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ginger rogers howard hughes 42nd street premiere 00 Hughes, who earlier had been in a long relationship with Katharine Hepburn, now divorced from her second husband, actor Lew Ayres -- through her mother, Lela. performed the vast majority of the songs in the Fred and Ginger musicals but. Lew would divorce his first wife Lola at the beginning of while continuing to hold on to his leading man status. Newly divorced from Ginger Rogers in , Ayres stayed busy .. I know that Ginger Rogers was married five times, and probably her relationship with her .. Alfred Hitchcock Quotes. John Logan Rogers's name to become Ginger Rogers). . From her marriage to Lew Ayres to a never fully realized romance with Cary Grant.

The only one of the ten featuring Fred and Ginger in color, the ten years which had passed showed a bit in this one, but everyone -- critics and the public alike -- seemed happy to have them back. At the Academy Awards ceremony in MarchGinger was chosen to present Fred with an honorary Oscar "for his unique artistry and his contributions to the technique of musical pictures.

In after more than twenty years absence, she decided to return to Broadway in Louis Verneuil's comedy Love and Let Love. The play turned out to be a disaster however, and the highest accolades it received were those for its costumes. Back in Hollywood, though Ginger's film pace slowed through the s, she continued to work regularly. Robinson and Brian Keith, all of which were well received by the critics even if they weren't big money-makers.

In on a trip to France, Ginger met a young sixteen years her junior French lawyer named Jacques Bergerac. He returned to the United States with her and they married on February 7, In Ginger took an eight year break from the screen, but never one to retire, put together a night-club act with The Toppers which toured the country and was especially successful in Las Vegas.

She also did quite a bit of work with television, including several musical spectaculars and appearances on variety shows. Once again the costumes ended up with the majority of the accolades.

Lew Ayres: Hollywood's Conscientious Objector

The same could not be said for her final marriage. This version of the actress' life was filmed like a live television show however, in Electronovision designed to convert easily to television and on a low budget. It was easily eclipsed by a second biopic released the same year under the same name by Paramount which featured Angela Lansbury as Jean Harlow's mother.

Though even up to the end of her life Ginger always remained open to the possibility she would make more movies, it was not to be; with the exception of an appearance in a documentary about the life and career of director George StevensHARLOW was her final big screen appearance.

In she made her London West End debut in a somewhat less successful production of Mame.

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Then in the late s, she took her own musical stage show, The Ginger Rogers Show, on the road for four years. She spent much of the s making public appearances and accepting honorary awards. InGinger published her autobiography, Ginger: My Story, in which she recounted anecdotes about her life and career and discussed the importance of her religious affiliation with Christian Science. A place to share my collection and love of the stars from the silents through the 's. One of his first on screen appearances came in in a Greta Garbo vehicle, "The Kiss".

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Of course it was Greta's co-star Conrad Nagel who was getting kissed but the small part led to Lew being cast in the Academy Award winning blockbuster "All Quiet On the Western Front" the following year. Although Lew was not nominated for his part in the Oscar winner, Hollywood took notice of his acting abilities, casting him in three more films that year. Another crime drama that garnered Lew great reviews and solid footing as a Hollywood leading man.

I hadn't heard of the film nor can I find any info on it other than a short description so if anyone has seen it please share. Jean Harlow plays the heart breaker of course. Lew also played a college football hero in "The Spirit of Notre Dame" that year as well as in two other dramas. He would also find love off of the set inmarrying Lola Lane. Interestingly the film was directed by the great horror film director, James Whales. Lew's final film of was his biggest hit that year "Okay, America!

Lew Ayres: Hollywood's Conscientious Objector by Lesley L. Coffin

Lew would divorce his first wife Lola at the beginning of while continuing to hold on to his leading man status. Even though he doesn't have the best of luck in the film he fell in love with his beautiful co-star, marrying Ginger the following year. Even though Lew starred in four pictures during the only two that stand out to me are the comedy drama "She Learned About Sailors" which he co-starred with Alice Faye then "Servants Entrance"a successful comedy which co-starred Janet Gaynor.

The film was unique in that it featured live action combined with Walt Disney animation. The two most notable pictures he appeared in during this time were "Lady Be Careful"a comedy musical that co-starred the adorable Mary Carisle and the salty Buster Crabbe. Next would be "Young Dr. It caused a sensation. Fred and Ginger do "fun and fancy free" in Swing Time.

For this reason, she was ecstatic when she got to work with directors like George Stevens on Swing Time and was encouraged to stake her claim and indulge in her own talents. Of course, Ginger didn't really need help with that; it was just nice to have someone fighting on her side.

One of the many things that can be said about Ginger is that she was brimming with creativity. Whereas Fred was more the perfectionist, Ginger always gave their routines a little extra spice, and many of her suggestions were implemented into various dances.

It was her idea that Fred swing her repeatedly over the tables in the "Yam" sequence of Carefree. The "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basked" routine of Follow the Fleet, one of the funniest ever filmedwas too her concept-- her character gets stuck in a step and keeps repeating it ad nauseum. When Fred was insecure about a scene or one of her ideas, Ginger would talk him into it. And she was tough. Fred would remark that Ginger was the only partner he had who never cried Ginger in her notorious ostrich feathered dress and Fred do "romance" in Top Hat, one of the most famous dance sequences ever filmed.

And they got along, which is something both had to protest through the years. The fact was, they were two separate people, and didn't want to be forever joined.

Their desires to work on other projects and further their individual careers suggested to many that they hated each other, but this was simply the product of mutual, respectful ambitions.

The results were mutually successful. For Ginger's part, she had already showed the world her talents, her acuity, her ability to keep up with a superior dancer, and her progress can be seen from film to film, wherein she always holds her own. Flying solo, she got the chance to prove what she could do on her own two feet.

Her comedic sensibilities were tested in Billy Wilder's directorial debut, The Major and the Minor, and she won the Academy Award for her honest and grave performance in Kitty Foyle. This girl was the whole package: Resting while shooting The Major and the Minor, in which she splendidly and hilariously plays a woman pretending to be a child.

Ginger, as well as being beautiful, vibrant, and fun, was also resilient. Being raised in the Christian Science faith, Ginger could easily enjoy the social life of Hollywood without succumbing to its temptations. She loved to go out, dance, and meet with friends, but she never drank or imbibed on any other substances.