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EcomarketBio | EcomarketBio, il negozio online del biologico per tutta la famiglia. Serve aiuto? 02 #ecomarketbio. Dec 1, Gourmet Cherries pg. Dolcetto pg. 8. Tequila pgs. 18 & Gamay pg. 8. Vermouth pg. 19 Flirt Red Blend .. Bellafina Rosso Dolce. Mar 31, Gordons Fine Wine and Culinary Center has entered the world of After close to a year of chopping, sautéeing, and flirting, something . Castano Monastrell Dulce . This wine is a blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto.

Though there might be some topics that could have used more extensive teaching, such as food pairings and climate change, that would have required a longer class.

Our schedule was already very full with everything from the course book. It would be difficult to add any more topics without expanding the length of the course to another day or two. Maybe they could do a more advanced Spanish wine course, to touch on specific topics not covered by the basic course. Within all of this course work, we also fit in wine tastings. We only tasted 10 wines on Friday but had about 34 wines on Saturday. The list of wines was not the same as in the course schedule, but then they have to adjust to the wines that are available at each teaching location.

We certainly had plenty of variety though, including Cavas, whites, roses, reds, Sherries and dessert wine. The tasting helped to indicate some of the differences in Spanish wines, especially of those grapes and wines which can seem similar. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some are available in the U.

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It is a very striking grape, with a unique flavor that I very much enjoy. Most of my Sherry experience has been with Fino and Manzanilla.

But both the Amontillado and Oloroso had intriguing flavors that appealed to me. I will definitely seek out more of those Sherry types to try. Today were our two exams. The first exam consisted of 50 multiple-choice questions that dealt with everything we had learned in the course. If you had studied, the test was not too difficult though a few of the questions did challenge me. I feel confident I did well on that exam.

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Then came the blind tasting, which I thought would be difficult. We had six wines and for each wine we had to answer 5 multiple-choice questions. The most important questions dealt with the grape and region of the wine. I felt challenged by the blind tasting but felt fairly confident I had done well again. After the exam, Wendy told us which wines we had tasted and I was very pleased to find that I had gotten all of them correct!

The Cava and Fino Sherry had been relatively easy to identify. The Albarino was a little trickier as it can sometimes be confused with the Verdejo or Rueda.

The three red wines also required a bit of consideration, to differentiate between what were the Priorat, Rioja and Monastrell. Once Javier and Wendy finish the North American courses, and return to Spain, all of the tests will be scored and we will find out whether we passed or not.

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This bothered me a little as I would prefer that a higher bar had been set for certification, to provide more meaning and credibility to the certification. To truly indicate that the student had assimilated the course information. But then Javier began the course telling us that a primary aim of the Wine Academy of Spain was to create Spanish wine "ambassadors," people to help promote the wines of Spain.

So, the test scores are probably not seen as important as finding people who are willing to be passionate about Spanish wine, passionate enough to take the course in the first place to learn. And before I took this course, I pondered over what the certification would mean to me and concluded that it would primarily make me more of an ambassador for Spanish wine.

Which seems to have been the intent of the course in the first place. There is a significant bonus though for a select few who do extremely well on the tests. The top 15 scorers on the test, during their North American leg, will win a free trip to Spain. The trip includes meals and winery visits. About the only thing you have to pay for is your airfare and general spending money.

The trip will take place at the end of October. A pretty nice bonus for the high scorers. Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone serious who wants to learn more about Spanish wine. It is an informative course with very good instructors. And you also have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions you might have about Spanish wine. Berlin Dating is always waiting for you to join and find your soul mate. Stockholm Dating abounds with thousands of beautiful and sexy girls, as well as good-looking and successful men searching for true love, romance and fulfilling romantic relationships with Stockholm singles.

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