Christian parents and children relationship

What Does the Bible Say About Parent Child Relationship?

christian parents and children relationship

"It's time to parent him in the Spirit. who reconciled His relationship to His children through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, would surely give me and all mothers. In a culture filled with hectic schedules, overbooked kids, and worn-out parents, often there is little time left for depth of relationship with our. Build Great Relationships with Your Adult Children, Whitney Hopler - Read more Your job as a parent isn't done once your kids grow up.

How can a loving God send people to hell? Is faith in God the opposite of reason? What are the historical facts of the resurrection that nearly every scholar agrees on? How can Christians believe miracles are even possible? How do we know the Bible we have today says what the authors originally wrote?

Does the Bible support slavery, rape and human sacrifice as skeptics allege? In the past, when society was at least more nominally Christian, parents may have been able to avoid addressing the more difficult questions of faith with their kids not that they should have! We must learn what the big challenges are, equip ourselves to engage with them, and commit to continually deepening our understanding of our faith so we can guide our kids accordingly.

Somehow you have to transfer that understanding to your kids, and that transfer requires carefully set aside time. The kinds of faith conversations we need to be having with our kids today like the questions listed in point 1 are simply not going to happen in a meaningful way unless you make spiritual space for them.

By spiritual space, I mean dedicated time for your family to engage together in growing your understanding of and relationship with God. Parents must study the Bible with their kids. Fewer than 1 in 10 Christian families study the Bible together in a given week.

Instead of being a place where children may learn the ways of God, to prepare them for the glories of the life to come, the home often becomes a place of confusion and disillusionment. This frequently leads to misery and destruction. By one act of disobedience Rom.

christian parents and children relationship

Adam ate the proverbial "sour grape" and his children's teeth were set on edge. The results of sin were soon manifested. Cain rose up in a fit of jealous rage and slew his brother, yet Cain was only one step outside of perfection--the paradise of Eden!

In much the same way, parents can trace the sins and evil tempers of their children to their own shortcomings and wilfulness. How important is the good example set by Christian parents! Hope Amidst Present Privilege But what sin has destroyed, grace can restore. The Bible declares not only the sin of our first parents, but also the obedience of God's Son, Jesus Christ.

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By Adam, sin passed unto all. By Jesus Christ, all have opportunity for life and full deliverance from sin and its penalty.

christian parents and children relationship

So godly parents may take heart. The Creator of the first human pair has provided redemption for them and for all their offspring. Let all thank God for this gracious assurance! In the distant past God made an important promise to Abraham: The Christian home into which children are born is a natural environment for the teaching of that promise. God watches over these homes with tender interest.

He knows our weaknesses, and does not leave us alone to accomplish the marvelous task of spiritual instruction of our children. He adds His love and lends His power to every parent who desires to be the minister of His holy purpose. This is witness to future generations that the faith of a believing parent obtains a blessing both for himself and his children.

Not only did Noah's deliverance from the flood introduce a new epoch, but also it was the first clear revelation of the principle of faith as a means of human deliverance. God assured Noah that the ark in which he was to be delivered from death was intended for his children also.

That told him that the ark in which he would be carried over into a new world would also protect his children. Noah and his family built the ark, believing that its strength would be sufficient to preserve all therein.

While Scripture does not say that Noah's children had faith, apparently they voluntarily assisted their believing father in the construction. How does a parent bring salvation to his house? A father may be assured that God's power will work on his behalf when he relies on the providences of God in faith, and prays for, and with, his children.

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How may parents get their children into the ark? The answer is simple: Your children will grow up with the assurance that living with you is living under the special providence of God 1 Cor. Raise your little ones in the knowledge of their Creator. Train them to remain separate from the seductive influences of the world.

Abide in Christ, and your children will realize that being near you is like being near our Master Himself. Abraham's Faith The Lord had told Abraham that he would become a mighty nation and through him and his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed Gen. That testimony instructs present-day Christians that God blesses the children of those who are taught to know and worship Him. Later God said of Abraham, "For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which He hath spoken of him" Gen This shows the importance God placed not only on Abraham's faith, especially demonstrated by his willingness to offer up Isaac in sacrifice, but also on Abraham's commitment to command his children to keep the ways of the Lord.

Abraham's parental determination was part of the faith that finally secured from God that great covenant Gen. Afterward Abraham is spoken of as " It is good that you, as a Christian parent, teach your children that you and they are different from others in this world 1 Cor. God approved of and blessed Abraham because he commanded his household after him to keep the way of the Lord. Some parents mistakenly feel that the "healthy" development of a child's mental and moral abilities would be suppressed if they were to insist that their children obey them.

But according to the Scriptures, true liberty of mind and character in the making of decisions is attained only as one learns to submit--to God, and to godly parents. The child who is taught to honor and accept the understanding and wisdom of godly parents will learn valuable lessons which will serve him well in later life.

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These lessons may never be learned if the child is permitted to pursue his own way, independent of such parental counsel. The necessity that children obey godly parents is often not fully appreciated by either. Scripture illustrates the spiritual harmony between authority and love, between obedience and liberty. Parents must be more than friends and advisors. They have been endowed by God with a holy authority to be exercised in leading their children in the way of the Lord.

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Parental rule should be loving and affectionate, and with an authority not to be despised. At the same time, parental authority must not be exercised in a harsh, unreasonable, vindictive or autocratic manner. Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: Those mothers who brought their children to Jesus had undoubtedly heard the earlier words recorded in that chapter vss.

Our Lord understood that these children required counsel and direction, and He knew the importance of a godly example. But Jesus saw His disciples rebuking these women. Perhaps the disciples wondered just how much benefit the children could receive by hearing the words of Jesus.

After all, even they sometimes found Jesus' words hard to understand. How could these children understand Him? What benefit could these little children receive from Him? Jesus realized that in their own way, children were able to understand His love for them, even if not always His words. The wise parent understands that such is also true in their relationship with their own children.