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Borderlands 2 is a Black Comedy that is absolutely hilarious. You should focus on that, to avoid the horror and trauma of the game. For the original, click . Tiny Tina was one of the worst parts of Borderlands 2, but through her set up Bunkers & Badasses, a D&D-like Borderlands-themed board game. silly relationship dramatics mucking up the moment during the campaign, Cap Announced Although the season pass for Borderlands 2 ended with the. In the context of Borderlands 2's humour, however, Tiny Tina is The quest begins with our group gathering around the board game Bunkers and Badasses as of rocks to our legs and pushes us into the deep end of her dementia. for it to explore aspects of the relationship between Tina and our favorite.

Or, even funnier, if you kill them in midair, they will keep flying upward into the air. You can make two Goliaths or more have a boxing match. If it's a Caustic Goliath, a vomit fight will ensue. And in the Bandit Circle of Slaughter, you can cause a mass Goliath brawl, with six or more flailing their fists and punching each other. If you set a Goliath on fire: I can't wait to get a mortgage!

I can't wait to become human!

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I'll take showers and tip waiters and get bruises and fold bed sheets and disappoint my loved ones and eat tacos! Hyperion is full of Comedic Sociopathyjust listen to the announcements. At the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve: If you are part of experiment group A, stay away from the wild creature cages.

If you are part of experiment group B, move closer. This is a reminder to all employees: Remember engineers - through your efforts here, you are creating a safer, kinder Pandora.

Creature fighting rings are only allowed on special occasions, such as Birthday Parties or Tuesdays. This is Handsome Jack, thanking you, loyal test subject, for helping bring Pandora into the future. The experiments you'll be put through will help us uncover new uses for Eridium, new cures for medicine and - seriously?

This is freaking hilarious. They know we're gonna mutate the hell out of em, why lie to em? Thank you for open quotes volunteering closed quotes as a test subject at Hyperion Preserve.

Do not attempt to leave the grounds. Attention open quote volunteers closed quotes: The gift is open quotes freedom closed quotes.

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Volunteers are reminded to maintain a distance of twenty meters from the animal holding cells. Ignore this warning if you are in the open quotes human bait closed quotes testing group. Do not touch the eridium vats unless you have alerted a Hyperion technician first, preferably one with a camera. While waiting to be experimented upon, consider the majesty of the creatures surrounding you. Do not consider the fact that, barring any major accidents in the next few minutes, they will likely outlive you.

If you hear screaming coming from the research labs, stop listening so hard. Others The Sheriff's response to you blowing up her personal Eridium train, killing her lawmen and their skags, robbing the bank and starting a war with the whole town? She is a horrible person through and through, a massive sadist and kills puppies, but she's endearing due to the fact that, unlike Jack, who doesn't show up to fight you until you find Lilith in the Vault, she decides to fight you head on, with, of course, several marshals and Deputy Winger.

But that's not what makes it funny-it's her entire attitude in the quests. She doesn't become mad when you rob her bank and blow up her train or fight the bandits in her town, and when she sounds angry, it turns out that she's faking it. When she hears Brick's plan to blow up the bank, her response is "Explosions?

This should be fun. Intimidating, but slightly arousing! Claptrap's hilariously bad cold-related puns and attempts to explain the nature of humor during "The Iceman Cometh".

When the Crimson Raiders asked why I wanted the detonator, I told them, "be cool! Crazy Earl says a lot of funny things when you shop from him: Someone actually paid for that! He doesn't know it's dead. When you buy at Crazy Earl's shop, one of the lines he can say is "It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad! Just with, like, a fork. The above montage leaves out one of the best exchanges in the entire mission: My big brudder's come to teach you some manners!

The whole point of hiring Tiny Tina yes, there's a point is to hijack a train: Missiles prematurely launch and take out the train. And more likely Scottish. I wrote you a poem and it goes a little somethin' like this break it down! A poem by Tiny Tina. If you tip Moxxi enough money at her bar, she'll eventually pull a gun from her cleavage and give it to you as a reward.

She says it's her favorite gun. It's called Miss Moxxi's Good Touch, and when you're holding it, it vibrates.

This crosses over to Real Life if you are playing the game with a controller Some are pretty dark such as Zed calling about how Blake showed him some "obviously faked" pictures of New Haven burning, which can't possibly be real because the Vault Hunters were protecting the placebut there's humor in there too.

Roland, I've made my decision. Thanks for the offer, but I'm not moving to Sanctuary. I'm staying right here, in Fyrestone. I was born here, and if I'm going to die, it's going to be right here, in Fyresto— Hyperion Bot: Attention, citizen of Fyrestone. Moxxi still has some hilarious lines. Hell, I'm all wet.

