Cato and clove relationship questions

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cato and clove relationship questions

*A/N: Again, I am apologising. Hope you enjoy this book (even though it's so cliche) and have fun reading with me.* Book two of the "Clove and Cato" trilogy. Find out if Cato and Clove were actually in a relationship. Start studying The Hunger Games whole book questions. him and Katniss are in a secret relationship . Katniss, Peeta, Thresh, Cato, Clove, Foxface.

All three of them say the same thing. I drop them in shock. I feint just as Cato walks into the bathroom. The last thing I remember is that he catches me and Pinda was the last thing I see. Chapter 12 When start I wake up, I find that I am back in my room on the train.

Cato is lying right next to me stroking my hair. He looks right into my eyes. His eyes tell me he is worried. As my eyes open completely, he realizes I'm awake. He then hugs me. He kisses my forehead so tenderly. He grabs my hand and asks me if I'm ok. I don't really even know if I am. I wonder if it was all a dream. I then see the pregnancy tests sitting on the night stand next to me. I go to pick them up, but Cato stops me. I think I know why. It wasn't a dream.

Those tests don't lie. All three of them have a plus sign on them. I don't believe it. I didn't think it was going to happen. Cato hugs me tight and whispers, "I'm sorry. We should have used protection. I didn't think I could get pregnant the first time.

Goes to show you how impulsive I am. Not to mention it shows that I don't know a whole lot about getting pregnant. I tell him that I'm sorry too. He then says, "Don't be. I should have made sure to use protection regardless of what you said. I shouldn't have tried to egg you on.

I was thinking about asking to. When I got the hint I decided to go for it. My hormones got the best of me. I shouldn't have let my hormones get in the way of my better judgment. I do know better. I begin to cry. I have never cried in my life. I have shed a tear or two when a family member or friend had died. I feel so weak and vulnerable. I can't help it. My life is forever changed. I feel as though the world I know is collapsing around me.

Cato lets me cry on his shoulder. He knows that I have never cried. He understands why I am crying now. He even sheds a few tears. I know now that he has to die.

cato and clove relationship questions

I have to save this child. I will never make this child volunteer for the games. I cry even harder knowing that the love of my life has to die. This can't be happening. It has to be a dream. I hug him so tight. I never want to let him go.

He is my everything. I don't think I can live without him. How am I supposed to raise this child without him?

I don't think I can. I cannot believe how much and how hard I am crying. I never thought I could ever have this much emotion. I was trained to keep away from showing emotion.

When we are together, we show our emotions. That is how we know we love each other. I shouldn't be crying.

cato and clove relationship questions

That is making me weak, but I don't care. All I care about is my child and Cato, the father of this child. I cry for several hours. Not once does Cato loosen his grip.

He is there to comfort me the whole time. We eventually fall asleep with our bodies tangled in the arms of each other, never letting go. Chapter 13 I wake up to find that he has brought me breakfast in bed again.

For the first time in my life, I am nervous. I have never been nervous about anything. I am nervous about what this day will bring me. We will be arriving in the Capitol today. After I finish he takes the tray away and comes back to lie down with me. After 15 minutes, Pinda and Enorbia burst through the door. Pinda screams, "How could you do this? How could you let yourselves get so carried away?! She can't go in there like this!

I can't help you now! This pregnancy makes you both look weak because you let your hormones get in the way of your logic! You two might as well just die in the bloodbath, because I can't help you now! You are both idiots! As soon as this happens, Cato jumps on to her and pins her to the ground. No one has ever had her pinned. He is mad now. That's how he is able to pin her. You never mess with Cato.

He will kill you. I hope he doesn't kill her. He shouts, "Don't you ever, ever lay a hand on her or that will be the last thing you ever do! You will help us! You will save her! That is your job! You will do that!

Otherwise, I will kill you! I wish I could help him, but he would want me to rest. I just sit and watch. Enorbia snorts, "I'd like to see you try! You may have me pinned, but I can get out. Pinda screams, "Don't disrespect your mentor! Where are your manners? She sits there in shock. I don't think anyone has ever challenged her before. He goes and picks Pinda up like a little rag doll. He pushes her in to the wall and bellows, "Don't tell me what to do!

She is the only person in the world I care about. When someone lays a hand on her they are in for a beating! No one ever touches her! He drops her to the ground. He is breathing heavily his face is flushed with anger and his eyes are glowing red with rage.

I have never seen him so mad. I am shocked to see him this way. Enorbia stands up and apologizes for her behavior. She struggles to do so.

I assume she has never apologized about anything. Cato musts have knocked some sense into her so she knows not to mess with him. They both are trembling with fear. Enorbia has never been scared in her life. She now knows we mean business. She tells us to meet with her at noon to discuss strategy. They then excuse themselves. I can see they are both shaking. Cato turns to me and sighs. I ask him if he is ok. He sighs, "I'm fine. Don't worry about a thing. I'm sorry for my reaction. I just got angry about what she did to you.

I hope you are ok. You startled me a little. I want you to know I always have your back. As soon as he begins to hold me his body instantly releases the tension from all his anger. He then tips my chin up and slowly kisses me.

That makes me feel a lot better. He is so gentle right now. We begin to drift away to sleep again. Chapter 14 We wake up at a quarter to We have to meet with Enorbia in 15 minutes. He kisses me tenderly and asks again if I'm ok. I tell him I'm fine. He then goes to his room to change. I decide to wear something comfy, like a t-shirt and jeans. I don't care what I look like right now. No one is watching. I step out of my room to see he is wearing the same thing.

We sit down and see there is lunch for us. Enorbia sits down to my left, and Pinda sits to my right. Enorbia begins with, "I have been thinking about everything that has happened. I can help you guys. I am sorry for slapping you. Let me make it up to you. What I plan to do is something I never do with my tributes. You guys deserve the best I can give you after what I did to you.

I plan on getting some pity from the sponsors. I know it makes you look weak, but it is the only thing I can do. With you being pregnant, people will feel sorry for you and want you to come back and save the child.

Cato can look like a hero and keep you alive. I hate to make such a strong woman look weak, but I can't think of another way. There has to be another way. I can't look weak. I wonder if there is a way for us both to look strong. Then again, the main thing now is to save the child. I say to her that I want to discuss things with Cato. She tells us we have 45 minutes before we arrive in the Capitol. We need to look our best for our arrival. She gives us 15 minutes to talk so we can use the other 30 minutes to prepare.

Cato and I go to my room. He begins with, "I will do anything to keep you and the baby alive. You make the decision, as long as it keeps you both alive and I will go along with it. I also don't want you to die either.

I can't let you die. However, I can't allow myself to die because this child deserves to live. I think we should refuse to kill each other. We can force the Capitol to allow us to live. I will make sure they know I won't live without you. They will have to let us both live, or they won't have a victor. I can't live without him. He is the only thing that makes me happy.

I would be miserable without him. I can survive on my own, but I need him so I can feel truly alive. Without him I feel dead inside. He places his hand on the spot where the baby will grow. He rubs it lovingly. He then goes on to say, "I said I would do anything to keep you both alive, but I don't see that happening if I'm still around.

You and this child mean everything to me. I am willing to die for you two.

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I have to die to save you. He realizes that he can't leave this world knowing that I would be unhappy. He wants me to be happy. I want him to be happy too. I know he would feel the same way I would if he were to survive the games.

We decide that refusing to kill each other is the only option. We both need each other.

cato and clove relationship questions

If I die, I know he will kill himself, and I will do vice versa. It wouldn't be fair to raise our child without him. It would be hard on him or her to never know their father. Not to mention, as said before, we need each other to be happy. We will be together and love each other 'til death do us part.

Chapter 15 Our 15 minutes are up. Pinda has me dress in the nicest gown I have. Not the one I wore on my one year anniversary date, but one that is more professional and modest. She makes me wear makeup. I don't look bad with it on, but it's uncomfortable. He wears a very professional looking black suit. We step out and wave to the crowd. He then takes my hand and raises it in the air to show that we are together. The crowd goes wild. We are then whisked away to the facility where we will meet our stylists.

The stylist I have is named Monte. He tells me I'll be wearing a gold outfit to represent my district in the tribute parade. It doesn't bother me that it looks cheesy. It should work to get us sponsors. After I am done getting in to costume, I see Cato is wearing the same thing. Only it is sexier on him. We step into our chariot and off it goes. We wave to the crowd and hold our hands high in the air for everyone to see.

It shows that we are one. We will fight together. Nothing can keep us apart. The crowd goes nuts. I feel proud to be standing next to him. The chariots pull into a semi- circle in front of the training facility. President Snow makes a small speech and we go into the building.

I find out that District 12 had suits that were on fire. They also held their hands in the air together. Cato isn't happy about it. He gives them a death glare and their mentor whisks them away. We go on an elevator afterward and come to an amazing apartment. My room is very nice. I am in awe of how fancy it is.

