Chito miranda and kaye abad relationship tips

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chito miranda and kaye abad relationship tips

Actress Kaye Abad has nothing but well wishes for former boyfriend, Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda who is about to be married with actress Neri Naig. Kaye is currently in a relationship with ex-“PBB” housemate Paul Jake Castillo. A Gay Man's Guide to Hitting Your Man's Prostate Every Time!. Maalaala Mo Kaya is a Filipino television series, which was first aired on May 15, MMK is Francisca only wants to have a happy and complete family until a bad news came to her that her husband Can Yong and Carmina's relationship founded on superficial hints last when challenges take its toll on them?. Mar 27, Chito Miranda hugs Kaye Abad as she awards them with favorite band in a relationship for almost seven years, but broke up because Kaye.

Don't take their calls. You have heard all the lies before. They will not change. They don't choose to change. It is who they have decided to be. Move to another city, if you must, and start all over again. Your life is worth it. You deserve to have peace of mind, a great relationship and an exciting life. We are told to love people unconditionally, but sometimes we must get rid of people unconditionally.

Some people just keep slithering and oozing in through the cracks in your resolve; they refuse to respect your boundaries. No more mixed messages. You must learn how to close a door permanently. Cut, cauterize and never give them another thought. Monstrous sociopath-like disengagement is your right. Your life is worth more.

Don't waste another minute. Let them say you are awful. Block, ban, delete and disconnect. Do whatever you must to take care of yourself and don't you dare ever feel guilty. There is a difference between faithfulness and fearfulness.

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There is a difference between being devoted and being dominated. The difference is called freedom, it is all the difference in the world. This is your life and you get to choose what is acceptable in your relationships with absolute authority. Don't give your authority to someone who will abuse your trust.

If you have mistakenly entrusted your authority to an abuser; revoke and reclaim your power now. You are the supreme authority in your own life, and you have the final word. On one hand, you should have deep respect for the intrinsic value of each soul as an equal being of divine creation. Hold each person in your mind with reverence, respect and high regard. On the other hand you have to recognize that some of these beings, while deserving of respect at a fundamental level, are absolute disasters who will bring a calamity of misfortune into your life — if you allow it.

Some people are damaged like abused animals; skittish, un-trusting, reactive, unpredictable and dangerous. They have been abused, and they will hurt you, even with the best of intentions.

If you have a clear mind and peaceful life, it is very easy to spot one of these injured people. You can still love and admire the intrinsic value and beauty of all people without absorbing their toxicity and insanity.

chito miranda and kaye abad relationship tips

Let eternity weigh the intrinsic value of their souls, while you just get away from them. Respecting others has nothing to do with allowing them to destroy you. Sometimes a person needs us to abandon them… Sometimes a person needs us to abandon them, but we hang-on anyway, which can be devastating for both parties. Helping others can sometimes even be a convenient distraction from addressing our own unresolved issues. When someone you know is so toxic and destructive that they are poisoning your life, you have to create some distance.

They need you to walk away as much as you need it. People who are out of control desperately need to observe your healthy boundaries in-action to learn from your example. You best teach others about healthy boundaries by enforcing yours on them.

Kaye Abad has a child with Chito Miranda?

There is a difference between giving-up and strategic disengagement. Learn how to let people go. Stop holding-on to the wrong people.

Let them go on their own way; if not for you, then for them. Steve Maraboli You can help others once you are safe, secure and successful in your own life. Practically every successful person you know of is successful, in part, because they moved the destructive and disruptive people out of their lives. Successful people carefully manage their energy and associations; they are gatekeepers. Who you allow into your life, mind and heart are among the most important decisions you will ever make.

Getting out of her comfort zone

Take inventory of the people with whom you spend the most time. Who you spend your time with is who you are, or who you will soon become. Limit your exposure to unhealthy and unsupportive people. Love yourself enough to say no to people who diminish your chances for a beautiful and empowered life.

Sometimes you have to get away from what you know, to discover what you don't know. It is time for the abuse, control, lies and negativity to end. Align yourself with a new tribe of healthy people who are supportive of your highest good and greatest potential. Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.

It is not too late for you. It is never too late to begin loving yourself again. It is never too late to have the life you deserve. Healing for everyone begins with self-love — starting right now. So, don't feel bad for one moment about walking away from people, jobs, and situations that keep you from having peace of mind.

They recoil from or avoid affection. You will never meet a deep penetrating gaze from their shallow eyes; only a surface glance. They will touch your hand with their hand, but never with their heart.

They will serve your body but not your soul. They can only connect with you through utility, but never passion. If you need cupcakes or a jar opened, they are perfect; if you need compassion or wisdom, you are all alone.

They are only a person as society made them, not as nature intended them. They live life so perfectly but know nothing of life at all. They did everything they were told to be a good person but are hardly a person at all. They are dead inside. They will break your heart if you let them.

They are usually very judgmental. They see themselves as nice but are often mean and cold. They feel themselves superior. They think everything they do is exactly the way it is supposed to be done. They lack original thought. If you challenge their slumber with awakened thoughts, they will panic and flee.

chito miranda and kaye abad relationship tips

They will make you feel crazy because they only believe what the masses believe. They are the embodiment of the masses because they have not become their own individual person. Individuation is an attainment of spiritual maturity — frighteningly seldom attained in today's world. You cannot change these people. They are trapped inside of themselves; stunted. You will waste your whole life waiting for them to wake-up to the treasure of what you have to offer.

