Carl and rick relationship questions

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carl and rick relationship questions

He also started a relationship with his best friend's wife, who at the time . Rick was growing a garden while trying to get Carl to be a kid again. "It will be very apparent, the relationship of this awful incident — this very Outside of killing off central character Rick (star Andrew Lincoln), Carl's In the comic series, about 75 issues beyond where the show is, Carl is very. The 15 biggest questions we have after 'The Walking Dead' . Will Rick and/or Michonne find out about Carl's budding relationship with Enid?.

Question 1 Why was Rick Grimes in a coma at the beginning of the series? Rick was a former sheriff's deputy, who was badly injured in the line of duty and fell into a coma. When he woke up in his hospital bed, he was horrified to discover that the world he knew had gone to hell; the undead were everywhere and his family wife Lori and son Carl were nowhere to be seen.

Question 2 What is Daryl Dixon's iconic weapon of choice? Played by Norman Reedus Blade IIDaryl first appeared when he was searching for his older brother Merle, an insane, offensive, and racist man who had been left behind by Rick's group in Atlanta.

Daryl initially tried to attack Rick for leaving his brother seemingly to die, but he wound up becoming a trusted and vitally important member of the group going forward. But what weapon does Daryl favour? Question 3 What is the name of Lori's baby, born during season 3? Jessie Judith Judy From the moment Lori discovered she was pregnant, questions arose about the parentage of the baby inside her. Was the biological father her husband Rick, who had been in a coma when the outbreak happened?

Or was it Shane's Rick's best friend who had started a relationship with Lori while Rick was out of commission? In the end, it feasibly could have been either man's child, and Rick adopted the baby as his own after Lori died of bloodloss during the birth, by emergency C-section. Question 4 What type of animal is Shiva, King Ezekiel's ferocious companion? A charismatic man with a tendancy toward dramatics and flamboyancy, this sets him apart from many of the people in the grim world of The Walking Dead.

It's easy to see how he could have become the leader of 'The Kingdom', a community of survivors, especially when we see him separate himself from everyone else by speaking in an almost-Shakespearean dialect and walking around with a vicious wild animal as a pet Question 5 How did Carl lose his eye? It became diseased and fell out He was accidentally stabbed in the eye He was accidentally shot through the eye A walker tore it out Carl or 'Carrhhlll' as it sometimes sounds through Rick's hoarse growl has quite literally grown up on screen in front of the world's eyes.

In season one, he is a year-old child, and over the course of seven seasons we have seen him go from wide-eyed innocence to a hardened steely resolve, forged by the awful circumstances he has grown up around. In the ninth episode of the sixth season, the show recreated an extremely harrowing moment from the comics when Carl shockingly lost his eye Question 6 What does Negan call his trusty baseball bat?

Lucille Laura Lacey Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor who is no stranger to comic book adaptations having starred in Watchmen, The Losers, and Batman V Superman to name a fewfirst appeared as iconic villain Negan in the brutal season six finale.

Negan exhibits a certain level of charm and charisma, but is also a complete sociopath, with a very dark sense of humor. He is a true villain, a manipulative and violent man, who doesn't think twice about killing anyone who gets in his way.

He usually accomplishes this by bludgeoning them to death with his trusty baseball bat Question 7 What was the name of Hershel's ranch hand who accidentally shot Carl? Of course, this being The Walking Dead, they didn't just find the farm with no drama. Instead, one of Hershel's ranch hands tried to shoot a deer, but the bullet passed straight through and hit poor Carl! He rushed Carl back to the farm, and then went with Shane on a run to a local abandoned high school to scavenge for medical supplies.

When the two men were overrun by walkers, Shane shot him and left him behind while he escaped Question 8 The two walkers that Michonne kept chained behind her were revealed to be her? Her father and her brother Her husband and her father Her boyfriend and his best friend Twin brothers Michonne, played by Danai Gurira Black Pantheris one of the few characters that can rival Daryl in terms of popularity.

Initially depicted as a dark, ruthless survivor who didn't play well with others, she eventually became assimilated into Rick's group. She bonded with Carl and formed a romantic relationship with Rick. Her character development has been a high point of the show, as the person she is now is a far cry emotionally from the frightening woman who showed up brandishing two swords, with two walkers chained behind her, arms and lower jaws missing Question 9 How did Rick kill Shane?

Blew him up Stabbed him in the chest Shot him in the chest Poisoned him 'I'm a better father than you, Rick. I'm better for Lori than you, man. It's 'cause I'm a better man than you, Rick You come back here and you just destroy everything You ain't got the first clue on how to fix it.

Shane felt he had what it took to do all that was necessary to survive, even if it meant cold-blooded murder, and Rick didn't.

But Rick unexpectedly showed him he had what it took too!

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Question 10 How did Merle escape after being handcuffed and left for dead on a roof in Atlanta? He cut off his own right hand He dislocated his thumb and wriggled free He broke the handcuff chain He let a walker eat his right hand Merle Dixon, played with gusto by Michael Rooker Guardians Of The Galaxywas a stereotypical Southern redneck upon his introduction to the show. He was racist, bad-tempered and sexist, and seemed to get joy out of mentally toying with others, including his younger brother Daryl.

