Castle and alexis relationship

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castle and alexis relationship

Things have been pretty tense in Richard Castle's loft lately. In recent weeks on ABC's Castle, mystery writer Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion). Alexis Harper Castle (Molly Quinn) is Castle's daughter. In season four, however, Alexis' relationship with Beckett cools as she. Alexis Harper Castle is the oldest daughter of Richard Castle and the step- daughter of Meredith - Alexis's relationship with her mother is more mixed.

It was almost nauseating at times. However, she changed her mind about Castle more times than the Kardashian's change their hair. The build-up to a relationship is always fun to watch, but this became painful. Part of her fence riding was brought on by jealousy.

It was self-inflicted since it was caused by flings Castle had after Beckett pushed him away. His mother was an actress and was rarely ever home.

castle and alexis relationship

Castle was raised by his nannies instead of by his mother. For this reason, he refused to hire a nanny to help with his daughter Alexis.

Castle had no idea who his father was initially and didn't care to find out. In season five, Castle meets his father, who gives him a fake name and says that he left to protect them. He tells Castle that he is an international spy and helps Rick before leaving again. She wanted this in order to protect Castle from the organization LokSat. Beckett talks to Rita, Castle's step-mother, about how she cannot let LokSat go. Rita tells Kate that "attachments are liabilities" and that she should "think twice about who you bring with you.

Castle then surprises her on their one year anniversary and the pair decide to continue the investigation together.

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For one, the chemistry between the two lead actors seemed to be less and less believable as the show went on. In the beginning, we were just getting to know their characters as they were getting to know each other. Castle's sarcasm, charm, and puppy dog love for Beckett was adorable, while her tough, no-nonsense, keep things in reality persona was the yin to his yang.

It worked until it didn't. When they finally got together, the flow of the show didn't change, nor did Beckett's lack of conviction about Castle. She, of course, decided not to tell him after seeing that he was with his ex-wife. At another point in the show, their partnership had verbally been ended, but she quickly made amends so that he wouldn't leave.

castle and alexis relationship

Sure, their characters were married and in love with each other because that is what the story called for. However, the whole idea of suspension of disbelief was almost impossible. It became obvious that viewers were watching Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic play two characters.

In the earlier seasons, it was easy to get lost in the story of Castle and Beckett, not Fillion and Katic. Beckett became angry with Castle after he informed her that he was working with a "mystery man" to keep her safe. To do this, however, he had to keep her from working on her mother's case. Beckett told him that their partnership was over for good after hearing about this.

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In season 3, Castle continues to pursue Beckett and we even see the two holding hands for the first time. Kate obviously has hidden feelings for Castle, but she continues her relationship with a doctor anyway. However, this is not to say that she didn't enjoy him constantly "pulling on her pigtails.

In fact, we even see her walk into the station carrying a box full of Richard Castle books. Later in the series, Beckett sneaks off to the restroom at the station to read some of the latest book, only to have Castle pop in above stall.

castle and alexis relationship

He knows that she is looking for the steamy scene and tells her what page to find it on before leaving. Beckett dates another man with a badge later on: The two have an on and off again relationship. Even though she is the youngest member of her household, she seems always to teach her father a valuable life lesson, just as much as he tries to do the same for her.

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Her personal motto is "Do the thing you fear the most. Another way Alexis rebels is by being a straight A student and involved in several activities in school such as fencing and learning the violin. She even considers acting in her school's production of "Grease", much to Martha's excitement, but gives it up when she realizes she isn't as passionate about it as some of her classmates and that she enjoys the stage crew more.

As she approaches college, she attends a summer program at Princeton University, then applies for early admission to Stanford University in hopes of attending with her then boyfriend, Ashley, but is deferred.

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Alexis doesn't deal with it well, and even rings admissions to inform them that they had made a mistake. Castle suggests she see the world, perhaps travel, but Alexis chooses to get practical work experience and gets three internships, including the experience with Lanie.

Eventually she is accepted to several universities and colleges, including Stanford, but decides to attend Columbia University, so she will be away from home, but not so far that she can't visit if she wants to. Alexis is asked to her Junior-Senior Prom by a boy named Owen who was in her poetry class at school.

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She breaks up with him after a few weeks. She met her first boyfriend, Ashleywhen they both attended the summer program at Princeton University. Initially, Alexis worries that Ashley has forgotten about her when she doesn't hear from him after they both return home, but eventually he does call and they start dating. At one point, Castle walks in on them at his loft and catches them kissing.

Once her father gets engaged to Beckett, Alexis goes away to South America for a summer and comes home with a new boyfriend, named Pi.