Bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship marketing

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bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship marketing

With Selina, Bruce figured out all she wanted was a way to start over in the world, She also didn't help Bane steal from the stock market. Catwoman first appeared in Batman#1 way back in In her first meeting with the dynamic duo, she was trying to steal a very large and valuable diamond. Batman. Bane. Catwoman. That ending! Time to talk about 'The Dark Knight . But the marketing materials suggested we'd also get a story that.

Compounded with the character-redefining The Dark Knight Returns, this newly solidified world for Bruce was one of a solitary, isolated and emotionally distant Batman. The prospects of things like marriage were definitively off the table.

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Batman Works Alone, Except When He Doesn't At some point, during all of this continuity reconfiguration a strange thing began to happen in the world of Batman and his fans -- he began being understood as a hero who could not, and would not, work well with others.

This, of course, was never genuinely the case. After all, even through various Crises and makeovers, Bruce remained a founding member of the Justice League, his friendship with Superman was maintained, his partnership with characters like Alfred, Robin, Jim Gordon and Nightwing were expanded upon -- There was no point in which Batman was ever truly a completely solitary hero.

The idea was, moving forward, Batman was serious, and that seriousness came at the expense of a great deal of his warmth. And yet, somehow, the solitude of Batman had begun crystallizing itself into Batman zeitgeist.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship marketing

Wedding Bells Of course, that brings us to today, where these ideas are being actively turned on their ear. Is it possible for that myth to finally sustain a long term relationship, a marriage, after so many years spent trying to absolve itself from the ghosts of the '50s and '60s?

Are fans going to be willing to shed decades of deeply ingrained ideas, both honest and artificial, about the nature of their favorite hero? Superman in domestic bliss with Lois Lane is his natural state.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship marketing

Lois and Superman, however, have never really turned their back on one another. However, both versions of those characters were quickly exorcised from DC canon. In current continuity the whole incident, thankfully, never occurred. Throughout his various adaptations, Batman has received several love interests. With Superman however, his endgame love interest is always Lois Lane.

Batman often can't do what Catwoman wants or needs. Superman, on the other hand, will do whatever Lois wants him to do. It's level of devotion that only mere mortals can imagine.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship marketing

However, most things about Superman are unbelievable. So his love life should be just as ideal.

Catwoman is the classic femme fatale and Batman is the hero caught in her grasp. Clark can be viewed as either a farm boy or as an alien from a planet that no longer exists.

bruce wayne and selena kyle relationship marketing

Neither seems like the natural match for Pulitzer winning journalist who was raised as an army brat. Yet that is the story of Lois and Clark.

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Yet it was only until Catwoman changed from a hero to a villain that their relationship really began to heat up and become serious. Lois Lane has always been a regular human woman, but Superman has always entranced with her all. This means something too, as Superman could be with anyone, but he chooses to be with Lois Lane.

Lois is the brains behind the brawn.

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However, in the current history of the character, Lois Lane started dating Clark Kent and fell in love with him before Superman. She only learned Superman was Clark Kent when Supes decided to tell her. Clark Kent, the real Clark, is the love of Lois' life, not Superman. This is a big contrast to Catwoman. She loved Batman first and it was only after years of trading punches and kisses on rooftops that Bruce unmasked for Catwoman. Selina has never been able to really conquer Batman or his mood swings.