Dna chromatin and chromosomes relationship questions

what is the relationship of DNA, a chromosome and chromatin.? | Yahoo Answers

dna chromatin and chromosomes relationship questions

Chromatin refers to the material of the chromosomes – DNA plus proteins. Before DNA replication, each chromosome contains a single, very long DNA molecule. Start studying b DNA, Chromatin, and Chromosomes. Describe the structural relationship of DNA and chromatin, and the functional relationship of DNA. There is a relationship between DNA, a chromosome, and chromatin.. see below :).

The DNA double helix showing base pairs The sides are sugar and phosphate molecules. The rungs are pairs of chemicals called 'nitrogenous bases', or 'bases' for short. There are four types of base: These bases link in a very specific way: A always pairs with T, and C always pairs with G.

dna chromatin and chromosomes relationship questions

The DNA molecule has two important properties. It can make copies of itself. If you pull the two strands apart, each can be used to make the other one and a new DNA molecule.

It can carry information. The order of the bases along a strand is a code - a code for making proteins.

dna chromatin and chromosomes relationship questions

Genes A gene is a length of DNA that codes for a specific protein. So, for example, one gene will code for the protein insulin, which is important role in helping your body to control the amount of sugar in your blood. Genes are the basic unit of genetics. Human beings have 20, to 25, genes. These genes account for only about 3 per cent of our DNA. The function of the remaining 97 per cent is still not clear, although scientists think it may have something to do with controlling the genes.

Chromosomes If you took the DNA from all the cells in your body and lined it up, end to end, it would form a strand million miles long but very, very thin!

How many chromatin are in one chromosome?

To store this important material, DNA molecules are tightly packed around proteins called histones to make structures called chromosomes.

Chromosomes, white; microtubules, green. Condensin loads onto the chromosomes early in mitosis and is essential for maintaining their structure and organisation, but it is not essential for global chromatin compaction. RCA regulates mitotic chromatin compaction and its activity is mediated by protein phosphorylation. Specialised chromosome structures and chromosome organisation in interphase. The two sister chromatids white are held together at the centromere and this defines the region where the kinetochore is assembled.

The inner kinetochore red lies underneath the outer kinetochore greenwhich mediates the interaction with the spindle microtubules blue.

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Each sister chromatid contains a single linear DNA molecule and the terminal ends are called telomeres pink. Courtesy of J Dorrens, University of Edinburgh. In a hybrid chicken cell containing one CHO Chinese hamster ovary chromosome, hybridisation with CHO genomic DNA reveals that the single CHO chromosome present in the cell f is not dispersed within the interphase nucleus e but maintains a compact organisation and a distinct territory.

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dna chromatin and chromosomes relationship questions

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Difference between DNA, Gene and Chromosome

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