Bo derek and john relationship with god

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bo derek and john relationship with god

John Derek met Bo when she was 16, and he was casting a movie he shot a particular part of God's anatomy, as it happens, and "the world is based . today, but he tells it as if it explains everything about their relationship. Is The American Actor John Corbett And Bo Derek Are Husband And Wife; and brunch kind of guy" and maintains a "strong belief in God". ([PHOTO: REUTERS])Bo Derek and John Corbett have been together secret to her long-lasting relationship with Sex and the City star John Corbett. "I have a strong belief in God," says the Sex in the City actor, "I flew here.

You know the one: Derek, 22, is running along the beach wearing a skin-colored bathing suit and sporting cornrows. She is perfectly tanned, impossibly sexy, a goddess incarnate—a perfect In a sense, that has always been how Derek has been seen. Born Mary Cathleen Collins in Long Beach, California, inDerek now says she just sort of made up the name Bo around the time she met her husband, the director John Derek, when he cast the actress, then 16, in his movie Fantasies.

Bo dropped out of high school so she could remain in Europe with him and avoid statutory rape laws, and John and Evans divorced. When Bo was 18, she and John returned to California, and were married in They remained together until his death in So is it nice to be on the water?

I feel so fortunate. I was brought up along the beaches in Southern California, and then got to have horses. Your dad worked for Hobie Cat, right? Did you grow up sailing? My father actually lived next door to Hobie Alter [creator of the Hobie catamarans].

bo derek and john relationship with god

So growing up, we had prototypes and experimental things that we could play with; it was just fabulous. I actually bought my first surfboard in junior high. I saved my money. Do you remember what board you got? Yeah, it was a Corky Carroll. He was this gnarly surfer. You left high school, right, and spent a few months on the beach surfing and sunbathing? I skipped school for a month straight. It was terrible; I got in big trouble.

My mother was working a lot, so she was gone often. I would leave school and hitchhike to the beach.

Bo Derek shares the secret to her happy relationship with Sex and the City star John Corbett

It scares me to death now. I usually did it with girlfriends. I think I did it once alone. They pulled over, and I got in and I learned. I think about that sometimes. I think a high school girl hitchhiking is stupid.

  • Bo Derek and John Corbett reveal secret to their 15-year relationship

I loved the adventure with my girlfriends. But after a month, I was bored to death. All that freedom to do what I really wanted to do was so boring.

I lost most of my friends in the process, because you spend all the time together sitting on the beach and you get bored. By the time I got caught, I was really looking forward to getting back to school. How did you get caught? She had no idea I was skipping school, and she was furious. Okay, I feel like shit now. Hey, you were So when you went back to school, did you and your mom patch things up?

Yeah, and it was the first time I was going to school looking to learn. My whole experience of school prior was everything was being forced upon me. So it was the first time I was enjoying learning. And a few weeks later, I got the job to make a film in Greece. So I left school. How did that happen?

I went in and met with John Derek. It took me about two seconds to make that decision. And my mom was very cool. She came along as my chaperone, on the gorgeous island of Mykonos, in the winter, so we were the only foreigners there. You were still 16 at that time? I turned 17 on the film. I was there from November to January. It was probably, like, 10 weeks. Back then, everything was single camera, so it took longer to make films, longer than it does today.

Is that how you met John? He is so handsome. Did the romance blossom while you were filming in Mykonos? My mom was around, so that was awkward. It was very strange. I feel terrible about it. John was married to Linda [Evans] at the time, whom I worshipped and adored, and who was so kind to me. And then, when all this happened, I was at least halfway responsible for some serious pain she went through.

We were at a jewelry trunk show for charity. And she was just as fabulous and wonderful as ever. That will never change. I think you might feel worse than she does.

I just hate myself when I think about doing that. It was very complicated, and dramatic, obviously. Some people could say it was meant to be, though, because I was with him until he died.

But that just sounds like an excuse to me. I remember I was doing an interview with Oprah, and she asked about it. Can you look back fondly, at all, on some of those times? It sounds like a very romantic place and time to fall in love. Yes, and obviously I loved him. We lived in Europe a lot of the almost 25 years we were together. There were wonderful people. We saw the world. What were some of the things you learned from being around him?

Everything except for maybe surfing and sailing. And I understand, for him, it must have been fun to show me the world.

