Frodo and bilbo relationship quiz

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frodo and bilbo relationship quiz

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Therefore there is something sacred about Bilbo and Frodo's relationship that. And here another medieval motif enters, for Frodo is Bilbo's nephew. The relationship of uncle and nephew, specifically uncle and sister's son, is prominent in. 'All the same,' said Frodo, 'even if Bilbo could not kill Gollum, I wish he had Which of the following selections best describes Frodo's relationship with Gandalf ?.

By the end of the first film in the trilogy, the Fellowship is finished - but which of the nine original members was the first Frodo bid farewell to? Question 4 Which member of the Fellowship tried to take the ring from Frodo? Aragorn Gimli Boromir Frodo made the decision to leave the Fellowship and try to carry on alone after one of their number attempted to take the One Ring from him by force - and he was only able to get away by putting on the Ring and becoming invisible.

He decided that the temptation of the power of the One Ring would be too much for his friends to resist, and to keep them safe he must go on alone. Who tried to take the ring? Question 5 What weapon does Gimli offer Frodo? Axe Bow Spear When the Fellowship are first coming together at Rivendell, they do so because Frodo offers to take the Ring to Mordor himself, after no one could agree on who else should be trusted to do it.

As soon as he makes his offer, the rest of the members come forward to offer him their protection - which they do by offering him their specific, favorite weapon.

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Which weapon does Gimli tell Frodo that he has when pledging his loyalty to the Fellowship? Question 6 Where do the hobbits meet Aragorn? He appeared on their journey at a point when they were supposed to be meeting Gandalf - but the wizard did not show up. Instead, they got to know this hooded Ranger from the North, who helped them get where they needed to go.

Question 7 What is Pippin's last name? Took Underhill Brandybuck Pippin is the youngest of the four hobbits that are part of the Fellowship, and it often shows. He can be the most mischievous, and has the least self-control From the first moment that he and Merry were stealing crops and bumped into Sam and Frodo on their way out of the Shire, Pippin is known for his questionable decisions Question 8 What is the name of Boromir's brother?

Faramir Kazamir Teramir Boromir is the first of the Fellowship to be truly tempted by the One Ring, seeking to use it to try and save his home of Gondor. His father is Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, who rules over Minis Tirith although he is not technically the Kingand who is struggling with battles against the orcs who are trying to take over their land.

While Boromir joins the Fellowship, it is his younger brother who stays in Gondor, in an attempt to turn back the attacks. Question 9 What is the name Aragorn used when in disguise? Underhill Smith Black When Aragorn first met the Hobbits and brought them to Rivendell to form the Fellowship, he wasn't using his real name. Instead, the true King of Gondor was travelling in disguise, and using a very different name in order to help conceal his real identity.

frodo and bilbo relationship quiz

The truth of who he was was revealed, however, when Boromir challenged his place at the Council, and Legolas told him that this was Aragorn the true King, and that Boromir owed him allegiance, not argument. Question 10 Who did Boromir die protecting? Merry and Pippin Frodo and Sam Aragorn and Gandalf Although Boromir tried to take the One Ring from Frodo in a moment of weakness, that doesn't mean that he was a bad man - only that the power of the Ring is so strong that it was able to tempt him.

After Frodo got away, the Fellowship was attacked by Saruman's Orcs, and Boromir broke free from the Ring's influence. He rushed into battle to try and protect two other members of the Fellowship, and died in the attempt.

Question 11 What weapon does Legolas offer? Staff Daggers Bow Legolas is one of the best fighters in the Fellowship - which is saying something! He uses multiple weapons throughout the series - often in incredible scenes that show him taking down dozens of foes, or even an enormous beast of war single-handedly.

He has daggers, throwing knives, and various other blades, and there is one weapon in particular that Legolas is known for using to devastating effect - and it is this weapon that he pledges to Frodo and the Fellowship. Question 12 Which member of the Fellowship becomes a Guard of the Citadel? Pippin Gimli Aragorn By the end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, those who set out with the Fellowship at the start have changed hugely - from Gandalf, who came back from the dead as Gandalf the White, down to the Hobbits, who returned home to the Shire as heroes, and some with new titles One of the Fellowship even became a Guard of the Citadel for a short time - who was it?

Question 13 What were the brooches worn by the Fellowship called? One of these items was a brooch used to keep their elven cloaks on, in the shape of a small green leaf with silver filigree around it. This brooch was what Pippin was able to get loose and toss on the ground when he and Merry were kidnapped, as a sign to Aragorn - what were they called?