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I spilled a drink. Before you came in. Not because you tipped me. Good god, I'm not that easy. If you tip her, you may hear her slip into a redneck accent like her two kids before reacting in horror at the realisation. It is strange and at the same time hilarious. When Angel is asked questions about his background, all she can say is " Normally Angel is very articulate and clear, even when startled or worried. But when she says "I dunno.

She even comments on what it tasted like. Lilith, it was noted, did not approve. Please to excuse the manner of speaking of which is coming out of my face mouth to say you.

Do you know where is Moxxi underboob palacio? Main Quest When you get your first gun: When you're fighting a skyscraper-sized enemy with a gun that shoots lightning, you're going to think back to this moment and be like "heh. When fighting Knuckle Dragger, some of his minions emerge: They're coming out of the wall-sphincters!

He then proceeds to stand next to the gate and shout at you not to fire until he's clear of the gate and he gives you the signal. For quite a while, even "testing" you a few times. He never actually moves away from the gate, so your only option is to blow open the gate while Claptrap's standing next to it.

When you reach the Soaring Dragon, Claptrap gives this gem: I might have tried to stage a mutiny before the flash-freeze.

Which would explain why his men are currently beating the crap out of me, right guys? When you get closer he tries to stop them by asking to talk things over. Only to give them an adequate reason to keep doing so. So beating you doesn't make you feel pain and makes us feel better! Meeting up with Lilith early in the storyline has this knee-slapper, in which the character attempts to send you over to a bandit hide out I only sent you, like, 10 feet, didn't I? Still getting used to this.

When defending the beacon in Overlook and it gets destroyed a certain number of times, someone chimes in on it: Wow, you're really bad at defending that beacon. After you survive an initiation put up by the Slab King, AKA Brick, a bandit named Sarcastic Slab appears and makes sarcastic comments while clapping for you.

If you kill him, the Slab King will commend you for it. We are soooo proud you're managed to kill our brothers and friends. You're just sooo cool. This is totally not sarcasm. In the final stage of the initiation, you can have the Slab King yell about how the Vault Hunter is slaughtering his underlings Roland gives you a note to deliver to the Slab King. It actually has a message on it: Until you do the next quest, your character will sound like Jack for all their one-liners.

Salvador even keeps his accent, and may sometimes even say a one-liner that goes something like " So that's what Jack would sound like if he had my accent. Salvador will sometimes scream out "Hey, everybody!

Maya doesn't consider herself an angry person, but "if I have to speak with this fascist voice much longer, I will rip out my own voice box and stomp on it. Commando, don't kill me! When you start the mission "Where Angels Fear To Tread," you go to find Claptrap because you need his help for the mission. Let's go to Thousand Cuts! Very close to the end of the game, you meet up with Claptrap to finally kill Handsome Jack. This is it, minion!

Our vengeance is at hand! Minion, I'm gonna get that door open so I can take care of that handsome bastard myself.

The way she describes him makes him sound like a chubby Big, Friendly Dog. Turns out he's a young Rakk Hive. Once you defeat Roscoe, she encourages you to proceed to the treasure yourself and says that you'll meet her again. Her cyborg hand has a hook on it instead of an actual hand. After you defeat her pet she drops her gun and tells you not to steal it because stealing is wrong.

If you do take it she congratulates you. Know When to Fold 'Em: She manages to escape the Vault Hunters after they kill Roscoe. Wears a nifty pirate hat with lots of shiny metal hoops. A Pirate Years Too Late: It's the far flung future, and yet she acts an awfully like a pirate from the s.

Is a good looking woman in a crew full of male pirates and bandits. Instead of initially competing against you, she wants to work with you until the location of the treasure is revealed. At one point she even points out there's no good reason to betray you until you've gotten a certain distance through the quest.

She learned this from when she tried to betray Sandman right off the bat and lost a knife and a leg for it. Of course, when the time comes, she betrays you like she promised. Talk Like a Pirate: Well, she tries to, at least. Like many of the pirates in the DLC, she speaks with a Cockney accent rather than the standard accent. She doesn't fight you directly, instead riding upon Roscoe as she sics him on you. According to cut dialog, the player was originally intended to kill her while Roscoe would be a raid boss.

She just disappears after you defeat Roscoe. She encourages you to kill the Leviathan right afterwards, but after that she is nowhere to be found. She evidently has a personal teleporter. We Will Meet Again: Her last words to the Vault Hunters as she escapes. What she sees the Vault Hunters as. Used to work with Scarlett, until she stabbed him in the back. The knife broke off and everything. She considers the whole event pretty embarrassing.

