Fretzie and bret relationship goals

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fretzie and bret relationship goals

Fretzie Kaye is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Fretzie Kaye and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the. . Out of the House: Housemates were evicted unless noted. Ali Abinal (Day 37); Aljon Mendoza . The multi-purpose hall in particular is used by the ABS-CBN Foundation as a relief goods storage facility during calamities. programs in all ABS-CBN shows, and the struggles of the couple after the end of the season. babble that appeases fretzie bercede and bret jackson dating the arsy versy? obovoid and the cross-relation Blake harass pacu jalur di sentajo raya dating.

One of the units started ringing incessantly. Although the housemates knew for a fact that it was forbidden to answer the phone, curiosity got the better of them. Fretzie Bercede answered the phone. Madame requested her to get the P, cash fund raised for the "Big Goal Concert" and be brought to her. She also told Fretzie to ask the assistance of Jenny Kim. Thinking that it was a task from Kuya, Fretzie dutifully carried out the instructions.

They quietly slipped into the Apartment home and gave the cash to Madame X. The mysterious lady was delighted that the task was done without a hitch. She then told the ladies that they will be "rewarded. She reprimanded the ladies for being "fools" - for "trusting" and "believing" every word she said. Not even consulting Kuya, the housemates followed the instruction. And in return, Fretzie was "released. It took the housemates quite sometime to do this task.

Kuya "interceded" by giving the correct codes to Jenny so she can free herself. Afterwards, Kuya called all the housemates and chastised them for violating his house rules. The housemates celebrated a double birthday party for Rebecca and Eslove. He made his exit soon afterwards. The former Apartment housemates also tasked to become the Villa housemates' personal caretakers. New housemate Jovic entered the house with a new task: Big Brother left a note to the housemates that he would be gone for several days for an important errand, leaving Jovic a so-told actually not real power to nominate three housemates.

Later, Big Utol, Big Brother's younger brother, finally introduced himself to the housemates and telling them he would take over his older brother's duties.

Unknown to the housemates, Big Brother's errand was for new bedspacers for the Apartment see Teenternational Housemates above. Jovic was instructed by Big Brother that he had to choose the nominees for the upcoming nomination night, which was revealed to be fake and was only done to test the housemates' reaction, whether they would try to suck up or stay the same.

Week 4 Day The housemates in the Villa found out that their T-shirts earned them P25, resulting in their first weekly task win as a merged group.

Meanwhile, the Teenternational Housemates began to populate the Apartment.

fretzie and bret relationship goals

The Philippine housemates in the Villa were then informed that the Apartment was once again inhabited, knowing nothing about their neighbors' foreign origins. Later, after Jovic did his "nomination duty" of naming three housemates, Big Brother decided to return and nullify Jovic's decision after he got wind of violations several housemates committed.

He gave Shey a forced eviction and Joe, Patrick, Devon, and Kyra automatic nominations all for conversing about the nomination process in three separate instances in which Shey participated in all of them.

Big Brother further reminded that the punishments he meted would serve as a final warning to everyone for their blatant rule violations Big Brother in fact, warned the housemates even the day Maichel was forcibly evicted due to violations. He also suggested that they should frequently read the Rulebook especially for violations.

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He warned the housemates that if one housemate violated, everyone is liable and shall be punished Ang pagkakamali ng isa, ay pagkakamali ng lahat. It was also through the videos that Tricia found out that she was still being targeted by the others despite her peace offerings.

Meanwhile, in the Apartment, Ryan was tasked to teach Pinoy Ako to his fellow Teenternational housemates after being heard singing the said song. In the Apartment, James, Carson, and Bret were told to choose a fellow housemate to act as human souvenir after the three did not completely accomplish their task. The three chose Jack, who was then dressed as a kangaroo and told to hop like one and have either one of three inside the costume's pouch simulating a joey. In the Villa, Shey performed several dances in front of the other housemates as her final task before making her obligatory exit.

Later, the Villa housemates regained their possessions confiscated from them by Big Utol after rearranging a simulated mess in their bedrooms. In the Apartment, Jack was relieved of his punishment after Ryan gave a satisfactory albeit misheard and off-key version of Pinoy Ako. The male Philippine housemates then learned phrases either in Mandarin Chinese or Korean from the female foreign housemates.

In the test that followed, only Patrick passed, leading him to receive a letter from his girlfriend. A video of them lip-synching to One Way 's "Magic" was shown to both houses. R2J then visited the Villa and mingled with the housemates there for a several minutes before leaving. Afterwards, Big Brother formally met the housemates in the two houses and then announced the Philippines vs.

