nonsense or her playing both sides against the middle -- Selina was full-on fighting crime. In the course of this heroic turn, Selina met Kitrina Falcone yes, the name was just that unsubtle.

Kitrina was the was the youngest daughter of the Falcone family and Catwoman saved her life. Kirtina became Catgirl and stood side-by-ridiculous-side with Catwoman.

bane and catwoman relationship memes

Kitrina was an obvious and very lame Robin clone that, thankfully, the New 52 wiped Catgirl from existence -- but not before Batman offered to ship Kitrina to a boarding school for girls, an offer the troubled youth eventually accepted. Only Batman can have child soldiers in Gotham. Yet many still consider the definitive version of Catwoman to be the one that Michelle Pfeiffer played in Batman Returns, even if her origins are even more insane than some of the comics.

Batman Returns was the last time Tim Burton was behind the camera for a Batman movie, but he wanted to continue with a direct sequel and maybe even a Catwoman spin-off. Catwoman has had flings with several characters of both genders. In the comics and the cartoons, Catwoman has shown a lot of interest in Nightwing.

Selina Kyle, a confirmed bisexual character, even had a rather long love affair with Eiko Hasigawa. Batman and Catwoman always find their way to back to each other, given the cyclic nature of comic books. Yet the comics have been rather stringent on Batman being a pacifist and hating anyone who kills, no matter the reason, but the big exception seems to always be Catwoman.

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Instead, she was covering for her friend Holly Robinson. This inspired Catwoman to go after him and eventually Catwoman confronted Black Mask and shot him in the head, killing him.

bane and catwoman relationship memes

Catwoman did regret the action, almost immediately.