Code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship test

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code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship test

[Spoilers] Code Geass: The Psychology of Lelouch and Suzaku (an had a relationship that matches what you said about his kindness and. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is the first of the four manga in the series. Lelouch's thought regarding power of love is changed from Tianzi's relation with Suzaku to live at the clubhouse after the visit; Lelouch tested his Geass on . Suzaku was childhood friends with Lelouch, an exiled member of the Britannian royal by the head of the research division, who recruit him to test the potentially dangerous weapon. Relationship Status single, but perhaps not for long.

The helmet has a retractable plate over the left eye so Lelouch can use his Geass. In this guise, he forms the Black Knightsinitially composed of the members of Kaname Ohgi 's resistance group. The goal of this vigilante group is a campaign against powerful individuals who oppress the helpless, which he eventually expands into reforming Japan as an independent nation.

Lelouch is willing to do whatever it takes to carry out his goal, even if it means lying to his followers and using people as bait for the outcome he desires. However, he has trouble putting those he is close to in harms way for the sake of his goal, which is a weakness as a commander but a remnant of his humanity and sanity. His feelings for Nunnally in particular often hinders his plans, particularly at the end of the first season, where he abandons a massive war with Britannian forces to rescue her, and early into the second season, when he has trouble believing Nunnally is willingly waging a campaign for peace that interferes with his plans.

Gradually, however, he has come to embrace the fact that he has to destroy before reconstruction can occur, even if it means harming those he cares about. Originally, Lelouch is motivated by the desire to avenge his mother's death and construct an ideal world where his sister Nunnally can live in peace. After Nunnally becomes Viceroy of Area 11, and her wishes conflict with his goals, his friends help him to realize that his rebellion is no longer just for Nunnally, but for all the people of the world.

Character History Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lelouch makes his first appearance in the beginning of the first episode of the series, as a child, along with Lelouch as he appears early in the series Suzaku Kururugi watching the Britannian Military entering Japan, with the figure of C.

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After the invasion of Japan, Lelouch vows to obliterate Britannia. He is later introduced to be a student of Ashford Academy where he is a member of its Student Council. He is a brilliant thinker who is quite talented at chess, he lives with his younger sister, Nunnallyand their maid, Sayokoin the Student Council building of Ashford Academy, where they are looked after by the Ashford Family.

Lelouch and his friend Rivalz enter a room where a chess match was being played, with Lelouch claiming he can turn the situation on the chess table in under 9 minutes. He starts his game by moving the King. He effortlessly crushes him in a short period of time 8 minutes, 32 secondswhile the noble gapes at his own defeat. Rivalz compliments Lelouch on his victory, and is happy that the ego of the nobles will force them to pay, which he notes also make them loose.

As they walk out of the casino, they are interrupted by Clovis' "heart-breaking" speech which turns out to be an act. On the road, Rivalz accidentally cuts the way of the terroristsresulting in their vehicle's crash.

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People gather, but to Lelouch's disgust, they are more interested in placing the blame and gawking over the incident than helping, prompting him to go and assess the situation.

As he inspects the crash, he hears a voice, but is then thrown in the back of the truck, as Nagata, one of the hijackers, puts it in reverse for an attempted getaway. However, Lelouch is soon swept into the conflict between the Holy Britannian Empire and the pockets of resistance which oppose it when he accidentally boards a truck being used by Japanese Resistance operatives.

To Lelouch's horror, he realizes that he is trapped in a terrorist getaway. Suzaku, who Lelouch had not met for seven years, finds the vehicle and confronts Lelouch, who he mistakes as a terrorist. Nagata opens the capsule, to which Suzaku quickly puts his own gas mask on Lelouch's face.

The capsule opens, instead of gas, as Suzaku expected, a restrained C. Kinoshita thinks about the Geass order massacre during Zero's UFN speech at the inauguration ceremony regarding justice The betrayal takes place at the deck of Ikaruga instead of the hangar, Zero jumps of the deck and Rolo arrives in time in his VTOL to rescue him. He dies in a similar way in the manga as his body gets buried in an unknown location.

