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effy and cook relationship advice

Jonah Jeremiah "JJ" Jones is a fictional character in the British teen drama Skins and is In "Freddie", JJ witnesses Effy's destructive influence over his closest friends. JJ allows Cook to stay at his in exchange for some dating tips. Mar 12, “Skins” recap (): Effy Stonem and the Demon Headmaster Effy's uninterested in Cook's jargon, even though, as the sophists so elegantly informed us, the Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships 10 Awesome Films That Feature Lesbian/Bi Women of Color · 9 Tips for Straight. Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem is a fictional character in the television series Skins, played by Kaya She and Freddie begin their relationship again deciding that she loves him, thus letting go of Cook for good. She begins to have . He asks his grandfather for advice, and Freddie attempts to help her. While taking Effy to a calm.

Effy gets out of the car and takes some of the ketchup of his face and licks her finger, saying it tastes sweet. When Freddie attempts to engage in conversation with Effy at her locker, explaining that he'd like to get to know her, she warns him that his best friends Cook and JJ want the same, which will likely make things "complicated".

She then gives him a list of all the things they're not supposed to do in school, and whoever -- Freddie, Cook, or JJ -- completes it first before the day's end, she'll grant an opportunity to "get to know". By the end of the day, Cook is the only one to have completed everything on the list Effy had given them earlier, with the exception of sex and drugs in school.

Effy excuses herself to go the nurse's office, prompting Cook to follow, where they light up spliff and the two have sex. In "Cook", the second episode of the series, Effy and best friend Pandora, as well as her new acquaintances from school Katie, Emily, and Naomi celebrate Cook's birthday party at a pub, where Cook's best friends Freddie and JJ are also present.

Later on they manage to get into a posh party, where Effy goes into the bathroom and snorts drugs, but eventually they flee when a fight breaks out. When Cook proposes sex with Effy, she rejects him. In the following episode, "Thomas", Effy's suspicions from the first episode are confirmed when she catches her mother post-coitus with her father's boss. She also helps new friend to the group Thomas sell drugs so that he may pay money off to gangster Johnny White.

At the end of the episode its suggested that she and Cook have sex again. In "Pandora" She has sex with Cook again, and afterward is confronted by Freddie for leaving JJ alone, prompting the disconcerted Effy to leave the party. In "Freddie", Effy arrives in Freddie's garden and asks to be allowed into his shed.

Inside, the two share a spliff, but are quickly joined by the arrival of Cook and JJ.

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When Cook invites Effy to leave to have sex with him, she sarcastically rebuffs him, causing him to angrily insist that she leave. By the end of the episode Effy has returned to Cook, and she and Cook watch from her bedroom window as Freddie watches from below.

In "Naomi", Effy observes Cook flirt in class, aware that he has sex with others, to which she has no objections. At the end of the episode she is seen celebrating Cook's win as class president. In the next episode, "JJ", JJ finds the courage to go to Effy's home and confront her for severing his, Cook, and Freddie's friendship. Although he politely pleas her to stop, she apologetically cannot guarantee him that she will.

In "Effy", Effy is prepared to break up with Cook — which she does without informing him. Katie and Freddie plan a party at Gobbler's End, to which Cook is not invited. Effy finds shrooms at Gobbler's End and the friends indulge in them. However, this sparks a violent confrontation between Freddie and Cook. In JJ's centric episodehis autism and his temperament are made clear.

He regularly attends a clinic where he requires heavy medication, here he also expresses his fury at Effy's manipulation of both Freddie and Cook.

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At the clinic, he meets Emily who is receiving counselling, and the two discuss their woes outside the clinic. She confides to him about her homosexuality, and he in turn confesses his desire to be normal, shocking her with the number of drugs he has been prescribed. He also expresses his fury that the friendship he had shared with Freddie and Cook has been destroyed the love triangle caused by Effy. At Emily's urging, he stands up to Freddie over his treatment of him, accidentally revealing Emily's homosexuality to her twin sister Katie in the process.

