Captain janeway and seven of nine relationship poems

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captain janeway and seven of nine relationship poems

Janeway knows it's not a new gravimetric array Seven has been working on, but this 5 - Published: Dec 16 - Chakotay, K. Janeway, Seven of Nine - Complete. Kate Mulgrew Talks Sex and Seven of Nine on 'Star Trek: Voyager' . in the course of those two episodes and I vote for him to end his life. "Diplomats Omahr and Sgurrin," Captain Janeway said standing. .. Carefully, Janeway eyed Tuvok, and Seven of Nine, who she had last seen hovering over her in Sickbay. "Do you remember the poem La Vita Nouva?".

When Mezoti and the others need a little extra assistance, can Seven adapt to help them through it? Seven simply acknowledges the feelings Unimatrix Zero and Axum stirred up a little earlier than in the show. Well, not at all like he had planned.

But he was nothing less than sincere. Now, if he could just convince her of that- but how? Behind the scenes of the Season 6 episode "Muse".

Seven and Chakotay reflect on B'Elanna's away mission report. K - English - Chapters: Thankfully, Neelix can handle both of them, and it ends up going further than even he starts to suspect Immediately post 'Natural Law', S7xE Chakotay piloting a shuttle with Seven and their daughter to a vacation spot.

What could go wrong? After a great deal of persuasion, the Federation granted the Hansens the use of the USS Ravena small long-range craft, to aid them in their investigation. Inthey took Annika, then aged four, along with them. They spent a good deal of time aboard the Raven in search of the Borg; Annika celebrated three birthdays aboard the ship.

Eventually, the Hansens encountered a Borg cube and followed it through its transwarp conduit into the Delta Quadrantthe Borg's region of origin. They gathered a great deal of scientific data on the biology of Borg drones and the nature of the Collective by moving undetected through Borg space due to multi-adaptive shieldinginvented by Magnus Hansen.

They even went aboard Borg vessels, using bio-dampeners to remain undetected. However, their research came to an abrupt end in when an ion storm struck the Raven. On the first day of negotiations she had taken the Gaelians, as part of their tour, to the Mess Hall, where Neelix offered some freshly made Ktarian pudding. Diplomat Omahr, obviously not wanting to offend, sampled Neelix's food. Needless to say, the resulting grimace meant that neither Gaelian had accepted any offers of refreshments since, preferring to consume their own supplies which, to her surprise, appeared delicate and quite sumptuous.

Eyeing the captain, Diplomat Omahr queried, "How is your crew enjoying shore leave? Particularly you, Diplomat Omahr. She eyed the Gaelians aware that she still had no idea of what sex either individual was.

On the face of it, they appeared an androgynous species. Thankfully, Diplomat Omahr's voice didn't grate as much as the other ones. The Diplomat's sharp intellect, wit and adept negotiating skills had surprised Janeway. The Gaelian's grey and very unattractive appearance belied a light, warm and flirtatious personality, which she had warmed to, and, to her surprise, she found that there was something very alluring about the tall, unattractive Gaelian.

The captain glanced at Diplomat Omahr's uniform, it was slowly changing color. At first she had found the change distracting, but now, it was somehow…comforting. Tearing her eyes away, she inclined her head graciously, "Thank you.

Warmth filling her eyes, Janeway responded, "Even then. She couldn't quite understand why there was such a distinct difference in tone between both Gaelian's, but there was no doubt she found Diplomat Sgurrin's voice almost unbearable, "because, today, I am very interested in a resonator coil to upgrade Voyager's communications systems. Janeway, not for the first time, felt her stomach turn. There was a sly, insidiousness about Diplomat Sgurrin that meant it wasn't only the voice that put Janeway's teeth on knife-edge.

Fortunately, years of diplomatic training allowed her to harness as well as mask her feelings and use them to sharpen her negotiation skills. The Kazon, in particular, tried to gain access to their replicator technology.

It became apparent, that in the wrong hands Starfleet technology could have disastrous consequences. For this reason, Janeway had refused to give technology away irresponsibly. But as the Gaelians were technologically advanced and a responsible species, and their existing transporter technology just needed refining, she had made it available as part of the trade negotiations.

I'm sure that there is some equipment there that you will both find interesting. She will be able to answer any questions you might have. As yet, the doctor hadn't shown any medical technologies that would stimulate trade negotiations. Instead, he seemed to be wowing a captivated audience with triumphant medical tales of his discoveries of the many unknown illnesses and diseases in the Delta Quadrant.

Realizing that it might be a very long day, Janeway raised her brow wearily to the tall, slender form standing close to her. Janeway glanced at the cybernetic implants adorning Seven's left eye and cheekbone as she leaned in to her. Recently Seven had sought to spend much of her recreation time with her.