Maybe it's time to stand-up for yourself! We often think of oppression in terms of tyrants, but it most often comes from the institutions, philosophies, and people closest to us. Most oppression is near and dear. Next time your spouse or partner abusively criticizes you, or says you are worthless, not good enough, stupid or inadequate — tell them that if it is true, to consider that those alleged deficiencies could be what prevented you from getting a better mate.

They say they can't stand your behaviour, but really, they can't stand themselves. If they really were strong they wouldn't yell, they would reassure. If they were really strong they wouldn't put you down, they would lift you up. Maybe you're the one who is really strong. Maybe they just want to hold you back. Maybe you don't have the words and just want to tell them you are a work in progress and are doing the best you can.

Maybe their harsh judgments aren't helping! Maybe your difficult circumstances plus the stress of their negativity is the very thing standing between your success and failure. Perhaps they are even right about some of their criticisms, but their constant negativity is poisoning your best efforts to change. If they are right about some things, then give it as much positive consideration as possible.

You will never recover from what you refuse to accept. Healing begins with acknowledgement. But also acknowledge that the unhealthy relationship must also change. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, bravely acknowledge it and then begin to take the steps to do something about it. This is your chance at life — right now. How will you choose to live it? Fettered away by agonizing drama, stress, fear, worry and endless nonsense? Or, savored in a deep and meaningful exploration of rich experiences, passions, people, and wonderment?

Each day the choice is yours to choose. Be brave and choose wisely! Even when people are clearly toxic and abusive, people will argue over cutting them off and getting them out of their life. You don't need a reason to move someone out of your life. A person doesn't need to be toxic to get rid of them. You can get rid of any person for any reason.

It doesn't matter if they are a saint. Being a gatekeeper in your own life is crucial. Who you ally yourself with is always the paramount consideration of your life. Learning to move people out the rings of your concentric circles quickly and neatly is a vital skill. Protect your energy and reserve the nucleus of your inner-circle for those with whom you share a rare destiny.

There is hardly anything more limiting or more empowering than who you allow to stay in your life. Get over the guilt or be a slave to guilt; it's your choice. Letting go means you refuse to be a victim forever. Letting go is a process of recognition, confrontation, acceptance, and healing. Letting go simply means not suffering any more than absolutely necessary, but just enough to expand and strengthen ourselves.

Some suffering is needed to deepen our compassion, to grow, and to learn. Letting go means you have learned enough, and now have compassion for yourself. Letting go means not touching that sore spot until it is infected, and instead letting it heal. Letting go means carrying a permanent scar, but not a permanent wound.

Letting go means you may have walked through hell, but came out the other side ready to make your life a heaven. Letting go means you refuse to be a victim forever, by letting one moment define the rest of your life.

Letting go means you accept change, and you accept that your pain is not permanent. Letting go means you accept that you cannot take away the past, but you insist that the past cannot take away your future. Letting go means you are ready to move forward and live.

Letting go means you are no longer afraid. It was always fear that held you prisoner; letting go means you are finally free. Now may be the time to finally listen to your heart, and do what you have known you must do — and let them go. No one wants to give-up on someone they love, but sometimes we are forced to make hard decisions by extraordinary suffering. Eventually, you begin to realize that life is too short and your powers to teach, influence or heal are limited.

You finally accept that their emptiness, pain, and dysfunction requires more than you have to give. You can't hand your whole life and soul over to someone who doesn't even care about their own. You can only hold-the-line for someone hell-bent on self-destruction for so long, but when you start getting rope burns on your hands, you have to let go. You also must be careful fighting someone else's demons — it may awaken your own!

Some of the people we adore most — like the moth to the flame — are going to destroy themselves. Their attraction to their inevitable undoing is heartbreaking to watch, and something you will never understand.

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As much as you love someone, you can't make their decisions or live their life for them. They must make the hard decisions all on their own. In many cases, the disaster is already in play; it's in motion because of their past actions, and now the consequences are coming, and there is nothing you can do about it.

It hurts to watch. Here's what he had to say: It's your second time back to Manila — what about your last trip made you want to visit again? What do you remember about your last Manila concert? Was there any moment that stands out as special to you? That we didn't get enough time on stage! Thats why we're coming back on our own this time!

How is the experience performing as A1 today different from when you were just starting out? Are there habits you still fall into when you're onstage together? More so now, because we can mix it up and there isn't anybody telling us what tracks to perform or how to perform them.

We just do what feels right, whether that be play live, dance routines, acoustic numbers, originals, covers You guys have had a lot of hits over the years — do you have a favorite song, or is there one that is particularly special to you? What keeps you guys going?

chito miranda and kaye abad relationship tips

It's great doing our own thing but I think we all love being together and performing on stage the most. You released Rediscovered in — how is that album different from your previous ones? Well, I produced a lot of it on a laptop in my hotel room while I was doing a dance show called Skal Vi Danse in Norway. So I guess that's a bit different!