Fai and kurogane relationship

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fai and kurogane relationship

Aside from Kurogane and Fay now having (according to CLAMP) an "eternal . Ok, then what speaks against for the Kuro/Fai relationship?. Thanks to Fai, Kurogane could summon his sword from his left hand in a similar . too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change. Generally, what are people's opinions on Kurogane/Fai? Of course I am not denying the relationship between KuroFai since CLAMP has.

She's like that, she's very mature for her age, and she can clearly sense the feelings of others, as Eriol pointed out in CCS. If Kurogane loved her, she would know. But what she's done so far, contradicts the possibility of her feelings for him being romantic. Tomyo, for starters, is the one, who sends him away, to find a meaning of true strengh. While this like ShirubiaLamperouge said probably isn't something you can teach easily, it's something you can never discover alone.

So, how does he find it? In sacrificing himself for Fay. And then, it's Tomoyo, who tells him "If you want him to go with you, if you wish for it with all your heart That's not something a person in love says about their potential "rival".

It's just that they haven't shown any kind of romantic inclinations towards each other. They act like friends, not at all like how touya and yukito acted together, for example. It's mostly the opposite. Subaru and Seishirou were trying to kill each other numerous times. Taishakuten killed Ashura-ou, because his lover wished for that.

Kazahaya and Rikuo are bickering like an old married couple, while Saiga and Kakei are definitely not just hugging all the time. Kendappa killed Souma, and then herself with Souma's weapon. When giving answers about Canon or not Canon, you have to put forth evidence, not just say it's a matter of fangirls ripping a stories credibility apart.

fai and kurogane relationship

Admittedly I've heard some stupid character pairings in my day, but this is a true blue Canon pairing, and I stand by that firmly. Lol funny question I'm kind a asking myself that too when i was watching, but i think that they like each other a bit but in the anime it showed that Fye Fai is in love with Chi sry I'm not even sure, but with all the things that happened yes i think that it's a gay love.

Answer At this point, only CLAMP really knows, but as time goes on it is becoming more apparent that this pairing is intended to be canon. In the anime it does seem to be hinted somewhat, but the manga goes a bit deeper than just hinting. First of all, Kurogane makes a deal with some vampires to save Fai's life by turning Fai into a vampire.

Is KuroFai Canon?

The thing is, Kurogane is Fai's "prey", the only person Fai can drink blood from. Thus, they must remain together or else they will die. Later on, Kurogane also cuts off his own arm to save Fai's life, which speaks for itself as an act of great sacrifice and love. Then Fai trades the remainder of his magical power for a prosthetic arm for Kurogane. It also seems that Kurogane can best see through Fai's facade of constant smiles and bring out some real smiles once in a while.

As for Fai being in love with Chi; this is simply not possible. For one thing, Chi already has a soulmate of Hideki in Chobits. Also, I'm pretty sure Fai made Chi to look like his mother.

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The episode of the anime where he and Chi go on a date never took place in the manga. To sum all this up, even if they aren't in love in a sappy romantic sort of way, Kurogane and Fai share a love that goes much deeper than any other pairing I've come across.

It says in the manga. Sorry that's all I have to say, I know as much as you do if Fai and Kurogane are in love with each other. P Answer From my knowledge Kurogane and Tomoyo are pretty much together, I mean it is shown quit plainly that they are at least very close, by the intimacy rule no Honorificsand what they have been though, Kurogane even says that he has only served under one person, Princess Tomoyo. Also just because Chi was made to look like his mother doesn't mean that they can't be together, she isn't his mother and they are very close to each other, Chi herself said She would do anything for Fai.

I honestly can't see how this came about, yes Fai teases Kurogane but that's because he is so serious, and acts tough. And Kurogane has also grown to care about what happens to the "annoying" wizard, but they are not together, just friends.

Answer Kurogane does use honorifics with Tomoyo. You don't seem to understand their relationship. The reason that Tomoyo can use his full name You-ou is because she holds name magic over him. When a person gives someone their full name in mythology a certain power is than granted to that person.

Kurogane is loyal to Tomoyo, fiercely so, but he was also spurred when she sent him away. Also, it would be impossible for Chi and Fai to be together. For one, Chi died with clone Sakura died.

Two, Fai will forever be bound to Kurogane because of the blood contract. Even after receiving his eye back his is still a vampire and Kurogane is still his E. Chi would have to go live in Nihon with Kurogane and Fai.

Kurogane end with tomoyo?

Kurogane and Fai are canon, but if they were to ever kiss or actually confess their feelings CLAMP would probably kill them. My Question is way can't two guys just be friends, way does there always have to be some Gay-Love theme in everything? I don't deny that two guys can be friends- think of the overwhelmingly straight population in this world- but this is a work of fiction.

CLAMP made the characters that way because they could. They have homosexual canon in nearly everything. I don't believe in forcing canon on stupid pairings. I suppose if it scares you enough to think that there is a "Gay-Love" theme in everything then you can ignore it and pretend that they are just really good friends. Who have to live together for the rest of their lives.

And who have sacrificed limbs for one another. And call themselves "Daddy" and "Mommy". Answer I personally have to agree with the first answer. I am probably not as versed as you guys, nor have I been into the series for long as can assume the others here have. However, from what I do know at this point, I wouldn't place them as homosexual. In love, definitely, that can be called a given, but not canon. I might even venture that their characters were designed with a platonic philosophy in mind.

Of course though, as I stress, I am a newbie and will submit to popular opinion I think that basically Fai and Kurogane will never find other lovers. They will be together for the rest of their lives, romantic or not. Fai will never leave Kurogane's side, and will someday follow him to Nihon. Could it not be a strip tease? Answer I agree the first and answer before me, I know that they are "stuck" with each other forever but Fai and Kurogane may just be very good friends that could truly sacrifice and see through each other's feelings but I don't think they are canon, even if they are, ;I just think that Clamp should give up all the stupid sexuality thing that's going on, I've seen card captor sakura and it's too gay for young people and even if they are Gay and canon, I just wish they aren't because I love Fai It may just be Fai teesing Kurogane because he's too serious??

Not all people can accept gay relationship. They leave the story canon and let the reader have their own fantasies. Yaoi fangirls can imagining what they want to happen to the end of fye and kurogane relationship, and the ordinary people can just simply think they will remain friends.

The only one who knows what kind of relationship fye and kurogane have is you. During the quest, Sakura's growing feelings for a Syaoran she no longer knows is endearing. The optimism in this relationship, that love will win out, has a kind of innocent hope that leaves one remembering first loves. The friendship between Fai and Kurogane is a mixture of playfulness and faithfulness. There's a self sacrificing element to this relationship as well. Both of them are willing to sacrifice for the other, Kurogane his arm and Fai his magic.

They begin to depend on each other further cementing their friendship. For Fai, this is a difficult process as he has a past he's concealing and running from. Fai is my favorite character and without Kurogane he wouldn't have been nearly as interesting.

Part of Fai is Kurogane and vice versa. There are some crazy plot twists, which goes back to CLAMP fucking with your mind, that leaves you asking yourself what just happened?

fai and kurogane relationship

You won't be able to put it down until the very end. Speaking of the ending, I loved it! It's not a typical ending, but it's satisfying.

The opposite of Xxxholic's ending, which while atypical, is not at all satisfying. Tsubasa's ending plays a pivotal role in Xxxholic's ending, especially with regards to Watanuki.

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