Question 14 What is Merry's last name? Took Underhill Baggins While Pippin has his last name said more frequently than anyone else in the trilogy, thanks to his tendency to get into trouble and exasperate Gandalf, the surnames of all of the Hobbits are revealed at some point or other, including Merry's. It is also revealed that both Merry and Pippin are related to Frodo they are cousinsalthough the Shire is quite a small place, which means that most of the hobbits are distant cousins of some shape or form!

Question 15 What kind of elven food did the Fellowship carry?

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Lembas Bread Leaf Patty Lorien Bread As well as the Leaves of Lorien and a few other handy dandy itemsGaladriel gifted the Fellowship with a special kind of elven food that would help them ensure that they stayed fed throughout their long journey - even when they reached Mordor, where food would be impossible to hunt or forage. These little items were wrapped in leaves, and a small bite should be enough to fill a man for an entire day - even a day of hard journeying.

Question 16 What was the name of the mountain pass the Fellowship tried to take? Ephel Duath Caradhras The Lonely Mountain When the Fellowship were still early on in their journey, they met the first of their many, many hardships as a group. They had intended to take a route over this mountain range, to get them to Rohan as speedily as possible, and from there, to Mount Doom.

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However, as they climbed higher, Saruman used his magic to make this impassible, forcing the Fellowship to turn back, and take the more dangerous route underneath the mountains and through Moria instead. Question 17 Where did Gandalf battle a Balrog? The Mines of Moria Lothlorien Gondor Gandalf was separated from the Fellowship, and presumed to be lost forever, when he did battle with a creature known a a Balrog. This fiery monster rose to come chasing the Fellowship, and Gandalf sent them to run on ahead while he stayed to take the Balrog on single-handed, using both his magic and a sword in order to take the beast down and to eventually return to life.

Where was it that this epic battle between monster and magic user took place? Question 18 Who was Sam in love with? Meoldy Karen Rosie Although there are not many romances in the story of the Lord of the Rings, there are certainly a few - including that of Samwise and this lovely Shire barkeep.

We first meet this young lady at Bilbo's birthday, when Sam is too shy to go over and ask her to dance, but by the time the Hobbits return to the Shire, he has the courage to ask her out - and eventually to marry her! Nothing like a quest to the ends of the Earth to make a date seem easy Question 19 Who is Aragorn the heir of? Arathorn Elrond Theoden Aragorn is the one true king of Men in Middle Earth - a destiny that he accepts by the end of their battles with Sauron - taking the crown of Gondor and sitting on the throne at Minas Tirith.

His bloodline also allows him to wield the re-forged sword of his ancestor and call to his side an army of ghosts who owed his ancestor allegiance - but what is the name of the famed King that Aragorn is descended from?

Question 20 Which elven realm is Legolas from? From those built by men to those built by wizards to those built by Sauron, it's kind of hard to keep track of them all. Even though any nerd who's any nerd knows the titles of the three different instalments in the series by heart, not everyone can actually name which two towers the title of the second instalment references.

Question 4 Why does Frodo decide to leave the Fellowship of the Ring? He was worried his friends would all die He knew the Ring would work its power over them Without Gandalf, he decided he didn't need them anymore He figured they were all too weak to continue the quest One of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire series was when Frodo decided to leave his friends at the end of the first instalment and sail off across the lake all by himself.

When in that kind of end-of-the-world scenario, it's guaranteed to be horrible, but at least Frodo and the Fellowship had each other to rely on throughout the first instalment. But Frodo was willing to give all of that camaraderie up. Why did he decide to do that? Question 5 What is the name of the city on the hill in Rohan?

It can be easy to lose track of all their names. Some are rather easy to remember, like Hobbiton rather self explanatory, isn't it?

Rivendell isn't so bad, but the name of Minas Tirith can take a bit of mental gymnastics to recall. And one of the most commonly forgotten names is that of Rohan's greatest city. What is it called? Question 6 What party trick is Gandalf famous for in Hobbiton? But he's particularly famous amongst the hobbits for a specific party trick.

He may not look like a party animal, but he's someone fans would definitely want at their eleventy-first birthdays. Question 7 Which family in Hobbiton is famous for being a bit adventurous? They just love predictability. Quests and globe-spanning missions might sound exciting to most of us, but to hobbits, they're nothing but a lot of fuss with a lot of chances to miss breakfast. Instead of going off on daring adventures, hobbits would much rather stay at home with a warm cup of tea, a plate of bacon and a good friend to blow smoke rings on the porch with.

But there's one family in Hobbiton that's famous for having something of an adventurous streak. Question 8 How many Rings of Power are there in total? There's a reason that the poem reads, "One ring to rule them all.