Do you think that was the perception—that you were under his spell, his puppet? But at the time, definitely. I even called my company Svengali Inc. No, it was what it was. We all survived it. What was it like to move to Europe and be so far away from home at such a young age? I missed my sisters and my brother, and my parents. You're wearing a very interesting piece, and I have to ask you about it. Let me get a closeup of this, because it's John made me this years ago, and it's out of bone.

And it's a picture frame. And you have a picture in there of Of my -- of my One of your horses. It's upside down, yes. He made it for you, John? He was very talented. He made saddles and boots. He would do thing like that, huh? Do you miss him? Yes, all the time. But I am not the kind to dwell on things that I have no control over. So I think right away, I just pick myself up and got on with life. I mean, for me I'm very black and white. We're going to take some calls after the break.

You did work with Rob Lowe, did you not? Yes, I did on "Tommy Boy. And now he's kind of resurrected his career and "West Wing" has brought him back.

He's had some problems. I'm so happy for him. He's become a good friend, too, he and his wife, Sheryl. And so I'm really happy for them. And tell me about your new film, "Frozen With Fear. Ah, yes, yes, yes. You forgot you made this? No, I was very serious on this picture. No, it was a film -- but it was called something else. Oh, they changed the title. I suppose this is the film made in Canada in December and that this is the new title.

What was the working title? How would I put those two together? Who's in it with you? Stephen Shellen and Wayne Rogers. And it's coming -- oh, Wayne!

He's a good guy. And do you know when it's coming out? So we're both surprised at this Oh, I haven't seen this!

Bo and John Derek visit a Californian dog academy in 1993 - Daily Mail

She's not in the living room. She's not in here either. Kath, put those down. You two won't get away with this. Get away with what?

What is this conspiracy that you insist on seeing.? You stay right there. The earring proves it. I never saw it before. The first one I found in Charles's dry cleaning. But it's not mine. It fell out of your purse. Charles is the one who found it. He picked it up off the floor. Don't listen to anything she says. She's out of her mind. I am not out of mind. We're back with Bo Derek, one of the few people that you only have to say the first name.

Let's take some calls for Bo Derek. If you'd like to talk with her, just call right in. I am a huge fan. I think you're absolutely beautiful, inside and out. And my question to you is, how do you manage to stay so entirely beautiful? What's your beauty regimen? I don't really have one. No -- I don't go in the sun anymore. I had a whole lifetime exposure to sun before I was But that's about it.

And I hate to exercise, so I don't do much of that. And I have a good metabolism. And I try to just stay active and go outdoors as much as possible. I mean, and I'd rather clean house than go to the gym, so I keep myself busy.

Do you have a special skin preparations? Do you at night take an hour and a half before you go to sleep? Creams and all that? This is just it? Your mother looked like this, too? Yes, my mother and my father. One look at Bo would have a lot of guys grinning, but inshe had to teach Tarzan, the apeman, how to smile.

Let me show you how to smile. Oh, you think I am going to hurt you? There's no way I could hurt you. Now, don't stop me. That was my first big production. A young man named Miles O'Keefe. I lost my husband John when I was 49 last year by a heart attack also, and I am inspired by you and admire how you're going on.

Recently I saw you on a morning talk show which they showed clip of you and John. When they asked him that if you became no longer beautiful, would he stay with you? And he didn't answer. And I was a little offended by that question for you, and I wondered how you felt about it. Well, if you had heard the rest of his answer -- he was ridiculously honest. I mean, you said I'm honest. He was honest -- sometimes it was painful.

He was being honest, and I would have been shocked if he said anything else.

bo derek and john relationship with god

The rest of his answer was that he didn't know whether he would still love me. He didn't know whether I would be the same person, because maybe part of who I am is because of what I look like, the way people have responded to me throughout my life and things like that.

So the answer was quite long. You weren't hurt by the answer? No, I knew him. I knew he was that way. What do you think? What do I think what? If you lost your beauty, would he have stayed? I really don't know. He -- and would I be the same person? I've had a very blessed life.

Bo Derek and John Corbett reveal secret behind their lasting relationship in Hollywood

I've had nothing to do with it. It just kept coming to me. So would I be the same person? I have been very lucky. I think I haven't had a lot of bitterness and some of the painful experiences that people have had.

We know about the pluses of, obviously, being beautiful. What are the minuses? I guess if you are really concerned about people -- I mean, I am blond, too, on top of it.

If you're brunette, you're treated a little differently. I am naturally blond. So that is -- also has an association with being stupid. I've always been fine with my intelligence, whatever it is, and I am able to do what I want to do, and I have enough to carry me throughout life.