There is so much technology. I change and go to dinner. We then discuss our plan with Enorbia. Her face goes pale. Chapter 16 She sighs, "I don't think that will work. They have never had two victors. I don't think they are going to want two victors. It's a good idea.

Interview: The Hunger Games Tributes Cato, Clove and Rue

It is very creative. I wish I could make that happen. If you guys want to try that out you are more than welcome to. If I can save one of you, it would be Clove because she is carrying a child.

If you both can be saved I would be more than happy to help you out. When things start to narrow down and you two are one of the last few left, I'll try to talk to the game makers and make you guys look good enough that neither of you should die.

I'll do my best. I understand how much you really need each other. I didn't know that before. It is my duty to help you out any way I can. Just be careful out there. After dinner Cato joins me in my room. We discuss the idea some more. We can't think of any other way things can go. It has to go this way. We just have to hope Enorbia can get the game makers to listen. I just know I cannot be without Cato. Chapter 17 The next day we are taken to the training center. When we all get down there I finally get a better glimpse of my potential allies and competition.

From District 1 we meet Marvel and Glimmer. Marvel is excellent with a spear. Glimmer does best with a bow when it comes to weapons, although she's not that great with it. However, she is very good with working in nature.

She can make medicine out of almost anything. Marvel and Glimmer are strongest when they work as a team. For that reason, Cato and I decide we should team up with them.

We also take in the boy from 3 because, since his district trade is technology, he will be able to move and rewire the mines around the pedestals to protect what ever we get from the cornucopia. The head trainer explains what stations to go to and that we will have three days of training and another day of interviews. Then we will have one day to rest up for the games. However, on the third day of training, we will be evaluated on a scale of to figure out our odds in surviving the games.

After the head trainer is done with her speech, I go straight for the throwing knives. I approach a target station. Every target that pops up I hit dead on in the center. That is what I have been trained to do.

I just wanted to show off a little. This might make people either fear me, or want to align with me. Either way the other tributes sees this, I will still be at an advantage. Now that I have that done I go to learn about survival skills, which was not taught to us in our training center back home.

I pick up every thing about survival that I can. I gain some very useful knowledge. I take a small break and see Cato with a sword.

He is slashing several training dummies with great skill. After several hours of training we finally head back to our apartments for the night. We tell Pinda and Enorbia about our day. They tells us we are doing things right. With the way things are going, they expect us to be the last two standing.

I am now tired and go to bed. Cato lays next to me. I fall asleep next to him. We repeat the entire day the very next day, except that I try to learn some other skills. The day after that we go in for our evaluations. Marvel and Glimmer go first.

After Marvel, I go up to face the game makers. I show off my knife throwing skills by hitting all of my targets with incredible precision. I know that even though I have shown great skill with throwing knives, it still won't be enough for a perfect score.

They will want something to really blow them away. I try to use a spear, which is my next best weapon. I hit most of the targets in the center, but the last spear I throw is a little off to the side. That just blew it for me. My rating won't be as high as it should be. Higher ratings equal more sponsors. I walk away worrying about how low my score will be. After a few hours Pinda and Enorbia has everyone gather around the TV to find out our scores.

Marvel gets a nine and Glimmer gets an eight. Next up is Cato. He doesn't seem to flustered about his score. He is confident that it will be a high one. When his face appears on the screen, a 10 flies right in front of it. I'm so proud of him. I can tell he wanted higher, but he knows that this is an amazing score. Everyone in the room high fives him.

I just give him a loving kiss. When my face appears on the screen, I hold my breath in anticipation of a not so high score. I'm shocked when I see my score pass in front of my face. My score is also a I'm relived that it wasn't as low as I thought it would be.

I receive a round of high fives from everyone and Cato gives me a loving kiss.

cato and clove relationship questions

I am definitely proud of my score. I just hope its enough. As they go through the rest of the tributes, they all get low to medium scores. Our scores are the highest at the moment. Rue's district partner, Thresh, appears on screen. He gets a nine. He is built like an ox. He has immense strength. He is some one we really need to keep an eye on in the arena. Rue pops up on the screen. I am surprised to see that she got a seven.

That is really good compared to her size. She must be really skilled at something. Surprisingly, Cato and I still have the highest odds of survival. I would have figured Thresh would be at least tied with us because of his strength. He gets an eight. He too must have some kind of skill that made the game makers think he has a chance of becoming the victor.

Katniss is the final one to show up on the screen. In my mind, she is our biggest competition. Based on my observations, she is extremely clever. She could out smart us. She also is really driven to get back to her sister. That kind of drive can really make a person deadly. When the number passes by her face, I burry my face in to my hands.