He wound up being left on a rooftop in Atlanta by Rick's group, handcuffed and sure to be killed by walkers. When Daryl found out, he insisted they go back to find Merle, but he wasn't there anymore Question 11 Which characters refer to each other as husband and wife, even though we never saw an official wedding?

Daryl and Carol Shane and Lori Rick and Michonne In a world where everything is trying to kill you at all times, whether it's the ravenous walkers that are everywhere or human survivors from other groups that are desperate to survive at all costs, there's not a lot of time for romance. And yet, several couples have formed over the course of the show, giving them and viewers a small amount of happiness in the incredibly grim world they live in.

Between seasons three and four, one of the couples began referring to themselves as husband and wife, even though a wedding was never shown Question 12 What was The Governor's fortified town called? Woodridge Blakeville Woodbury In season three, 'The Governor' played by David Morrissey was introduced and became the most imposing threat Rick's group had faced up to that point.

On the surface, he was polite and charming, and seemed to have the best interests at heart of all the people living in his fortified township. But beneath the surface, he was a depraved sociopath capable of acts of sickening brutality. He kept his own zombified daughter chained up in a closet, and had fish tanks filled with human and walker heads Question 13 Who does Andrea punish for taking her own choice away from her when she wanted to die?

Amy unfortunately died when walkers attacked the group's camp. Andrea was then forced to kill her own sister when she reanimated into a walker. This caused her to have suicidal thoughts, and at the end of season one, she wanted to stay in a building that was about to blow up, as she didn't see any reason to keep living.

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But one of the group talked her out of it, which Andrea punished him for in season two Question 14 The occupants of Terminus were revealed to be? Cannibals Selling human organs on the black market The creators of the walkers Religious zealots There are rarely any happy endings in The Walking Dead, so anytime Rick's group finds another group of survivors or a new location they think they can call home, you can be damn sure something horrible is about to happen.

This was certainly the case with 'Terminus', a possible safe haven that was mentioned over a radio broadcast. None Carl Grimes has been a very lucky boy growing up in such conditions. He was taught to shoot and kill both walkers and bad people while instead, he still should've been playing on playgrounds. Carl's had to fight to live since he was young. He's also suffered at the hands of other people with guns more than he's had close run-ins with walkers. Despite all of this, he's managed to grow from an innocent child to an okay teen.

How many times has Carl been shot on TWD? Question 15 What did Shane say happened to Otis when he got back to Hershel's farm alone?

Shane told the truth about shooting Otis to get away That the walkers got to Otis while he was running That Otis sacrificed himself so that Shane could get back with the supplies That Otis hurt his leg and he wasn't able to get to him before the walkers After Carl was shot, Shane and Otis made an emergency run to town in order to get medical supplies.

They got the supplies but were overrun by a horde of walkers while trying to get out. As they were running Shane turned and shot Otis' leg so he could get a head start as the walkers stopped to eat Otis.

Shane returned to Hershel's farm alone with the supplies. There was a funeral for Otis and his wife wanted to know what happened. What did Shane say? Question 16 Who was the first person to know about Lori's pregnancy? Shane Carl Glenn Lori was pretty secretive about her pregnancy. She didn't reveal the information to anyone up front.

carl and rick relationship questions

Not only was there the question of who the father was, but there was also the issue of bringing a child into the world that they were currently living in. Aside from all of that, Lori hadn't decided to discuss the full nature of her relationship with Shane to Rick just yet. Still at least one person found out because they helped Lori to get some items from the drug store.

Question 17 Was it Maggie or Glenn who initiated their first hook-up? Although, it wasn't originally meant to be a relationship at all. On one side you had a young woman who was secluded on her father's farm with nobody except relatives and workers for who knows how long.

On the other hand, you had Glen who was surrounded by strangers that were either married, older, younger, or simply not his type. A hookup was bound to happen, but who initiated it? Question 18 Who looked for Carol's daughter, Sophia the longest before they found out she was one of the walkers in Hershel's barn? She was chased by walkers into the woods back at the highway and had disappeared when Rick lead the walkers away from her. Once they got to Hershel's farm, most of the survivors had given up hope.

carl and rick relationship questions

However, Carol wasn't ready to give up hope because there hadn't been any signs that Sophia was dead. There was only one person who continued the search. Question 19 Why was Hershel keeping walkers in his barn? Hershel couldn't bare to put down his family members who were also in the barn As a man of God, Hershel didn't believe in killing the walkers Hershel was keeping the walkers until a cure was found Hershel wanted to keep them for observation Hershel wasn't too keen on Rick's group staying around once Carl recovered, but Rick talked him into allowing them some time.

However, one of Hershel's biggest demands was that everybody stayed clear of the barn. It isn't likely that the survivors would've found out about the walkers in the barn had it not been for Glenn's attempt to meet Maggie there in secret.

