Ekwefi and okonkwo relationship

ekwefi and okonkwo relationship

Once the village beauty, Ekwefi ran away from her first husband to live with Okonkwo. Ezinma is her only surviving child, and the two share a close relationship. The relationship between Ekwefi and Ezinma is not a typical parent-child While Okonkwo gathers medicine for the fever, his other wives try to calm Ekwefi's. Unlike his relationship with his other wives, Okonkwo appears to have more of a feeling of respect for Ekwefi and holds her in a special place. Perhaps this is.

Then he sends for his rusty gun to go hunting — Okonkwo is not a hunter nor is he skilled with a gun. When Ekwefi mumbles about "guns that never shot," he grabs his gun, aims it at her, and pulls the trigger. Although it goes off, she is not injured.

Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo sighs and walks away with the gun. Despite Okonkwo's outbursts, the festival is celebrated with great joy, even in his household and by Ekwefi after her beating and near shooting.

Like most people of the village, she looks forward to the second day of the feast and its great wrestling matches between men of the village and men of neighboring villages. This contest is the same kind in which Okonkwo, years earlier, not only won the wrestling match but also won Ekwefi's heart.

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Okonkwo's wives and daughters excitedly prepare the yams for the feast in anticipation of the contest. As his evening meal is served by daughters of each of his wives, Okonkwo acknowledges to himself how especially fond he is of his daughter Ezinma.

As if to offset his soft feelings, however, he scolds her twice while she sits waiting for him to eat.

Chapter 8 things fall apart

Analysis Chapter 4 repeatedly illustrates Okonkwo's volatility — his readiness to explode into violence at slight provocations. His feelings often differ from what he says or does. Although the people of the village respect him and his accomplishments, he does not quite fit in with his peers, some of whom disagree with his treatment of less successful men.

ekwefi and okonkwo relationship

Okonkwo does not even enjoy the leisurely ceremonial feast as others do. His impatience with the festivities is so great that he erupts.

He falsely accuses one of his wives, beats her, and then makes an apparent attempt to shoot her. Further evidence of his violent nature is revealed when he moves his feet in response to the drums of the wrestling dance and trembles "with the desire to conquer and subdue.

Okonkwo's Relationship With Women

His stubborn and often irrational behavior is beginning to set him apart from the rest of the village. Where he was grumpy and unable to control the anger, making everyone feared.

The relationship between Okonkwo and his wife and daughter, Ekwefi and Ezinma was very interesting. Ekwefi is the seconf wife of Okonkwo of age around 45 years. Although she fell in love with Okonkwo when he won the famous wrestling match, she did not move in with him until she left her husband three years after the contest. Ekwefi had been lovely in her youth, referred to as 'Crystal of Beauty.

ekwefi and okonkwo relationship

She has become a strong-willed and courages woman, overcoming frustation and dissatisfaction in her life. Ekwefi lives for Ezinma, her only living child, her pride and joy.

ekwefi and okonkwo relationship

Okonkwo favors his daughter, who is not only as beautiful as her mother once was, but who grows to understand her father and his moods as no one else does. There was a special bonf between the father and daughter. Okonkwo and Ekwefi treat Ezinma like she is their equal rather than their child. They permit her privileges that other family and tribal children are not granted.

Okonkwo's only regret towards Ezinma is that she is not a boy.