World Clash wherein in the next three tasks, the winning house would gain one of three spots in the Big Four. Patrick and James were assigned as team captains. The two houses battled in their first Clash game, which involved jogging on top of a non-Newtonian liquid and sinking would give the other house a point.

The Pinoy housemates prevailed in the said game. As a consequence, a Teenternational housemate would be imprisoned in a jail in the Villa, which was later to be revealed as Ryan. The prisoners must stay and eat in a cage with a ball and chain attached in their feet, in exception of confession room conversations and bathroom breaks.

The housemates battled once again for the second Clash game. The task involved a jumping ring in which the housemates have to pass through without making any contact. The Teenternational housemates won the game, which means a Pinoy housemate will be imprisoned at the Apartment, which was later to be revealed as Fretzie.

Later that night, Big Brother gave the prisoners a chance to escape free from the cages, by allowing them to guess the combination for the locks by getting clues from the opposite housemates' biographies.

fretzie and bret relationship goals

Ryan participated in a task to free him by having his fellow Teen-ternational housemates answer questions relating to the Philippines; Ryan was given a shock for every wrong answer his fellow housemates gave. He was subsequently freed after six correct answers were given by the Teen-ternational housemates. Fretzie was presumably given this same task the next day.

Week 5 Day The results of the weekly task were announced in which the Teenternationals won in the public vote This also indicated the first ever loss for the Philippine housemates who lived in the Villa since the start of the edition. Devon and Angelo's mothers entered the Villa as house helpers for both houses with the condition that they would not reveal themselves to their children nor to the other Villa housemates.

This was done in exchange for full scholarships for Devon and Angelo. The Teenternational housemates prepared a surprise birthday party for James at the Villa.

They also decided to "invite" Patrick, Tricia, Fretzie for the party with Ryan and Jenny acting as a singing telegram to send the message. Later in the evening after the party, Devon and Angelo were tasked to leave whatever laundry they wanted washed at the glass door at the Apartment without talking to anyone. It was then that the two emotionally discovered that their mothers were the ones doing the laundry. Angelo and Devon were then told not tell their discovery to their fellow housemates.

Due to hypertensionDevon's mother was sent to the hospital, induced after seeing her daughter and falling off while hanging the laundry. Devon was finally informed of what happened. At the request of the Philippine housemates, the official hula hoop competition for their weekly task was held a day early. Both houses failed in their initial attempts before the housemates were moved to the activity area.

There, the Philippine housemates achieved the objective of passing the hula hoops first, winning the weekly task in the process. Later, the male Villa housemates were guessed correctly that one of the helpers was Angelo's mother, which they knew all along, but voided the mothers' task in the process.

To salvage Angelo, Devon, and their mothers' efforts, the boys from both Houses except Angelo agreed on a sacrifice by twirling hula hoops for 24 hours. In the evening, Empress Schuck entered the Apartment dressed as the hunchback Rosa from the upcoming show Rosalka to act as a guide to a beauty debate wherein Ryan acted as judge.

Meanwhile, Maja Salvador and Double Up winner Melisa Cantiveros entered the Villa disguised as imposter house helps a reference to another upcoming show Impostor. The two eventually revealed themselves after the Villa housemates found them out. Week 6 Day In the wee hours, the boys from both Houses completed their sacrifice for Angelo's mother. As a result, she received Angelo's college scholarship aside from the P10, wage for being a house help.

Big Brother had the Villa's housemates' limbs braced and the Apartment's housemates wear opaque goggles for several violations several housemates in both housemates committed such as sleeping at the wrong time, mishandling the lapel microphone, and taking a bath outside shower time. The punishments were relieved after the Philippine housemates brought in April, Ann, and Carson's luggage to their bedrooms and the Teenternational housemates brought in pillows from their designated areas.

After the eviction proceedings, Angelo and his mother had a second reunion, the first time they saw each other in two years. Afterwards, he was informed of his mother's task and the sacrifice the other boys made to make up for the Villa boys' suspicion of his mother. This resulted in Angelo finally having his scholarship.

The weekly task games started with the first game involving shooting basketballs while running on a treadmill. The Philippine housemates won this game. The second weekly task game involved making the housemates from the opposing house laugh by spilling liquid from their mouths. The Philippine housemates won this game by keeping more liquid that the Teenternationals, much to Bret's further disappointment.

The housemates competed in the third weekly task game of arm wrestling inside glass cases with rats, frogs, worms, cockroaches, and a combination of them. During the tie-breaker round, Angelo hurt his arm and had to be sent to the hospital for a short while.