All hell broke loose once it was revealed that he captured and kept walkers in the barn. Why was he doing this? Question 20 Carl saw Shane pull a gun on Rick and shot him Rick shot him in cold blood Randall tried to escape and killed Shane Rick stabbed him in self-defense There was a lot of tension between Shane and Rick after Rick took over the group.

To make matters worse, Shane was upset about losing his relationship with Lori once Rick returned. There were a couple people who voiced their concerns over Shane's behavior, including Lori who had put him off about her pregnancy and the possibility of the baby being his.

Eventually, Shane set Rick up so that he could kill him. However, Shane ended up dead instead. How did Shane die? Question 21 Who were the walkers that Michonne had used as protection? Michonne's father and her boyfriend Michonne's husband and his side chick.

Michonne's ex-boyfriend and his wife Michonne's boyfriend and his friend Michonne came onto TWD looking like a bad-ass with a katana and two walkers with their jaws and arms cut off.

They seemed to be of some importance to her as if she'd known them from before, although, Michonne was able to slice their heads off without a second thought when The Governor questioned her feelings on keeping them around. However, they were people that she knew, or cared deeply about before they made a mistake which cost her sons life.

Question 22 How did Andrea and Michonne end up being "guests" of Woodbury? They were knocked out and captured by Merle They were brought as guests by the governor They followed the men who were investigating the crash site They came across it on their own Andrea was rescued by Michonne after Hershel's farm was overrun by walkers and everyone got separated in the chaos.

Andrea was the only original survivor who was left behind, but a mysterious hooded figure came and snatched her up. Later, Andrea was seen again with Michonne as they had been on the move together. They came across a crash scene but ended up as "guests" of The Governor in Woodbury.

Andrea and Michonne's weapons were taken, yet they were told that they were free to go at any time. How did they get to Woodbury? Question 23 Who helped Lori give birth? Beth Rick Daryl By the time Rick's group made it to the prison, Lori was already pretty far along in her pregnancy.

Carol began practicing cesarian sections on female walkers in order to help Lori give birth since Hershel wouldn't be able to.

However, the prison was rushed by a horde of walkers after one of the prisoners tripped the alarm. Carol got locked in a closet and wasn't able to get to Lori, who went into labor during the chaos. Carl was there, but who else helped Lori give birth?

Question 24 What was Daryl's nickname for Judith?

carl and rick relationship questions

Meanwhile, everyone else was taking care of the baby without naming her. Carl had wanted to wait to name her until Rick got himself together. Rick eventually came to his senses and Carl recommended that they name his new sister Judith after one of his teachers, but beforehand Daryl had a nickname for her. Question 25 Who really called Rick in the prison boiler room after Lori died?

Nobody It was the prisoners who Rick let stay playing a prank to distract him Amy, Jim, Jacqui, and Lori Other survivors from somewhere else After the walkers were cleared from the prison a second time, Rick found out that Lori had died giving birth.

Let's just say that he didn't take the news very well. He locked himself in the prison boiler room and mourned. Before long, Rick began receiving calls on a phone in the boiler room.

The only problem was that the voices he heard were all of the people who had already died. Who really called Rick on the phone in the boiler room? Question 26 Why did Maggie tell The Governor about the prison? Merle let a walker loose on Glenn while he was tied up The Governor told them about Andrea being there and threatened to kill her The Governor threatened to kill Glen in in front of her The Governor threatened to disgrace her again in front of Glenn Maggie and Glenn were captured by The Governor's right-hand man, Merle while scavaging for supplies and formula.

Merle tortured and threatened Glenn while The Governor interrogated Maggie. The Governor had Maggie take off her shirt and threatened to rape her. Both interrogators also threatened to take the lives of the other, but nothing worked. Eventually, Maggie caved and gave up the rest of the group's whereabouts and size.

What was it that finally made Maggie give the rest of the group up to The Governor? Question 27 What happened to Penny's mother?

She was murdered A boating accident A car accident You might recall that The Governor had a daughter named Penny who had died and reanimated. He kept her tied up in a secret room where he would occasionally let her out and try to get through to the little girl that he thought was still in there.

She was eventually slain by Michonne, who discovered her when she had come back to kill The Governor. Penny's mother died 18 months before the outbreak began. How did Penny's mother die? Michonne To help him kill Rick A layout of the prison Supplies that they had stolen from the prison Tyrese and Sasha once had a group of their own.

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It was only made up of 4 people, but they were looking to join Rick's group at the prison. The only problem was that Rick was still out of sorts and wasn't in a very welcoming mood.

Glenn told the group that it was best they didn't stay. Their next stop was Woodbury where The Governor was hatching a plan to take over the prison and get back at Michonne. What did Tyrese and Sasha offer The Governor so they could stay? Question 29 What did Carl want to get from the cafe in his hometown?

Some food A picture of his mom An old souvenir that his mom loved Part of Rick's plan to prepare his group to protect the prison included going back to his hometown to stock up on weapons. It was Rick, Carl, and Michonne who made the trip back. While there, Rick ran into his friend Morgan who'd lost his mind over the loss of his son Duane. Rick stayed with Morgan while Michonne and Carl scavenged for supplies.