She got an 11! She has the highest chance of survival! At least according to the game makers. She is the biggest threat. Cato and I really are going to have our work cut out for us. Who knows what skill she used to impress the game makers. What ever it was, it is going to really get her a lot more sponsor than we will. We may not get any. After the screen goes blank, I try to stop worrying about it.

I just need to enjoy my time with Cato. The next day I wake up a little earlier than usual. Today is the interviews before the games. Today is also the day when everything gets put into perspective. Chapter 18 I get up and go to breakfast in just my PJs. Since it was hot last night, Cato is just wearing a pair of boxers. Seeing that definitely put me in a good mood. He must have gotten up even earlier to help make breakfast.

I go to hug him and tell him good morning. He says good morning back. We both sit down to eat our breakfast. So far it is a normal start, but in a few minutes we will have to be preparing for the interviews. Monte arrives just after we finish cleaning up breakfast. He is carrying a dress that is covered by some plastic and is on a hook.

I know it is the dress for the interview. He immediately takes me back to my room to try it on. Once inside, he removes the plastic. As soon as the plastic is gone my jaw drops.

I would never wear a dress like this, except if I were on a date with Cato. Don't get me wrong its a nice dress, but its not for me. It shows way too much skin for my taste.

I don't want all of Panem to see so much of me. I am a very modest person. I don't like wearing anything that makes me feel so exposed. This dress is definitely one of those things that gives me that feeling.

However, I have no choice in the matter. I have to wear it. There is no other options. It is an orange strapless dress that has this reddish orange decorative frill at the top. Monte makes me put it on for him. After I get it on I look into the mirror.

I really don't like how exposed I am. Monte goes on to say, "I know it shows a little more skin than you would like, but it looks great on you. I guess I was trying to go for a sexy approach instead of a safe one. If I went with something safe, you wouldn't look like you would be a risk taker. This dress shows that you are a risk taker because it shows you aren't afraid to do anything, including wearing something that shows so much skin.

Its not too much skin though, because that shows you will still use caution in the arena. Not to mention that since you look great with it on, it will show why Cato would be so attracted to you.

It makes you look desirable. This dress may not be my first choice, but I'm just going to have to tough it out. Chapter 19 I get dressed into street clothes and head down to the back stage area for the interviews.

There, I put the dress back on and have make up applied to my face while getting my hair done. After it is all done I see that I don't look too bad. In the mirror, I see Cato is standing behind me.

He tells me that I look beautiful. I don't feel like it though. I compliment how handsome he is in his blue suit. He wishes me luck with the interview and we go to stand in line to be interviewed. Glimmer is first and then followed by Marvel. After Marvel, I'm next. I'm not sure how I want to approach the audience, so I decide to wing it.

Caesar, the Master of Ceremonies for the games, calls out my name and I walk on to the stage. I wave to the audience and they welcome me. I sit down and begin to receive four quick questions about my family and district. Every one of them I make a joke about to keep the audience laughing.

Then he starts to get serious. He asks me about how I met Cato. I tell him the story real quick with ease. That was an easy question. He asks how long we've been dating and I tell him about a year.

That was another easy question. He then grabs my hand and stares at it. I forgot I was still wearing my wedding ring. He asks, "Are you two married? We got engaged two days before the games. That ring is gorgeous. I wish there was a way to at least use it for what it was meant to do. How about we ask President Snow to throw you guys a wedding before the games so that beautiful ring doesn't go to waste? How about that folks?! I hope that gets through to Snow.

I want to have a wedding. I feel like I need to marry Cato. Caesar and I stand to take a bow and he gives the audience one last reminder of who I am and I step off stage. Now its Cato's turn. I begin to turn pale as he begins his interview. Chapter 20 I start to wonder if he will mention my pregnancy. He had asked me earlier if he could announce it to the world so we can get the game makers to think that at least I need to live.

I told him it was ok. At the time I didn't think he would say anything about it. Now, I am worrying that he might. If he does, I just hope it helps.

Caesar sits him down and asks how he is feeling about the games. He just says that it is an honor to represent his district and that he is ready to go.

He was told to say that. The rest is all up to him. Caesar asks the same four questions that he had asked me earlier. Cato gives the same answers. Caesar than puts on his serious face. I hold my breath. Caesar asks about the proposal. Cato sighs and describes it in great detail. That doesn't bother me, though. That moment is something that I am willing to share. It looks good to open up to everyone during an interview to show that you are willing to do anything to get where you want to be.

Caesar then asks if he is going in to protect me. He nods his head. Caesar than asks, "Are you are willing to give your life up so Clove can live?