Because of this, Big Brother ruled the contest a draw. Later, the Teenternationals were told to pack up their things and move to the Villa to live with the Philippine housemates. Big Brother decided to hold separate birthday parties for Tricia and Devon and the other housemates were made to decide which party they would attend.

Meanwhile, Devon's mother returned to the House, received her wage of P10, for being a house help and then personally handed the scholarship that she earned to her daughter, again as the product of the boys' hula hoop sacrifice.

Tricia was later shown a video of birthday wishes from her parents and her friends from the outside world. Complaining of chest pains, discoloration, and shortness of breath, James was sent to the hospital for several hours to be checked.

Week 7 Day The final competition of the weekly task, the modelling competition took place wherein first Celebrity Edition housemate Mich Dulce and fashion designer Robbie Carmona were the judges. Big Brother announced the overall results of the weekly task, showing Robbie and Mich's assessment of the groups.

fretzie and bret relationship goals

Based on the 30 points up for grabs on the fashion competition, the Teenternational housemates came from behind With the Teenternatinals having three spots in the finale, the Philippine housemates, as approved by Big Brother, issued a challenge for a rematch for one of the three spots the Teenternationals earned. But the challenge, which was in a form of a rap that contained taunts, did not sit well with the Teenternationals, causing tensions between the two groups.

fretzie and bret relationship goals

While reconciliation did occur with some small talk and peace offerings, minor issues remained as the Teenternationals were left to decide whether or not to accept the Philippine housemates' challenge. Ivan and Joe discussed with Ann and Jack about the challenge and other details in the confession room. Eventually, the Teenternationals refused the challenge, due largely to the taunts from the night before. In the evening, Big Brother announced the Big Jump to the Big Night wherein the housemates would compete in a series of competitions to automatically determine who would get a fifth spot in the finale.

The first competition, which would determine the group that would get the spot, involved sitting on a chair of dominoes for an hour with the proviso that it should be in the same condition as it was in the beginning even when the chair had some unravelling along the way.

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The Philippine housemates won the domino chair competition by becoming the first to have all seven members each sit in the chair for an hour. This gave them a second spot in the finale to add the only original Big 4 spot that they won in the previous weekly task.

Sophia was given a surprise party for her birthday. A video message from her sisters was also shown to her. Devon was tasked to guide and prepare her fellow housemates for the weekly task wushu performance. The performance took place in the afternoon under the watchful eyes of several wushu experts. The gong was struck three times, signifying the success of the housemates' first task together.

Week 8 Day Big Brother tasked Ryan to teach the other housemates how to play soccer. Later that day, Big Brother brought guests whom the housemates competed with on soccer.

fretzie and bret relationship goals

It was later revealed that these guests were actually the Philippine Team for the Homeless World Cupwho has something to do with their concert weekly task. The "auditions" for the upcoming concert were held for the housemates. The jurors included Jhong Hilario of the dance group Streetboys for dancing and Sweet Plantado of the singing group The Company for singing.

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The Singing Bee musical director Mel Villena further mentored the housemates for music for their concert. In the process, Bret managed to compose an original song with Fretzie in just one afternoon. Angelo and James were brought to and were confined at the hospital due to concerns about their health through their x-rays. With the possibility of either or both of them not coming back into the House before the lapsing of the hour deadline, voting had to be temporarily suspended.

For the meantime, the other housemates were moved to the Apartment while the Villa was being cleaned and disinfected. Angelo was denied clearance by the doctors to come back to the House, thus receiving a forced eviction. To signify this, the other housemates helplessly watched as one of two red balloons was being popped. Meanwhile, Tricia told Big Brother about the idea of a voluntary exit; he recommended her to go to sleep first due to activities ahead.

Big Brother announced to the housemates that their concert would be postponed to the next week due to unexpected circumstances like Angelo's exit and James' illness and to give more time for them to practice. Big Brother signalled the end of a task of not interacting with Tricia for several days to let her discover herself more.

The other housemates promptly apologized to her for not talking to her, causing her to have dramatic situations to herself. Week 9 Day Big Brother extended his message of the postponement of the concert by telling the housemates that there would not be an eviction night on that day, a fact already known to viewers upon the announcement of Angelo's forced eviction. After a discussion amongst the housemates about their grandparents, especially those suffering from Alzheimer's diseasethey were tasked to make two old women remember the housemates' names.

The women in question were brought in the Hospicio de San Jose and both have regressive memories. An afternoon of exchanging stories, anecdotes, and entertainment ensued. But despite housemates' efforts, they failed their task as neither woman were able to recall any names. James was finally told to take off the oxygen tube from his nose.