Bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

Model Bobbie Brown is dishing the dirt about her former famous lovers

bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

A year later, she married the lead singer of the band, Jani Lane, with whom she had a daughter. After they split, Brown dated and bedded a. Earlier today, Bobbie Brown, Jani's ex-wife and the vixen in WARRANT's "Cherry Pie" video, released a statement from their daughter Taylar. Jani Lane 'biography' letter posted by ex-wife Bobbie Brown. My father, Robert Oswald (no relation to Lee Harvey, whatsoever “for the

Got mine cleaned a few times too! I also started at forward for the basketball team for 3yrs. While at Field H.

bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

I took out my frustrations on my friend, Gene Slater, who has since thanked me…he not only owns a fabulous BBQ rest. I would sit-in in night clubs by My brother handed me a guitar at 12 and my parents had an old piano.

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I was writing and recording my own songs by my early teens. At 18 I was torn. I had a partial scolarship to K.

bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

I asked my dad, Ozzie, also my nickname from childhood what I should do. He said go to college and get a degree.

Please understand my dad was already a published author, into spirit writing wrote with his eyes closed with both hands at the same time in 2 different languages and spoke 3 languages…we fought about it phsically and I left for Florida that night. I had an offer from a band down there. I played drums and sang in a very popular cover band in Fla.

We arrived in Hollywood, Ca.

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Al had his parents wire some cash and we crashed for a week at the Hollywood Bowl Motel…I got a telegram saying my father had had 2 strokes and was on life support so I flew home. They pulled the plug on him that night and the tough S. Meanwhile there was this, pain in the ass, competition band called Warrant who was opening all over town for a band called Poison. Steven and I agreed we were starving and decided to move back to Fla.

Our singer and drummer just quit. If you can write songs come down to DB sound rehearsal and lets see what happens. I told you I sold my drums…when we got to L. I did just that.

We met a manager, Jamie S. He saw the video and said. Now, I look back on it as the most fun because I just didn't give a shit. Did you feel like you'd been traded in for a different model?

bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

I didn't think about it from his perspective. I didn't really know who he was because everything that he had said to me, he'd just proven to be the complete opposite. I was like, "Was that a fking dream?

Is he for real? Your daughter spent a lot of time with your mother growing up.

bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

Do you feel guilty about that? Yes, I still have guilt to this day. My daughter is so smart and ahead of her time. She's never resented me for that, thank God. My mom was an amazing mother. It sucks that I didn't have my sh-t together all the time.

bobbie brown and jani lane relationship

I felt it was the best decision as a mom to make. I wanted what was best for her, and I never wanted her to be part of any struggle.

First I was a coke addict, then a meth addict on and off for at least a decade. I'd quit for a year then I'd relapse. It would be like that.

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I went to rehab several times and eventually I bottomed out. I was able to get a hold of it and say, "Oh I need to fking quit this sh-t. It also had a lot to do with gaining weight. You get spoiled from the three day turn around you have when you're in your 20s.

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It doesn't happen that way when you get older. So you did meth to lose weight? In the modeling industry, when I had to do a swim suit job in a week and had to be eight pounds thinner, if I took meth it would come off in three days. I'd also be staying up all night and be super sleep deprived and then I would get too thin and I'd show up at the shoot and they'd go, "Whoa you're too thin.

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  • FOR $ALE … Jani Lane’s personal ring up for grabs from ex wife Bobbie Brown
  • Model Bobbie Brown is dishing the dirt about her former famous lovers

Do you worry about your weight now? Yeah all the time. I feel like a fat cow. People are always insulting me online. It's hard to compete with your former self.

Bobbie Brown

I'm not fat but compared to what I was in my 20s. I aged, it's been 24 years. I've tried to explain that to people like of course I don't look the same. It sucks but then again what am I doing about it?