To the redhead's delight, she was finding Seven's evolving humor refreshing. Surprised by her impulsiveness, she paused. Very rarely did she invite anyone other than her first officer to dine with her, and that was only to ensure uninterrupted time to discuss ship's business "I'm not the best cook," she continued, color rising in her cheeks at Seven's intense gaze, "but I can rustle up a mean—" From the corner of her eye, Janeway spotted a window of opportunity as the doctor launched into yet another monologue.

Flustered the EMH looked at her. As far as I am aware, we are progressing," the doctor said sounding miffed. Janeway gripped the clearly peeved EMH's shoulder tightly. Quickly, he removed the detachable probe from the back of the tricorder, and enthusiastically ran it over the surprised negotiator.

Janeway's jaw dropped, the sound was blood-curdling. Still scanning, he hastily followed the negotiator. Stunned, Janeway watched Diplomat Omahr's holo-image begin to distort, fragment then disappear. She tried to shade her eyes when some sort of energy beam burst from the Gaelian.

Her last thought, before slipping into unconsciousness, was that the species was far from androgynous. Chapter Two Computer," Janeway said. Unable to hide her irritation, her deep voice resonated loudly around the room, "JanewayRed, clearance level As her voiceprint and bio-signs were now no longer identifiable, the computer had locked her out of all critical and secure systems.

Janeway punched in manual commands, but the computer continued to challenge her identity. As the computer could no longer rely on unique identifiers such as bio-signs or voiceprint to identify her, and, in order to ensure the ship did not easily fall into hands that would allow sabotage or security breaches, for several minutes, by isolating highly secure redundant access codes for areas such as the auto destruct sequence, the transferring of commands, and ejecting a warp core, it carried out rigorous tests to ensure she was who she said she was.

Methodically, the redhead fed in some real and redundant commands in a sequence that would uniquely identify her. Fortunately, it was a Captain's duty to have these commands ingrained in them.

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At long last, the computer, after keying in several final string commands, accepted that she was the real Captain Kathryn Janeway. Janeway exhaled deeply then tried a voice command again. God knows they deserve it. So much so, that for trade negotiations, they limited all contact to a team of two negotiating representatives from their Council of Diplomatic Trade. Already the recently replicated uniform was feeling tight. She threw up her arms in annoyance.

The sound was deep. Computer, lower the ambient temperature by three degrees. Pausing, she inhaled deeply the pungent aroma wafting from her cup. Much to her dismay, the physical change she was going through right now included her tastes buds. Frowning, she returned the cup to its saucer. Her stomach turned at the sight of them. They were twice their original size, and dwarfed the delicate, china cup.

Swallowing hard to combat the sudden nausea, she slipped her hands underneath her. Her slate-grey eyes troubled, she leaned back heavily in her chair, and stared out of the window.

Her tone filled with regret, she added, "But I was wrong. As head of security, the Vulcan was the only one with clearance to deal with this unwelcoming and very sensitive situation. Closing her eyes she groaned and, for just a few moments, tried to block out the absolutely astounding physical changes she was going through.

Lifting her head, she stood slowly. Her tall frame looming over her desk, she carefully straightened her increasingly tight Starfleet uniform. Mustering every piece of resolve she had, she squared her shoulders and exited the room. In the Briefing Room, Janeway watched the grooved lines around the holographic Chief Medical Officer's mouth move as he updated some of Voyager's senior crew, the two Gaelian trade negotiators, and Elder Duhr, a senior cabinet member from the Gaelian Council of Authority, listened.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship poems

Unfortunately, although successful in a similar incident, in this case, there has been no response to the treatment. The physiological changes that have taken place over the last few days are astounding. He punched in a few commands and several images appeared showing Janeway's transformation.

Her angular features refined, she sat, straight-backed, in her chair. He eyed the Borg for a moment then continued.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship poems

Looking at the images, Janeway shuddered. She still found it difficult to absorb what was happening to her. Her breasts," he said moving a hand to the area in question on the viewscreen, "have all but disappeared; hardened muscle replacing them. She had been unaware, until now that so much of her identity, was intertwined with being female.

captain janeway and seven of nine relationship poems

The doctor paused for effect. We are still exploring alternate treatments but at this time, it doesn't look good. Yet another newly acquired human affectation, the redhead noted wearily.

Many of which the doctor was adopting as part of his ever evolving sentience. Carefully, Janeway eyed Tuvok, and Seven of Nine, who she had last seen hovering over her in Sickbay. They were the only two members of Voyager's senior officers along with the doctor and Chakotay, who were fully briefed on the situation.

Fortunately, due to shore leave and the sensitivity of the problem, not all the senior officers were privy to what was happening to her and for now, until the situation was resolved, she wanted to keep it that way. Aware that Diplomat Omahr had been watching her intently, since entering the Briefing Room, Janeway made eye contact. She was stunned when she found out that the Gaelians, in their true form, were an all female species.

But, unlike their extremely unappealing holo-image, it appeared, by human standards, that the entire race was exceptionally beautiful. Far from being bald and extremely unattractive, they carried a full head of long, black lush hair, fine eyebrows and long dark eyelashes.

Their eyes were seductively large and their face symmetrically perfect. Intrigued, Janeway watched blood fill Diplomat Omahr's ears and the tip of her nose. They were clear signs of arousal. Signs, she knew, as heat suddenly filled her body, and her heart began to thud, that she wouldn't have detected a few days ago, or be responding to now. Eyes locked, Janeway observed that the Diplomat was fine-boned with a regal forehead, startling green colored eyes that held hers intently, and the most incredibly desirable blood, red plump lips.

The younger woman was without doubt, the most dark, lithe and exotic being she had ever encountered.

Her respiration increasing, Janeway abruptly broke eye contact. Taking a deep breath, she unconsciously glanced at Seven, and was surprised to see the ex Borg's eyes narrowing as she stared back at her. A look of disapproval set on Seven's features as she locked eyes with Janeway. Slowly, her cool gaze turned from the redhead.

The holofilter enables this. Now that their true form was revealed, they had dispensed with their holofilters. It was clear that as well as being extraordinarily beautiful as a species, they were taller and slimmer than the average human.

As sexual expression is inherent in most aspects of our culture, Gaelian pheromones can cause a potent and powerful sexual stimulation in almost all humanoid physiology. This is the reason why we hide our true form, to discourage invoking a sexual response from other humanoid species.

A disquieting feeling of dread filled Janeway. Tuvok looked at the woman, his dark face framed by elegant pointed ears showed no emotion. But your story of crossing the galaxy intrigued us and we wanted to help you. The reaction chamber is equipped with a compositor which allows the re-crystallizion of dilithium.

Nevertheless, assistance, where it can be found is welcome. Her eyes narrowing, she added with a definite note of reproof. Her diplomatic skills kicking in, she opened her hands expressively. She inclined her head at Janeway. You have my word that we will do whatever we can to assist you during this difficult time. It is very much appreciated. The primary differences are neurochemical, which includes a complex pheromone system.

This, as we have witnessed, can create a problem when making contact with other humanoids. Feeling as if she had just dropped a photon torpedo, the captain looked around the table in surprise. No one seemed willing to offer an answer. She focused on the doctor, and watched him fill his lungs before exhaling slowly.

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An act that was quite pointless given that as a hologram, he was not required to breathe. Janeway wanted to smile at yet another human affectation, but couldn't find it in herself. Right now, she was struggling to remain seated. The constant hormone rush in response to Diplomat Omahr, even though she wore a pheromone suppressor, was beginning to drive her crazy. What the hell is going on? In no mood to be anything other than direct, she asked the Gaelians. So rapidly, that it invoked a protogynous response from the females of our species.

The doctor jumped in. A species modifying their behavior in response to an evolutionary crisis has been known. Gender reversal is the way that the Gaelians have evolved, and is—" "Yes. Thank you, Doctor," Janeway interrupted. Please continue, Diplomat Omahr," she said ignoring the doctor's disgruntled expression. The dark haired woman nodded her head graciously. Diplomat Omahr added with a note of regret, "If she is not bonded," then a claim to mate is released in the form of a visible beam of energy.

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Blinking and clearly taken aback, Diplomat Omahr offered gently, "Not quite. Seven, what the hell has gotten into you! She made mental note to have a strong and very reprimanding word with her when this meeting was over.

Leaning forward, she linked her hands together and said smoothly, "Diplomat Omahr, I—" "Not every Gaelian is protogynous," Diplomat Sgurrin said, cutting Janeway off for the second time.

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Eyes narrowing, but aware that this was an unusual situation, Janeway closed her mouth. Her jaw tightening, she sat back slowly and forced herself to listen to the inept Gaelian. There was one bonus, of course. Her voice no longer screeched. Pride filling her eyes, she added, "As part of the pair-bonding, they are selected based on their capability to effectively fertilize ova, which, I'm sure you will appreciate, is an important trait for a species that form life-long pair-bonds.

She was sure there would be a few sub-routines she could insist he remove, starting with his over-sized ego. It appears that your morphology will stabilize three days from now.