Deadpool and colossus relationship

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deadpool and colossus relationship

But there are signs in Deadpool 2, especially in Deadpool's relationship with Colossus, that the franchise's creators are finally willing to at least. On Wednesday, speaking to Inverse, Kapičić unpacked what Deadpool and Colossus's relationship looks like, as well as hinting at the film. Colossus doesn't seem gay (whatever that means) but Deadpool is at the If we' re going buy the source material the character Colossus has had relationships.

In the panel seen above, Wolverine and Deadpool embrace as a fire rages behind them. His arms curl around Deadpool, whose head is tilted forward, eyes closed in what could be reverie or contemplation or the final rest.

A handgun rattles to the ground with a clak! Blood pours from both our heroes. Deadpool holds the only man who has ever understood the incredible weight of his abilities, the only other man who outlives everyone, the only other one who heals despite being battered time and again, the only one who is also treated like a hunting dog and sent out to dispatch the people more seemly heroes cannot be seen killing.

If Wolverine and Deadpool were any combination of a male and female pairing, we would read a loving embrace, attraction commingled with hatred—a common trope in almost any genre.

Colossus (comics)

A Deadpool who loves Wolverine, but must kill him for a contract. Wolverine hates Deadpool, but even in death finds himself wrapped in his embrace. This moment makes up the final panel, a full page spread, of Wolverine: Throughout the comics, Deadpool and Wolverine have a rivalry.

Deadpool is a pretty good bad dude and Wolverine is a pretty bad good guy.

deadpool and colossus relationship

Cable and Deadpool share an attraction that has manifested mostly through their individual dreams. In reality, though, the only characters Deadpool has had sexual relationships with in the comics or the films have been women, or women-presenting. Shiklah, his once-wife, appears in both a busty, feminine humanoid form and her true form: When Deadpool pisses her off by ignoring her and not killing people, she looms over him, all teeth and purple skin.

deadpool and colossus relationship

Thanks to him, Wade is armed, he has the targets, and he knows everything that he can about his next big mission. In Deadpool 2, T.

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Miller reprises his role as Weasel, and once again, the sequel brings the character to the screen in a way that lives up to the character's comic book portrayal. The shows us that Weasel and Wade are close friends, and he is also the one that comes through when Wade is looking to hire members for the X-Force team he is looking to assemble. What's more, Deadpool 2's Weasel is also shown to be self-serving, as evidenced by his divulging everything he knows to Cable before the time-traveler can have a chance to torture him.

And that is something that comic book Weasel would most assuredly do. For a long time, we didn't know who the actor was playing, or what exactly his role in the film was going to be.

deadpool and colossus relationship

As it turns out, Dennison had one of the biggest roles of the film and effectively worked as one of its main villains. With his mutant abilities, Firefist was a potential threat, and he was the very reason Cable had time-travelled from the future.

But in the comics, Russell is not a villain who grows up to be a dangerous murderer. In fact, in the source material, Firefist becomes a member of the mutant team X-Factor, and later the X-Terminators. The character doesn't have much of a relationship with Wade Wilson in the comics, and he is not found in a mutant gene suppression school.

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He is a young teenager who first joins up with the Navy, only to become a soldier in a different kind of war after his powers manifest. He is rebellious and angry, but more than anything he is looking for a few friends. In the comics, Russell quickly befriends the mutants of X-Factor, who come to help him control his powers. This is a case where much of the character was changed for the movie, for better or worse. The first movie established Blind Al as Wade's roommate, reluctant friend, confidante and favored punching bag.

deadpool and colossus relationship

Deadpool doesn't pull any punches around her, and she doesn't either. The movie doesn't touch on how the two begrudgingly met in the comics, but it ultimately doesn't matter. In both movies, Blind Al is exactly the way she is in the comics, and although we don't see her much in the sequel, she is still the dry presence she was always meant to be.

When Wade Wilson loses his girlfriend Vanessa, she is the first to tell him to shake it off and to get his life back on track — and she demonstrates that by proving she has no bedside manners whatsoever. Wade isn't one to be exactly nice to Al, and yet she tolerates him for some reason — and he keeps coming back to her.

When he is ripped in half, he once again comes to her for comfort and help. She is a mother figure, a family member, a foil and a strong motivator.


In the mid-credits scene of Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson starts using Cable's time-travelling device to make a few corrections to the timeline. One of those spots includes the climatic battle of the movie, X-Men Origins: In the scene, we actually see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, and Deadpool does talk to him.

But it's only stock footage.

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What little we see of Wolverine was a few seconds of footage that featured in the Wolverine film, — not an official new scene shot by Hugh Jackman. Worse still, this is the one appearance the Wolverine finally puts in in a Deadpool film, and it comes from a movie that didn't exactly do right by the character.

deadpool and colossus relationship

We want Jackman's Logan and Reynolds' Wilson to actually share the screen together, to see them trade wits and insults, and spar with their swords and razor-sharp claws. It was a nice touch to include a shot of the previous movie, but it's nowhere near the right appearance fans truly wish to see.

Perhaps one of the most surprising cameos that came in Deadpool 2 was a brief apperance of the entire cast of the mutant superheroes from X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming X-Men: Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Beast and a whole lot more characters can quickly be seen during a scene set in Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters.