Give and take relationship tumblr

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give and take relationship tumblr

Sa isang relasyon,dapat “give and take” kayong napagbibigyan niyo ang escafeism relationship · 74 notes. 74 notes. Aug 31st. Marriage Is Give And Take under Image Quotes. Give And Take Better To Give It To Her Marriage Is Give And Take Relationship. Because you may love them more, but they will always want to give you everything, and . “Mali daw ang term na “give and take” lalo na pag nagmamahal ka.

He smiles when you gasp into the kiss at the sensation, and takes it as a sign to draw back to give you a moment.

give and take relationship tumblr

He lets go of your lip, and detaches from you as he turns his head to the right and presses against you again. This time, your lips are a little less tense, and he feels you lean into the kiss, and takes the opportunity to suck your lip between his own again, and this time runs his tongue over the soft flesh. Your mouth opens when you feel the sensation, and he slides his tongue past your lips and teeth, meeting your hesitant one.

He licks slowly and softly into you, flicking his tongue teasingly against yours, as you shyly try and meet his movements with your own. He almost moans when you boldly flick your own tongue against his lips, catching him off guard and he detaches from you with a deep breath. You both catch your breaths and you feel the heat rush up to your cheeks as you look up to meet his eyes. He breathes out heavily through his nose, his eyes shutting for a second to compose himself, and he opens them again to see you looking innocently up at him and gives up again.

You mimic his movements, softening your tongue and letting him explore your mouth, his own tongue smoothing softly over the flesh of your lower lip before flicking into your mouth and teasing you with hesitant movements. Sitting cross legged on the bed across from each other, he finds, is a position not quite comfortable for long periods of kissing.

So he pulls you forward, and grabs your waist and hoists you onto your knees and forward into his lap. You gasp into the kiss, your hands that awkwardly fluttered in your lap now coming up to anchor yourself against his shoulders as he positions your knees on either side of his narrow hips.

You settle down, the position of half kneeling and half sitting up taking a toll on your thighs, and you lower your butt into his lap and he shifts a little to make it more comfortable for you.

Leaning in, he pecks your lips and wraps an arm around the small of your waist while the other hand comes up in the center of your back and presses you close to his chest. You thread your fingers through it gently, loosing focus for a bit in how soft the locks feel. Taehyung almost chokes at the feeling, the way you tug slightly at the base of his neck, and he almost bites your lip because there was no way you knew that it was one of his spots that got him hard in an instant.

When he notices your running out of breath, he breaks away and kisses down your chin and onto your jawline, towards your ear. He breaks from your skin and leans back on his hands to get a good look at you and you lower you hands from his head to steady yourself on his shoulders again as he peers up at you.

Good job, minus the huge cut in my lip. You feel so small, caged in with his hands and him towering over you like this. You blush furiously, unable to meet his eyes, and at the delayed response, his eyes widen. It felt good but, not fireworks and mind-going-blank good.

After what seems like an eternity, he speaks, with what you notice is a slight hardness to his tone. But you let him hold onto his chivalry for a bit longer.

Marriage Is Give And Take

With your response, he seems to reach some sort of a conclusion in his own mind and lowers down and gives you a hard kiss, tongue and all, before detaching and moving down the column of your neck. Your heart speeds up when his warm breath fans over your collarbone, a place where no one had ever been. His plump lips drag over your jawline and move toward your ear.

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It tickles a little, but his hand comes up to cradle your jaw and move it to the side a little so he can get a little more space. He kisses along the flesh of your ear and then moves behind it to the little indent behind the crook of your jaw, and his tongue pokes out to tease you.

You suck in a breath because instead of the teasing action feeling too ticklish or awkward, the feeling of his hot tongue dragging along the sensitive skin there shoots a pang of arousal straight down to your core, and throbs there for a moment before disappearing.

give and take relationship tumblr

Your breathing becomes heavy as he repeats the action on the other side and then he moves down, kissing along your neck with his lips and tongue. He stops at the base of your neck and lingers there and begins sucking at a particular area gently before soothing it with his tongue and detaching and blowing slightly on it. His hair tickles your nose and the hand that was on your jaw drags down your body, grazing your breast before settling on your waist and you gasp at the sensation.

He notices it too, pausing in his ministrations when he notices he unknowingly, caught up in the moment, had grazed your breast. You comply, loosening your muscles and resuming your position on his shoulders and hair as he moves further down below your collarbone into the valley of your breasts.

He takes the next step, as his lips reach the neckline of your shirt to drop further down to where your shirt rides up and he can see a sliver of skin between your shirt and your shorts.

He hears your breath speed up so he slows down a bit, hands cradling your waist as he stops his movements and just waits for you to get used to his touch.

