Brazil and spain relationship

Spain and Brazil: “new alliance” to duplicate their economic relations

brazil and spain relationship

From the 's, Spanish investments in Brazil conferred greater dynamism to the bilateral relationship and the economic dimension became the main axle of. Political, economic, trade and diplomatic between Brazil and Spain will not be affected due to “Our relationship with Spain goes beyond the issue of migration . One of the highest profile examples in the past few years was Diego Costa, who swapped Brazil for Spain, but he is by no means alone.

Spain supplies aircrafts employed by the Brazilian Air Force in Amazon and it is modernizing Brazilian airplanes. An artillery simulator produced in Spain was acquired by the Brazilian Army. Interchange for military officials training is also being performed. There are joint initiatives on technical cooperation between Brazil, Spain and third parties — such as Haiti and Bolivia — for the donation and transportation of food for countries facing emergency situations.

It is estimated that there are currently about thousand Brazilians living in the country. The migratory flow has changed sincedue to an increase in the number of Spanish people interested in working in Brazil. Negotiations concluded in overcame the issue of unadmitted Brazilians in Spanish airports. Since then, the number of rejected Brazilians has significantly dropped and better conditions for the retained travelers were created.

Brazil is home to the largest number of Cervantes Institutes in the world eight. There is growing interest in the teaching of Portuguese in Spain: Generally speaking this restricts them to a single team. So, a German national can only play for Germanya French national can only play for France and so on. However, football does not exist in a vacuum and its participants are a reflection of the world in all its variety.

Why can Diego Costa play for Spain? FIFA's eligibility rules explained |

That means that footballers themselves are not necessarily monolithic. For example, an individual could have the right to a number of nationalities based on where they are born, their ancestry, or they could earn the right to a new nationality via residency.

brazil and spain relationship

In some cases, a single nationality can allow a player to play for a number of different teams. The United Kingdom, for example, does not compete in football as a single entity. In order to play for any of those teams, one requires British nationality.

As mentioned though, there are limits put in place to ensure that the landscape of international football is not cynically exploited.

brazil and spain relationship

So, we've established that nationality primarily governs what national team a footballer can play for, but what if they have multiple nationalities or their singular nationality allows them to play for more than one team? The current rules allow players who fit that description to play for one team and then switch national team if they so desire, but they can do so only once.

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Crucially, however, they cannot change teams if they have already played a senior competitive game. Appearances in senior friendly games are not enough to bar a player from making a switch. Administrators from a number of associations and confederations have queried some of the current limitations, such as the competitive cap precluding a change of team. However, it remains to be seen if there will be any changes.

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So why can Diego Costa play for Spain? We get that all of the above can be quite confusing, but, basically, Costa is allowed to play for Spain on account of his Spanish nationality, which he gained through residence.

While he was born in Brazil, he was also eligible to play for Spain having gained citizenship in July and the fact that he had been a resident there for five years satisfied FIFA's rules.