So I haven't been paranoid about that. When you look in the mirror, do you know you're very pretty. I know my nose is straight. I know I have good days and bad days. But I know at the same time, if this was years ago, I would have been considered scrawny and unattractive. It's fashionable right now. Rembrandt wouldn't have painted you. Hello, how are you? This is for Bo. Bo this is Nancy Gunther Your old junior high art teacher. You taught her art in -- what school was that?

In Steve Wright Junior High. My husband taught her science. Yes, two of my good subjects. No, I wanted just to tell you we have just been so proud of you as a human being, what you have done with your life, and I got so angry in those years when they were accusing you of -- and ridiculing you.

And I knew that you were a bright person and a sensitive girl, and she was mature beyond her years and just as beautiful at 14 as she is now. She's just -- I'm so proud of her. Oh, you're so kind. What kind of student was she? She was a good student. She was mature -- believe it or not -- and I don't know if she remembers this or not -- but she was one of the best drawers with a pencil.

No, you have the wrong person. No, I do not. And do you remember helping in the yearbook? We had to sort out all the pictures. But I -- as you know, I was absent a lot. If surf was up, I didn't go to school. You were a real California kid, weren't you? I mean, if surf was up, you didn't go to school? And you know, it was a time when it wasn't safe to hitchhike, but we did it a lot.

Didn't you date in high school? I was very athletic, very into sports and so dating took a lot of time away from that, and I just -- not very much. Thanks for calling, teach. What high school did you go to? Well, I didn't finish, but I went to Narbaun ph. You quit high school. Yes, but I met John and went off to Greece to make a film, and then we lived in Europe for years, so I got a fabulous education. Aside from his death, what was the toughest period of your life? You're going to tell me none?

I -- and I am very, very much The answer is none? We can all start feeling sorry for ourselves. I know, but his death aside. Yes, no, and I have to compare my life with out people. I always do that. I refuse to feel sorry for myself, because I know how lucky I am.

I see the world. I know just being an American how lucky we are in life. So I pretty much go through my life with that attitude as well. So you have felt lucky all your life? It's very easy to look around So you had nothing to do with how you look? Nothing to do with the way you were born? Yes, and I was born -- my family is good and happy, and no bad secrets, or no abuse or anything like that. Yes, there was a divorce, but that just meant that dad went and got a beach house, so that was good, and Did your father remarry?

Did you like your stepmother? And did your mother remarry? Yes, and I love my stepfather. So you see, I could have, like many people, taken all of these and made them into tragedies, but that's not the way I was brought up. Are you very spiritual? No, not at all. You are a riot. We'll be right back with Bo Derek, but there will not be a benefit for her.

You need not send donations. Before we go back to the calls, is it true that you and John couldn't come back into this country because he traveling overseas and you were underage?

They prevent -- so he would have arrested if That's very romantic -- yes, because I was underage so that's So anybody could make a complaint, and then it's statutory rape, contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Cross state lines for the purpose of -- so what? You had to wait until you were 18? We ran out of money. So actually he stayed in Tijuana, where it was cheap to live, and I came across and stayed with my family to scheme across the border and left him there, which was kind of fun actually.

He thought it was -- he liked it, I think. You hadn't been yet, right? No, we hadn't been married yet, so I came back to see if the climate was all right. The coast was clear. Yes, freedom to come. Levytown, Pennsylvania for Bo Derek, hello. I have a question for you. I am in my mid 40s.

There has been a lot of talk on TV lately about the older woman and younger man, that they're looking for the father figure. But I am an older woman and I am dating a younger man, and I just wonder what your opinion was on that subject, older woman dating a younger man. Would you date a younger man? Yes, yes I think so. I have -- I think that time tells whether it's love, whether it's infatuation, and whatever it is, it's fine. I mean, if you enjoy each other's company and whatever the attraction is, go for it.

I mean, there's not -- it's hard, it's difficult to find somebody you love.

John Corbett In A Relationship with his Girlfriend Bo Derek since

It doesn't happen all the time. So if you got involved with someone and he was 30 or 32, that would be fine? You don't know of course. If you fall in love, there's nothing you can do about it.

And you should follow it anyway. Hi, Bo, how are you doing? I just wanted to say that you're such a natural beauty and you don't see that much, you know, in any movie stars anymore, with all of this plastic surgery going on. And I have two questions actually. One was, what made John such a lady's man that women flocked to him so much, all the beautiful women?

And my second was, is Bo your real first name.