And Your Little Dog, Too! Scarlett notes that he can't possibly know where your family lives, making this a completely empty threat.

After you kill him, Scarlett admits she has no idea where the third compass piece is. In the chest with the second piece, you find Sandman's diary, where he reveals he knows where the third is. Comes with the territory of being a midget on Pandora.

Murray of Scarlett's crew was Driven to Suicide after Sandman killed and ate his parents. In reality, they were killed by Scarlett's cook Mercer; no word whether he or Sandman actually eat people, though. As a consequence of being a midget pirate boss. Interestingly, nobody directly mentions his size except for him. Scarlett is afraid of a one-on-one confrontation with him, and describes him as being very strong. He's also much, much tougher than just about any non-Loot midget in the game.

Herbert An old man enamored with Captain Scarlett in a most unhealthy way, and was, hence, kicked out of the crew. However, he's very knowledgeable about Captain Blade's treasure and knows where the fourth compass piece is. Scarlett kicked him out of the crew for his creepy stalker tendencies. Subverted; though Scarlett needed him to find Captain Blade's treasure, this wasn't enough for her to ignore his mania.

Old man with a creepy obsession over the attractive Captain Scarlett. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Quite literally, actually, when you shoot the lock off of the chest which he keeps the fourth compass piece in and end up breaking the piece in the process. Fortunately, he can make a new one. Scarlett has you give him a present after you get the fourth compass piece. Guess what's in it. Guess who it's to. It even has squeezy dolls and pilfered undies. Stalker with a Crush: He actually has over forty recordings of her sleeping.

This is the reason Scarlett kicked him out. His haiku to Scarlett, detailing how nice her breasts and butt are. Of course, the only problem he sees is when he messes up the syllable count in the last stanza. Also his song to her"Scarlett, I Would Like to Touch You in Places," which the player is, thankfully, spared listening to in its entirety.

You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Scarlett disposes of him after she gets the fourth compass piece, for understandable reasons as well as the usual ones.

Captain Blade The most feared pirate in history, and the one who buried the treasure Captain Scarlett and the others are looking for. He was renowned as a pirate of great ruthlessness. A Father to His Men: He cared deeply for his men, and simply kept up the ruse to keep them in line.

When a crew member of his was caught stealing from him, Blade not only faked his execution but also gave him enough money to live comfortably.

When they find out, they attack him, and he feels he can't bring himself to fight back. But then he does anyway. Beware the Nice Ones: Never hurt anyone until his crew attacks him, at which point he kills them all.

Was forced to kill his entire crew after they found out his reputation was a sham, and he had never actually killed anyone. Long dead by the time you reach the scene, but he drives the plot, and you hear about him in the ECHO logs he left behind.

Though not a coward, he hated violence and swore to never kill. Somewhere along the line though, someone built up a reputation of him as a fearless, bloodthirsty cutthroat. He uses this to maintain order among his crew. According to Scarlett, Blade went insane later on in life, believing a conspiracy about sentient tacos.

This might be related to him killing all of his crew members. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Voiced by: Chris Rager I'm Torgue, and I'm here to ask you one question, and one question only: Torgue had a rough childhood. During the Bar Brawl at Pete's Bar, he'll make a mention of an alcoholic father. Mister Torgue doesn't hate anybody, and he actually goes out of his way to make friends with the Vault Hunters.

He also breaks the fourth wall and tells players he loves them in the Borderlands: All There in the Manual: There's a lot of stuff in the AmA on Reddit that you don't learn in-game. Authority in Name Only: Despite being the founder of the Torgue Corporation, by the time of the Wattle Gobbler DLC, Torgue is no longer the head of his own company, having sold it to his shareholders and is simply a spokesperson kept on to flex his muscles and do air guitar solos.

He loses that job as well by the end of the DLC, not that it bothers him. Extends to the rest of his family. His middle name is his grandfather's first name, which is a tradition in his family.

Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Ending **SPOILERS**

He sports a prominent 'stache on his face. According to his grandma, he's had it since he was nine. Game reviewers who bash games he likes.

This includes bad-mouthing mechanics he likes, such as a Stealth-Based Mission. Being rude to women deeply offends him. He even lashes out at ill-mannered non-existent characters in Tina's boardgame: I'll never say anything douchey ever again! In the Pre-Sequel, he hates laser weapons because they're not explosive. During a mission where you get a light reactor for Janey Springs, he offers to give you a Torgue gun if you drop it into lava instead.

Janey thinks his offer is a bit excessive, but she likes his enthusiasm. Later on, at the end of a mission to test out a laser prototype for Janey, he'll have you drop the laser next to a beacon, and then crash a spaceship loaded with fifty tons of high explosive into it.