Kallen carries the depressed Zero to his room regarding Nunnally after the FLEIJA explosion The hotel hijacking scene is different as Suzaku arrives to save Euphie only to overhear his conversation regarding Clovis' cold blooded massacre at Shinjuku Lelouch wears his black cloak during the Ashford's vandalism and at the G-1 Base assassinating Clovis. The Black Knights mission to prevent Refrain is different as they deal with the minor antagonist Rudolph Baleron the head of the Society for the Japanese Preservation Culture and Suzaku arrives there as well recognizing Kallen as the Black Knight and that what they're doing is wrong.

That time Zero thought Suzaku was in the tech corps Lelouch found out that Suzaku killed his father when he touched him as C. C's reaction occurs C. Lelouch Geassed Suzaku to live at the clubhouse after the visit Lelouch tested his Geass on one of the Ashford maids Zero met Katase at the JLF ship conversing about Kusakabe's action at the Hotel hijacking and Katase offers him to join forces but he refuses Geassing him to commit suicide Mao tells Shirley that Lelouch is Zero instead of Villetta who was investigating with Shirley that Lelouch has connections with the Black Knights During the Battle of Mt.

Black Knight's suspicions and confirmation regarding Lelouch's entry to UFN has changed slightly due to Rakshata not appearing in the anime Ikaruga appears during the UFN Ceremony Jeremiah goes after Zero by swimming to the JFL ship and gets injured in the explosion resulting Kewell's death Schneizel has made more occurrences at the first part of the storyline than the anime at the meeting with Euphie, the Special Zone, and the conduction of the Kamine Island Thought Elevator.

Shirley's reaction after her memories were recovered were different. She stands by the mall thinking about it instead of being at the train. Since Nunnally does not arrive in area 11, she doesn't know where she is and states that she's missing but she still mentions her name when trying to find Lelouch by helping Rolo to reunite them. Lelouch wore the same female costume he wore from 9. Suzaku and Euphemia are the couple Kallen happens to meet up with when playing the gravestone attraction at Milly's festival, not Ohgi and Viletta.

In addition, Kallen has no negative outlook toward Euphemia, except for when she temporarily believes her to be responsible for her massacre.

code geass - lelouch and suzaku kiss

Due to Euphemia's death, there is no viceroy until Nunnally arrives. Instead of dying in the Zero Requiem like he thought, Lelouch slips though time and into the future.

code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship test

Without any memory as to why or how he got there, he struggles to figure it out with only hazy memories as his guide. But when he meets an reincarnated Suzaku, their bond leads to a developing romance that becomes complicated. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Their love once was a flame that burned too brightly, but it was the same love that couldn't hold them together.

code geass lelouch and suzaku relationship test

Leaving one in hatred and the other in guilt. Will they give them a second chance? Whether it was out of pity or kindness, he asked her to be his from of the honesty of his heart.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Manga)

The one who walks in the light strives for power and violence The one walking in the shadows seeks for peace and love. Brothers who couldn't be more alike are far different underneath the surface.

For a dark world one hopes to shape as their own Hearts of Glass reviews AU. Picking up the pieces is never easy after a heartbreak. Trusting to love someone again is even harder. What was an unlikely friendship between two people with a rough start, becomes something more once they find companionship within each other.

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But as their bond becomes stronger, the more vulnerable they leave themselves to pain. Gender swapped and forced to live in the opposite's shoes, how will they be able to handle the new change? T - English - Humor - Chapters: A Rainy Night reviews Ever so slowly he's giving his heart to her, but on this rainy night; their bond strengthens a bit more during an intimate moment. M - English - Romance - Chapters: For one night, the Emperor, Witch and Knight will spend it making this sensual fantasy come true.