Father and daughter in a relationship

father and daughter in a relationship

When the daughter was 17, however, her dad came back into her life Their relationship quickly intensified, and after staying with him for five. As a girl grows up, men will come in and out of her life, but the one man who will always be there is her father. The father-daughter relationship plays a vital role. Melissa Shultz talks about how to fix the damage from a bad father / daughter relationship—and why it's so important to do.

Why the Father-Daughter Relationship is so Important

I also believe that you can find women who had great fathers who also struggle with the same problems. I came from a traditional family and she saw in me, that which she would want in a dad. Fortunately we worked through it and have been married for 38 years now. Fast forward to my own daughter. She married a man who in a lot of ways is like me.

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My inference from your first comment, even before reading your subsequent explanations, was such. Switching roles is difficult for any person, and any role. Only made worse due to my being a SAHD and that screwing with her gender role expectations……not that I had a choice …… very nasty cardiac trouble sidelined me from full-time paid employment.

father and daughter in a relationship

Daughters adore their daddys. The harder person to love is an adult female. Not so, nor ever said……. Her reaction was to her sense of loss over her dad being missing her whole life. Hell, I create private time for my wife and for her with each kid and have always managed to put her first. I find myself consistently curious to gain more skills, do new things and acquire what I need to get me to the next level.

I met her online, she wants bus fare to come and visit On Money: There are two extremes to life: During school holidays, it was almost mandatory that we go upcountry. In fact, it made me want to work harder so that I would never lack. That sense of ambition has never left me. My dad believed in being hands-on. When we went upcountry during the holidays, we would till the fields just like everyone else.

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He wanted us to know that nothing came free; if there was food on the table, it was because someone had worked to get it there. Go where wealth is: In my house, my dad was the entertainment capital.

One of his roles was to find new hotels, restaurants, resorts et cetera for us to visit. It was important to him that we travelled widely and were cultured. He always said, the best way to grow money, is to experience wealth first hand. Kids need parents, not TV: During Christmas, we would gather as a family and my dad would regale us with stories. He was such a great story teller, he could repeat the same tale countless times but all of us would be in stitches, laughing.

We built strong bonds in those times. I constantly remind myself that when I have kids, I will make time for them.


Kids want to be heard: I was a strong-willed child. My father, of course, would not stand for my disobedience but he almost always gave me a chance to explain myself and air my views. I felt like I had a right to speak. I believe this is a quality people appreciate about me to date. My father was over protective of me, mostly because I was his first daughter.

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I felt like my freedom and sometimes my potential was curtailed. Now, I appreciative that my father acted from a point of love. He drilled in us the importance of education.

He wanted us to know that nothing came free; if there was food on the table it was because someone had worked to get it there. It was important to him that we were well travelled and cultured. Now I appreciative that my father acted from a point of love. A man is present: My dad was a professor, so he had flexible working hours.

father and daughter in a relationship

While other kids would be picked from school by their mums, we would find my dad waiting for us. He would make our dinner, help us with homework and entertain us until my mum got home. We all had a personal relationship with him and he was so in love with my mother.

After our formative years, my dad went into politics. My dad would make the big plans like buying land or property, and my mother would implement them on the ground. I learned that if something is important enough to a man, he will find a way to take action. Men respect confident women: I spent a lot of time with my dad. One of the most memorable moments I had of him was a long four hour walk we took, from our home upcountry to the home where he was born.