Bell book and candle ending a relationship

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bell book and candle ending a relationship

Play next; Play now. TCM Star of the Month Kim Novak Week 3 1of3 Bell, Book and Candle (Intro) . Only Human / End Title - Bell, Book and Candle (Ost) [] . Bell Book and Candle () Directed by Richard Quine. Must she give up her magic if a s happy ending is to prevail? directed a number of Kim Novak's films and had a long-term relationship with her, although they never married. Majorkestrell and I recently re-watched Bell Book and Candle (). Chasing Amy has a more honest ending: the relationship ends up.

Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: BELL BOOK AND CANDLE

Lemmon had extraordinary luck with his first film, It Should Happen to You. He was the male lead, as comedienne Judy Holliday's disapproving boyfriend. Cohn tried to convince him to change his name to John Lennon, but was satisfied when Lemmon and the film were hits.

Marilyn Novak had done some modeling including as Miss Deep Freeze and Columbia's star-making machinery went into full gear on her behalf, changing her name although she declined to be known as Kit Marlowe tinting her hair lavender and photographing her in her lavender colored pad. Cohen cast her interestingly, including as the lead in the film version of the popular play Picnic, co-starring a hunky William Holden.

She had just been lent to Hitchcock for Vertigo and garnered the best reviews of her career in a film many list makers consider among the greatest ever made. Bell, Book and Candle was another success. Cohn died in the middle of this, her 12th film, and for all intents and purposes, her star career ended. Critics never really embraced her, her acting range was somewhat limited, and she was ambivalent about her manufactured sex symbol image.

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She always seemed rather a sad beauty. Novak was often criticized as having a somnambulistic style, but it serves her well here, as if she were answering a call from another dimension. As for James Stewart, at 50, this was his last romantic leading role. Ernie Kovacs, the iconoclast who transformed television comedy, plays the rumpled and boozy author Sidney Redlitch. This was his 2nd of 10 films; in his first three he co-starred with Jack Lemmon and was directed by Richard Quine.

bell book and candle ending a relationship

To play against his disheveled appearance, Kovacks gave Redlitch a softspoken tone, and was given "pretty free rein" to create his character. Quine said, Kovacs was "an intuitive actor.

He was an extremely sensitive man, and everything I ever worked on with him he required very little direction. He was always quick to find that extra little shtick. Start before you get through the door, no hellos, nothing, just start talking. And he grabbed it like a hungry trout. Stewart looked so astonished at this absurd entrance, it cracked him up. They remind me of a sophisticated Laurel and Hardy.

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Ralph Nader's book, Unsafe at Any Speed, was written as an indictment against Chevrolet's lax safety practices, of which Kovacs was the most famous victim. Did she miss the limelight? She dismisses the notion out of hand. I lived on the ocean, with whales going in front of my house all the time. Stardom is all about rhinestones.

My life there was about moonshine and real stars sparkling on you. How could you compare the two? I went to the real thing.

bell book and candle ending a relationship

Art had been her first love. This is where the painting comes in. She will often leap out of bed in the middle of the night to paint, and it is the first thing she does every single morning.

bell book and candle ending a relationship

And Bob will go nuts. I pour all I have into my work. Llamas will spit at you. She tells of a quiet moment with Jimmy Stewart on the set of Bell, Book and Candle, the film they made together immediately after Vertigo.

I was sitting with Jimmy Stewart when they called for lunch and they turned off the set lights.

bell book and candle ending a relationship

We were playing a scene where we had our shoes off. And we just sat there on the set, put up our feet, bare feet, and we sat there the whole lunch break together with our feet up and next to each other, not saying a single word.

Our feet just occasionally touched each other. It was one of those animal times like when an animal lets you rub its neck. She laughs, and talks about her life in the country, painting, riding her horse every day.

And she compares it to her last role inwhen she took a small part in Liebestraum, a film by the director Mike Figgis, and found, once again, another director reluctant to discuss and engage in the process with her.

Bell, book, and candle

It has a little cabin, with a picnic area and hammocks hanging over the rapids of the river just below. Miles from the nearest highway, it is as close to an image of Eden as one could imagine. Taking it in, Novak looks around and says: Years ago, she started one, but the notes were destroyed in a fire and she never returned to it.

Riding back at breakneck speed down the river path, I press her. Why not get all her great stories down now?