He makes comments about how he considers the Vault Hunters attractive, no matter the gender or their appearance. Word of God confirms that he's bisexual. He's extremely muscular and ridiculously over-the-top personality-wise. His weapon designs are very good and his company is one of the most successful on Pandora, even though he can't even count to ten. On the other hand, he's apparently read or understands Nietzsche and can be eloquent on exceedingly rare occasionsso it's possible he's just bored by math and would rather convert his calculator to an IED than do math problems.

Greetings, Traveler!

Torgue loves nothing more than watching people fight and blow stuff up. Despite the fact that his extreme manliness is not often a good way to run a company, it's made clear that he's still incredible at designing weapons and running a TV station. He designed them all himself!

In case you hadn't figured out that the guy who always talks about fire likes fire, Mr. Torgue will gladly shout that fact at you.

Also comes up when you beat Motor Mamma. He lets his imagination get the best of him sometimes. It may overlap with In-Universe Product Placementbut considering how bizarre this tangent got Looks a lot like Randy Savage. A digital one that the corporate shareholders decided needed to be attached directly to Mr. He also held an AmA on Reddit. Also between the Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2.

In TPS after being turned down for a date by Janey, he complains of being "friend-zoned". Present day Torgue who is apparently listening in on Athena tell the story cuts in to point out that he was younger then, and now realizes that the friend-zone is a sexist concept.

Makes it obvious he does not approve of them when you sign up for his tournament. Torgue has no regard for anyone's personal safety, loves to make things explode, and never thinks about the consequences of his actions for one moment. However, it's played in a rather comical and endearing light as opposed to a villainous one, so he comes across as awesome, yet completely out of his mind. Plus, in his bio it states that his worst enemies are explosives disposal experts, so he's certainly not into THAT aspect of demolitions expertise.

He's definitely got the muscle and quite a bit of the required dumb he writes everything in crayon and struggles to count to two. But he's more of a Genius Ditz than anything else: His intro in his starring DLC pretty much sums up what kind of person he is. Grandmother, in this case. Where Jack is smooth, cultured, arrogant, cruel, well-dressed, and tries to build a perfectly-ordered world enforced by fascist policies of mass execution, intimidation, and terror, Mr.

Torgue is friendly, kind, anarchic, loud, crude, childish, and focused on destruction. Was made fun of in school for having a mustache at age nine. Friend to All Children: Well, Tiny Tina's the only child you encounter in the game, but Torgue is very polite to her when she takes over his show in one echo cast. He founded the Torgue Corporation and personally designed all the weaponshas a very good grasp of how to run a TV show, and he's absurdly good at predicting what's going to happen.

While he's never stated to be from Sweet Home Alabamathe Deep SouthAmericaor even from Earth, he definitely ticks most of the boxes: Trigger Happyexplosion-lovingshotgun-wieldingspace-truck-drivinguneducated Gun Nut. He founded the Torgue company, one of the more Gun Nut -oriented companies. He's a good guy who wants to do good things and help Pandora, but Good Is Boring and explosions are awesome so all that "good" stuff can wait thankfully his shareholders keep him from doing anything too destructive.

Once, tried to destroy an inhabited planet just because it would look badass, while he and his shareholders were on said planet. Contrary to his imageTorgue actually considers being nice to women the epitome of badassitude. He also seems to like kids, as he instantly bonds with Tiny Tina when she interrupts him while he's interviewing Moxxi. Also, he likes chocolate chip cookies.

So much that the only two things the food dispensers provide are cookies and bacon. During his IAmA on Reddit, he was asked how he eats stew: He also dislikes cheating and cowardice. He instantly takes a liking to you as you climb the ranks of the tournament because not only are you actively seeking out challengers but you also fight clean. He also loves animals, having cried when his grandma's pet Rakk died and when his Grandma was about to kill a Squid-Whale which was apparently attacking them at the time he begged her to spare it.

His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Mister Torgue is his actual first name. This is not a man who does anything by halves. Everything he does, he throws himself into with a passion, be it showing emotions, designing weapons, or just being loud.

Despite being a weapons manufacturer, Torgue's company seems to spend all of it's money on explosions and fighting rather than, y'know, anything company relevant. However, this might just be Torgue's poor management skills as President Smith has next to no tolerance for his shenanigans, eventually firing him for ruining their Thanksgiving publicity stunt.

You may have noticed that everyone here is trying to kill you. In the Wattle Gobbler DLC, when President Smith tells him that the reason that the competition was rigged was so Torgue himself could kill it and be a hero, he answered back with this. You are the dumbest person in the world.

His solution to a batch of poisoned beer is to have you kill the people who bought the beer.