He then confronts Effy about her role in destroying a friendship he prized so much. Effy, seeing the impact she has had on his life, is apologetic and suggests they become friends, and is hurt when he coldly refuses.

When he goes to confront Cook, he accidentally discovers that he is continuing his affair with Pandora, though he does not reveal this to anyone else. Seeing that Cook is, like Freddie, indifferent to his own feelings, JJ explodes at him over it. Cook, moved by this, gives him a hug and invites him to buy drugs, which subsequently gets busted. JJ, however, did this because he knew that the drug is designed to both calm someone down and make them more honest.

As a result, at a party Cook settles into a relaxed state, which surprises the gang, and reveals his affair with Pandora, which Pandora's boyfriend Thomas overhears.

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Cook also reveals Effy loves Freddie. JJ leaves the party and finds a distraught Emily whom he allows her to stay at his place after her argument with Katie. She in turn offers to take his virginity which JJ nervously accepts, and the two have sex. The next morning he introduces Emily to his mother played by Juliet Cowan who is relieved to see that her son finally made a good friend. When Cook invites himself along the gang reveal their true feelings about him, including JJ who states they are no longer friends after the way Cook had been treating him.

Later on, he and Freddie meet the Fitch sisters while buying clothes for the college prom. Emily is horrified when JJ reveals he told Freddie about their fling. Freddie mentions it to Katie, who is equally shocked. Katie then reveals Emily and JJ's fling to Naomi, who is upset.

This causes a fight between the Fitch sisters. Sid explains to Effy his problems, in which she agrees that in exchange for doing her GCSE Art coursework, she promises to sort out Sid's struggling social enterprises; specifically concerning his love for the estranged Cassie Ainsworth.

Effy, with Pandora in tow, picks up weed at Cassie's where she inquires about her relationship with Sid, but otherwise doesn't probe the subject. Effy is later seen taking the drugs to a club, where she sells them and is also seen by Tony selling Michelle's watch, prompting him to be angered with her. It is revealed later that Effy didn't sell it, but instead had it repaired and sent back to Michelle with the word "forever" engraved in it, softening Michelle enough to speak to Tony again.

As for Sid, Effy sends an acquaintance of hers called Jake to Cassie's — knowing the chances that they would sleep together — and takes a series of photos through the window. She scatters the photos around Sid's sleeping form, prompting him to finally confront Cassie, where the two subsequently make up.

At school, Effy doesn't use Sid's artwork he created for her she lets Pandora use itbut explains to her teacher that her GCSE Art coursework is conceptual, in which she used an array of emotions — referring to her recent experiences helping others mend their relationships. At the end of the episode, Effy's father arrives home to a clean house, and his wife in an elegant state, all presumably done by Effy. In the finale of the second series, "Final Goodbyes", Effy is seen in the final shot before the credits, smirking at the camera and smiling while lying under Tony's duvet cover, foreshadowing her presence as the lead character in the third series.

“Skins” recap (4.07): Effy Stonem and the Demon Headmaster

When Freddie attempts to engage in conversation with Effy, flirtatiously suggesting possibly more than a friendship, she warns him that his best friends Cook and JJ want the same, which will likely complicate things. However, after his insistence, she then proposes a challenge by giving him a list of all the things they're not supposed to do in school — such as sniffing glue, smoking weed, arson, porn, and sex in school — and says whoever completes the list first will get an opportunity to "get to know" her.

By the end of the day Cook is the only one to have completed Effy's challenge, with the exceptions of sex and drugs in school. Effy excuses herself from class, prompting Cook to follow, where they light up a spliff and the two have sex in the school nurse's office.

In the following episode, " Cook ", Effy gets to know her new classmates better while celebrating Cook's birthday, and in the third episode " Thomas ", her suspicion that her mother is having an affair is confirmed when she catches her post-coitus with her father's boss. In the following episode " Pandora ", her father leaves her and her mother, so Effy copes by getting trashed at Pandora's girls-only pajama partydespite Pandora's earlier rules that drinking, drugs, and boys would not be tolerated.