He is going to announce it.

cato and clove relationship questions

My whole body tenses up. I hope this works. Caesar asks the next question with a confused look on his face, "What do you mean by them? He is trying to keep them hooked. They are all on the edge of their seats. Caesar states, "You have to tell us what you mean because you can't leave us hanging like this.

Tell us what you mean. I can see he is sweating a little. In a shaky voice he confesses, "I will die if it means I can save Clove and our future child. He remarks, "Do you mean that she is pregnant? It's like the whole world stopped. Caesar than utters, "We wish you both the best and that you are able to succeed. Caesar reminds the audience who he is. He then walks off stage. Chapter 21 As he steps back stage tears begin to flood my eyes again. I wish I wouldn't cry so much, but right now, I don't care.

We embrace each other. I don't want to let go. He looks me straight in the eyes and says to me, " You don't need to be upset. Everything is going to be just fine. Now that I have made that announcement, it is certain you will live. No one will want to kill someone who is pregnant. You definitely saved me, but we need to show everyone that I need you. Otherwise, I'll be the only one alive and have to live without you. They will have no problem having you die.

I can't let that happen. This child needs you. Stay alive for us! He doesn't care that my tears are getting on to his suit. He just wants to comfort me. I just wish I could comfort him, although he doesn't need it. He just holds me tight without saying a word. That means that he will do his best to keep us both alive to the end.

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I then notice Pinda and Enorbia were standing there the whole time, waiting for us to finish our conversation. They too are sniffling a little. They tell us that the interviews went wonderful. We then watch the other tribute interviews.

Katniss comes up and does an approach that starts out as funny. Then it gets deep because he brings up her sister. It is a very touching interview. She gets the same exit we had and heads off stage.

Peeta is hilarious on stage. Caesar asks him if he has a girlfriend. They go back in forth a little until Peeta announces that the girl he likes came here with him. That means he likes Katniss.

This is not good. This means there will be two couples in the arena. How will we ensure our victory now? Chapter 22 The next day I wake up later than usual. I wonder what is going on today. Why are we sleeping in? It was kind of throwing a tennis ball and gradually moving up to throwing an actual weighted knife at a target board. I felt I did good. I know how to still do it.

She really did do an exceptional job. She worked very, very hard. And he did an amazing job with those swords. It was just crazy. Amandla, you have some of the most beautiful and poignant emotional scenes in the movie. Yeah, and it was kind of a solemn day on set that particular day. Jennifer [Lawrence] is extremely funny. She kind of kept it light. Were there pranks on set?

There were indeed pranks. You have no idea. She is a prankster. I remember one day I was doing a fight scene on-set and was practicing with some of the guys. In North Carolina, during the time we were filming it was just so, so hot. It was like you just walked out of a shower of sweat.

I had my shirt off when we were doing the fight training and had no clothes. I had to run back to my trailer to go get my clothes and, as I did, all my clothes were gone.

I find some of them in the fridge and some of them in the microwave. He had me text him directions. I need directions to get from Nashville to Scottsdale, Arizona. Laughs She just kept typing out the directions!

It was really sick and funny. It was not funny for me! I got this huge essay of directions. Amandla, you spend some time up in trees. Did you climb them yourself or did they put you up there or was it all fake ones down on the ground? I spent some time in both real trees and in the trees in the soundstage. It was really, really fun, actually. There was this one time that Jenn and I were in the tree doing a scene and it was kind of difficult to stay up because you kind of slide down gradually.

It was just a little hole in the tree. We were very professional when it came down to shooting and doing the work. Off-set, though, when we had time off, we were just having the best time. It was probably the best summer I ever had. Have you had much interaction with fans yet? Mostly through Twitter and, of course, my friends. We had this one fan — or a few of them — that, for some reason, knew exactly where all of us were going to be at every single time of the day.

You found me again! Should I call the police? I remember when we were shooting a Vanity Fair photo spread and I look and see a little head pop up by a tree. A number of reporter this morning started the day by joking about how we would all fare in the Hunger Games. Did you ever do that with one another on-set? We all agreed that one of the stunt people, who played one of the stunt tributes from District 10 and who trained all of us, Jeremy [Marinas], would be the winner.

Speaking for myself here, it take a lot of effort to find that playing a villain note.

Interview: The Hunger Games Tributes Cato, Clove and Rue -

Playing good guys is something that just feels much more natural to me. It definitely takes a lot of work. Going off that, I learned a lot about my craft. Just trying to figure out who she was and where she came from.