Erwin and levi relationship help

I Write Too!, Erwin and Levi: How They Tick and Why They Work

erwin and levi relationship help

Headcannons for being in a poly relationship with Erwin and levi and being you anchor yourself on him to help get through those nightmares. Relationship with Erwin seems to be special to Levi: jfc ok then “LEVI HELP ME ” “erwin tell them i have no interest in people's underwear!!. BTW Eruri is Erwin Smith X Levi Ackermann/Rivaille Such as his relationship diagram for characters where Eren has an arrow pointing to Levi labelled "trusts".

Everyone in the Scouting Legion has to be fundamentally dissatisfied with the status quo, but making Erwin noble means he made the choice to sacrifice more than anyone else in the Scouts and it makes his resolve that much stronger for it.

I also like how rejection of his past would parallel his rejection of his humanity, in the words of Armin. The nobility, by living in the most heavily protected inner city, already consider the commoners to be worth less, are already willing to sacrifice them in place of themselves.

This mentality gets demonstrated pretty well with the scene between Lord Balto and Pixis. As jkirschtein noted, Levi will comfort a dying soldier and dirty his hands in the process without a second thought. Erwin however remains on his horse, physically distanced and correspondingly emotionally distanced as well. His command is dependent on him remaining so, something I discuss here.

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The anime makes it clear that the trial is unusual, perhaps even unprecedented, considering how Pixis pulls Erwin aside to mention how Zackley was getting involved. It felt like he was used to reading people and manipulating them. He appeals to his troops on an ideological level rather than a personal one because his upbringing has distanced him from them in a way that would make personal connection disingenuous.

He sees the world in a clinical and more theoretical way. Erwin is a strategist while Levi is a tactician. Erwin plans in the long term, is driven more by abstract goals while Levi responds to immediate concerns. Levi hates the military police, the nobility, the government, all of which have somehow personally affected him.

Erwin would just have to frame the titans in the context of the system that has already victimized Levi and drawn his ire. Thus, a beautiful relationship is born. I wrote fairly extensively about it in a subsection of my tl;dr Levi metaif you wanted a more detailed explanation for how I see him. A better demonstration comes here: Erwin and Hanji as well: Furthermore, Levi gets the advantage of context. On multiple occasions he demonstrates concern for Erwin, but I think the most important instance is this page: He admits the limits of his foresight, his own vulnerability and even shows it openly on his face, but who is his audience?

erwin and levi relationship help

Erwin is described as a person who rejected his own humanity, who consensually became a monster to fight monsters. I want to compare this to this: Effectively, Levi is doing the same thing in both scenes.

He forces Erwin to remember the humanity and conscience he rejected.

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But in comparing these two scenes, I wanted to return to my previous point about Erwin displaying emotional vulnerability befor Levi. Erwin and Levi are alone in the first one, while Petra and other scouts are present in the second.

erwin and levi relationship help

I want to focus on the second one though, because I think it demonstrates the contrast between Levi and Erwin beautifully, one I think my headcanon accentuates. Levi is on the ground, his hands are literally dirty. Going back to my headcanon, Levi grew up intimately familiar with the struggle to survive.

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He personally suffered from the flaws of the system, and the reason he fights is because the titans are part of it. Compare Erwin, who was buffered from the cruel reality by his wealth and status, who is additionally distanced from the common soldier. Levi is a pet project for Erwin, in a way, as Erwin took the gamble of recruiting him for the military.

love like theirs never dies

He mentors Levi, is the one who shows Levi the importance of fighting the titans and helps Levi navigate through a society unfamiliar to him. The other and more obvious power imbalance is rank.

I feel like this is an extension of the mentor-mentee dynamic between Erwin and Levi. Again, a problematic mindset, but one to keep in mind. However, Levi soon realised that he couldn't change Erwin's mind which left him looking slightly glum.

Facing imminent defeat against the beast titan, Erwin began to grieve over the failure of his attempts to learn the truth of the world. He thought back to the many soldiers who had died for the sake of humanity and who he had used to get closer to his dream, picturing himself standing on a mountain of their corpses.

Erwin began to question his dream as a childish delusion. He then told Erwin to give up on his dreams, die and lead the new recruits into battle, promising to take down the beast titan.

Despite his dreams coming to a bitter end Erwin gave a smile of relief at Levi's words and soon charged into battle.

erwin and levi relationship help

When Levi failed to kill the beast titan and became the target of multiple mindless titans, Levi recalled his promise to Erwin and looked pained by his failure. Levi changed his mind on saving Armin with the serum when a soldier delivered a critically wounded Erwin to him, causing Eren and Mikasa to lash out.

Once they had been restrained Levi proceeded to inject Erwin. At this point Levi thought back to Erwin's dreams and the last words of Kenny.

Erwin, in his near-death state, suddenly knocked the needle out of his hand. Levi then recalled the look of relief on Erwin's face and this led to him choosing to let Erwin die peacefully, despite wanting to have him back. Levi told Erwin that his promise to defeat the beast titan would have to wait, but Erwin had already passed.