When Effy returns the next morning, presumably to apologise or comfort Pandora for her actions, she discovers that Pandora and Cook slept together. Though Effy immediately confronts her, Pandora uses the opportunity to stand up for herself and tells Effy she does not put enough effort into their friendship she has, thus far, demonstrated herself to be somewhat selfishfor which Effy does not argue.

In " Freddie ", Effy rebuffs Freddie's suggestion that they'd "be good together" by claiming that she would merely break his heart.

effy and cook relationship advice

Later, Freddie expresses his feelings to her in greater depth where the two share a passionate kiss, however Effy returns to Cook. In " Naomi ", although there is apparent tension between Effy and Freddie, she and Pandora seem to be on better terms with one another. In " JJ ", JJ, Freddie and Cook's mutual friend, who has been encouraged by Emily, angrily confronts Effy for her part in destroying the once-strong friendship he, Freddie and Cook shared.

Effy, seeing the impact she had had, is apologetic and, although she cannot guarantee that she will stop, she expresses sentiment that she would like to become his friend after he admits that he loves her too, and is somewhat hurt when he refuses. Naomi later points out that Effy is in love with Freddie, although Effy feebly denies it. In her central episode it is apparent that Effy has "gone off the rails" as stated by her in the previous episode. Though she is prepared to break up with Cook — which she does without informing him — and confront Freddie with her feelings, she is discouraged by Freddie's new relationship with Katie.

When the group goes camping in an area of the woods known as Gobblers End, the uninvited Cook shows up and bitterly reveals secrets, including that he and Pandora have apparently been sleeping together behind Effy's back.

Under the influence of shroomsEffy flees from the clearing where they are camping and into the woods where she is attacked by a jealous and insecure Katie, who pins her down and spits on her before attempting to choke her, prompting Effy to pick up a rock and strike Katie in self-defense.

effy and cook relationship advice

Afterward, Effy is comforted when she and Freddie have sex for the first time, however the next morning when Katie is learned to be missing, Effy becomes extremely anxious.

Eventually, Katie is found after a phone call Effy makes and is taken to the hospital, where Freddie — among others — learn what happen and turn against Effy for abandoning Katie in the woods and for causing her to need nine stitches in her head. Effy blacks out, only to awake in a car driven by Cook, who doesn't know where they are or where they are going, only that the two of them are going together.

It should be noted that a full moon appears in Effy's central episodes, both in season 3 and 4; this is an obvious connection to Effy's dark state of mind and her depressive disorder.

effy and cook relationship advice

It is learned in the finale that Cook has been bringing Effy to "one small, shitty town after another" for weeks, and Effy is becoming gradually more dissatisfied with this seemingly aimless wandering. Cook, however, tells her that this is the town where his father lives. While Cook is content to end their journey here, Effy grows worried for Cook when she sees how his father manipulates him, prompting her to call Freddie for help — and telling him that she loves him shortly before hanging up.

When Freddie and JJ arrive, they decide that the fate of the boys' relationships with Effy should be decided by the small town's race. JJ, who wins the race, takes charge and demands that they solve their problems once and for all, forcing both boys to admit that they each love Effy and telling her that she must choose between them.

Although Effy doesn't say anything, her "look says it all" [8] when her gaze lingers over Freddie, prompting Cook to leave in a fury. When Freddie and Effy are alone, they make up and have sex. Series 4[ edit ] Over the summer, Effy goes with her mother to Italybreaking up with Freddie due to the guilt she feels from the pain caused Katie and Cook and does not contact anyone. In "Thomas", Effy does not come to the first day of school and the others assume she is still in Italy. It is revealed at the end of the first episode that she is actually back in England, and that she is with Pandora at her house comforting her after Thomas shows up who tried to get back with her after having cheated on her.

In "Emily", Effy returns to college, sits next to Freddie and she reveals that it's him she was thinking about all summer.