The scariest thing about the One Ring is that the other Rings of Power fall under its control, so once someone has one, they feasibly could control them all.

So, do fans know how many there are? Question 9 How many wizards are there in Middle Earth? He may be the one we see the most over the course of the story, but he's certainly not alone. We see more of the others in the other stories Tolkien wrote about Middle Earth, from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion, but the story of The Lord of the Rings focuses more so on the other races of Middle Earth and their wars, so we don't see as much of the other wizards.

So, how many are there? Question 10 When does Frodo find out that Gandalf is still alive? In Mordor After the Ring is destroyed He senses it from the beginning Gandalf supposedly meets his end near the end of the first instalment of the series, seemingly falling to his demise in Moria, but as we find out in the second instalment, he never truly perished.


Rather, he fought off the Balrog and was reborn as the White Wizard. But not all the characters find out that their friend is still alive at the same time. So, when Frodo found out that his dear friend had not actually perished in the mines of Moria? Question 11 What inspires the Ents to go to war? When they hear about the war When they see how many trees Sarumon destroyed When Gandalf meets Treebeard When the hobbits meet Treebeard The Ents end up being a driving force behind the victory of the men of Rohan over Sarumon.

Alongside Merry and Pippin, they attack Isengard and lay waste to its facilities, ending the weapons manufacturing and army building that had been going on at the compound beforehand. But they didn't always want to join in the war.

They saw themselves as independent and didn't want to involve themselves in drama that didn't concern them. Luckily, though, they changed their minds.

Question 12 What draws the Ringwraiths to the hobbits at Weathertop? Frodo putting on the Ring They track their scent A fire Sauron directs them there When the hobbits and Aragorn reach Weathertop, Aragorn leaves them alone for awhile, leaving the hobbits to their own devices.

Unfortunately, the Ringwraiths end up finding the hobbits there, leading to a fight, during which the Witch King stabs Frodo. Given that the blade the Witch King uses is a Morgul blade, the wound is serious, and the hobbits have to rush to Rivendell to save Frodo's life.

So, what drew the Ringwraiths to the hobbits in the first place? Question 13 What is the name of the town on the river where Faramirs' forces lose to Sauron's army? Osgiliath Andros Erech Sauron's army is no joke.

Although the men of Gondor put up a good fight, they end up losing one of their towns to the armies of Sauron. Under the command of Faramir, the regiment that loses the town returns to Minas Tirith. Once back, Denethor orders the regiment to return to the lost town to try to win it back, which is essentially a one way trip.

But, trying to be a loyal son, Faramir obeys, returning to the town and losing most of his men in the process. So, what is the name of this town? Question 14 What was the original name of Aragorn's sword? Anduril Orcist Narsil Much like people here on Earth name their cars, the people of Middle Earth love to name their weapons. Every sword has its title, and the great weapons of Middle Earth history have their names repeated over and over again in the myths of old.

But Aragorn's sword is particularly special given that it was forged from the shards of the infamous sword that was broken.

So, what was this sword's name before it was shattered? Question 15 What is the metal that Frodo's chainmail is made out of? Malloch Steel Silver Bilbo gives Frodo a few items to take with him on his adventure.

frodo and bilbo relationship quiz

The most famous, of course, is the One Ring that Bilbo acquired from Gollum- the very thing that the entire quest is centred around. But Bilbo also gifts Frodo a chainmail shirt that ends up saving his life. In the mines of Moria, it prevents a sword from piercing his torso poor Frodo gets stabbed a lot. So, which tough metal is this lucky shirt made out of? Question 16 What are Sam's final words in the series? Frodo" "I'm back" "The Shire" When such an epic story as The Lord of the Rings comes to an end, it's natural to expect some pretty moving words for the closing chapter.

The honour falls on Samwise Gamgee, who utters a single sentence to close out the series.

frodo and bilbo relationship quiz

Although Frodo may have seemed like the central character in the series, in some ways, Sam was the true hero, putting his own needs and any semblance of ambition that he might have felt on hold in order to help his friend make it through the most trying time in his life. So it seems fitting that the final words of the series are Sam's. But instead of having to plop down in front of a computer and battle with sketchy WiFi to get connected, all they need is a purse big enough to hold an enormous pebble.

Palantiri are large, spherical stone-like objects that can connect two different places to each other. They can be used to communicate, or, as Pippin realizes, to spy. So, how many of these Seeing-stones are in Middle Earth?

Question 18 In which language is the script on the One Ring written? Elvish Southern Script Black Speech At the start of the first movie, our first introduction to the One Ring is when Gandalf throws it into the fire at Bilbo's hobbit hole, much to Frodo's alarm.