Dorothy and ozma relationship questions

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dorothy and ozma relationship questions

Glinda of Oz - Dorothy, Ozma and Glinda try to stop a war in the Gillikin Country. .. Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/quiz questions, and .. the times - a relationship exemplified by the illustration below from Dorothy. To paraphrase Murch's remark, Ozma and Dorothy are both “real people” and it evokes the land's inherently ambiguous relationship to questions of mortality. Throughout the Oz books, we see that Ozma has several indicators of and some people claim that she is in a relationship with Dorothy in.

The Straw King Ah! This one is slightly better than the first.

Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum (2 star ratings)

I think Scarecrow was indeed an interesting character in the series…before he was crazy as well. But…you are a king!!!! Glinda might seem to be an unimportant character in the novella series, yet she appeared every time, EVERY.

And she was one of the most horrible villains of all.

Sex and the Emerald City

Where your sense of taste? Which has nothing to do with the point. Glinda appeared in every novella, and made tons of horrible decisions. Where was your brain? But, the story was truly exciting, and I love how Lulu appeared as a child and how Ozma appeared as a crazy queen.

Because this series was destined to be a trilogy. When I read Yellow Brick War, I think everybody was under the impression, that would be the final book. And when it ended, it could have been.

dorothy and ozma relationship questions

All Danielle Paige would have needed was to write whether Amy stayed 3. All Danielle Paige would have needed was to write whether Amy stayed in Oz or left.

But she added another book. And added an unnecessary, and quite frankly strange, character, The Nome King. This series is, after all, Dorothy Must Die.

The End of Oz

Especially in this book. Dorothy also wasn't as evil in this book. She seemed pretty likable. Which is a surprise because she's been made out as a real bitch in the entirety of the series. I thought she could have been crueler. Amy and Nox have an ideal love that's super cute and I ship them with my life. The last twenty pages had me sobbing but I'm happy enough with the resolution. In appearance she is described as having chubby little hands, a round rosy face, big earnest eyes filled with awe and a merry laugh.

She has a small pet dog she calls Totowhom she loves dearly. After her first adventure in the Land of Ozshe returns to Kansas via the charmed Silver Shoes Ruby Slippers in the classic MGM musical of she obtained while there but lost between worlds when she was teleported back. Not much later, she unexpectedly returns to Oz again, thus having several more adventures before permanently settling there as an official princess of Oz in the book The Emerald City of Oz In the story, she saves the citizens of Oz from being turned into decor objects by the evil Nome King.

She is quite sassy, talkative, and is portrayed in later Oz books as being the matriarch of a large colony of chicks. Eventually, Billina chooses to stay in Oz and live in the Emerald City 's royal palace. She is a major character in Walt Disney's live action film Return to Ozin which she helps Dorothy save the Land of Oz from near extinction.

Dorothy carries Eureka in a small cage on a train with her to San Francisco to visit her relatives on Hugson farm.

The End of Oz (Dorothy Must Die, #4) by Danielle Paige

While riding with Bill Hugson's nephew Zeb, an earthquake opens a large chasm in the ground, and Eureka falls with Dorothy, Zeb, and Jim the Cab-Horse into the land of the Mangaboos, people made of vegetable. The strange lights in the Magaboos' cavern create all sorts of odd colors, and Eureka looks pink there.

Eureka is shortly then often referred to as a "pink kitten," or sometimes, as in Glinda of Ozas a "purple kitten. Eureka is threatened with execution until the piglet is finally found. While Eureka tells them where the piglet is, she is amused at being tried for something that is in her nature to attempt. Eureka is shown to later be living in Ozbut it is never explained how she returned.

Ozma of Oz [Full Audiobook] by Baum

Eureka is often portrayed as conniving and deceitful, but overall has a good heart. And she is the heroine of Chris Dulabone's The Colorful Kitten of Ozwhich, among other things, addresses the inconsistency of Eureka's color. She is a resident of Purrville who becomes friends with the Cowardly Lion. Due to his appearance in the film, he has often been ranked near the top of list of on-screen canine characters.

dorothy and ozma relationship questions

Shaggy Man The Shaggy Man is a kind old wanderer who is dressed in rags. He is also shown to have an unnamed brother who is simply dubbed Shaggy Man's Brother He was a gold miner in Colorado until he ended up in the Nome Kingdom and was taken prisoner by the Nome King who imprisoned him in the Metal Forest. After finding out about his brother's plight 10 years later, Shaggy Man led some of his friends to the Nome Kingdom to rescue him.

Afterwards, Princess Ozma allowed him to live in the Land of Oz. Zeb appears in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz Zeb first meets Dorothy at Hugson's Siding, when he picks her up in a carriage pulled by Jim the Cab-horse.

On their way to the Hugson's Ranch, an earthquake causes everyone to fall into the earth and into the Land of the Mangaboos. The travelers undertake a subterranean journey through the Valley of Voe, are briefly imprisoned in the Land of Naught, and encounter a cavern full of Dragonettes.

Despite his reservations about being in a strange land, Zeb courageously defends his friends and helps them escape from the Land of Gargoyles by obtaining pairs of gargoyle wings. During the festivities held to celebrate the arrival of Dorothy and her friends, Zeb participates in a wrestling match with a Munchkin boy, which he loses, and then a boxing match, which Zeb wins.

He later serves as one of the nine members of the jury during the trial of Eureka. While the Wizard accepts Ozma's invitation to remain in Oz, Dorothy, Zeb, and their animals decide to return home.