Your fingers loosen in his hair and he takes it as a cue to continue, kissing up your torso as he drags your shirt up inch by inch. He finally reaches the base of your bra, and cards his hands higher. You let go of his hair to lift your arms and let him take off your shirt in a fluid movement and then you squeeze your eyes shut and try not to cross your arms across your torso. Taehyung knew you were gorgeous. You were kind, you were gentle and sarcastic at the same time, you never dressed too provocatively, and never put on too much makeup, but still managed to catch the eyes of a few nerds here and there.

And now, staring down at you feeling insecure about yourself beneath him, he softens a little. So he stays silently above you, not doing or saying anything until you peel your eyes open and confusedly stare up at him.

The insecurities start pouring in. You frown, unable to process. Guys know when girls feel insecure. So, stop thinking so much cause I can practically hear the gears turning in your head.

If kneeling above your half naked figure can even be considered romantic in any sorts. He takes it as a good enough answer, not commenting again on your insecurities and just silently pulls you upward into a sitting position before meeting your lips and distracting you with his tongue. His large hands, smooth over your back and land on the clasp and expertly pry off the prongs in one swift movement before slowly moving the straps down your upper arms and lowering you onto the bed again.

With a surge of confidence you have no idea where from, you help him remove the article completely, tossing it aside.

give and take relationship tumblr

He complies, leaning over you again and choosing not to say anything as he moves down your body again. A warm hand comes up and cups your breast, and you bite your lip when the sensitive skin comes in contact with his hand. Taehyung inwardly groans at how fucking perfect your breasts are. They fall into his hand, warm and soft, as if they were made to fit.

Yours were perfect, not too big and not too small, and he realized what you had been hiding beneath all those layers of clothes. You wore simple t shirts and jeans and sneakers, a fashion choice that was more about comfort than pomp, and he appreciated that. But you, were painfully, unabashedly, in the middle. Your jeans were the acceptable skinny jean tightness that was comfortable for you, unlike the ones that Taehyung had a hard time peeling off some of the girls he slept with.

Some of those jeans literally were like a second skin to those girls and he, more than once, almost lost his boner after five whole minutes of trying to pry off the denim off the girls legs. And now, with your shirt off and your little gasps driving him crazy, he palms your chest with a little more pressure and moves his mouth down to your cute little nipple to distract himself from how fucking hard he was getting from just a little foreplay.

It was pissing him off. You let out a choked gasp when he envelops your nipple with his hot mouth, his thick lips framing the tip and his tongue coming down immediately to lave over the sensitive flesh. Pleasure and searing heat zip down your torso towards the apex between your legs and you press your thighs together to try and prevent yourself from crying out from his ministrations.

But his hands are huge, and one hand splays over your other breasts and kneads calculatedly while the other strokes reassuring circles into your waist. You hand creeps up into his hair and you bite down on your lip to try not to moan.

He hums against your breast and detaches with a lewd pop, and looks up at you.

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You mewl when his long fingers swipe past your clit, and your fingers tremble as they move down to the hem of his own shirt.

He stops you, looking down at you confusedly. Right after its off, he moves quickly back to press you into the sheets and kiss you, his tongue hungrily searching for your own as you feel his hands quickly grasp onto the waist of your pants and slide them down your legs.

His fingers quickly return to between your legs, stroking the hot flesh there. With your entire body bare, you instinctively shiver and he notices with a look. With his free hand, he grabs a thin blanket and throws it over the both of you and leans down, letting you wrap your arms around his neck and hold him to your body. Your soft breasts press against his hard chest and he chokes back a breath and just litters kisses on your neck as he rubs circles into your center.

He can feel your thighs trembling when he brings up his second and third finger up towards your clit and presses down in firm circles, swiping down to collect the wetness and pulling it upwards to lubricate his motions.

Your thigh comes up to hook over his hip as you buck up against his hands. When he feels you clenching, he slowly swipes down, pulling a nipple into his mouth as he slowly presses his middle finger into your pussy. You choke out a gasp, frowning at the uncomfortable feeling. But the stretch becomes bearable and you press a hand onto his shoulder to steady yourself.

He begins slowly pressing upwards with his finger and moving it in and out. You breathe through it, trying to focus on the pleasurable part of it. Taehyung nods and continues his ministrations, slowly taking out and inserting his fingers. His thumb joins in, rubbing slow and firm circles into your clit and you wince at the pressure. It kind of hurts. He moves his thumb to the side and then swipes over your clit only occasionally, careful not to apply too much pressure on it at once.

He realized, you were incredibly sensitive, and although it delighted him to no end, he needed to take it slow to prevent from making it too uncomfortable. You blush when he just keeps his eyes on you with an unreadable expression and you let out a moan when he changes his motions, focusing his thumb directly below your clit and only swiping up to massage the bud occasionally.

You nod, and you grab his cheeks to pull him down for a kiss and he relents. The second stage, strategic equilibrium, happens when the proletarian power built in base areas rivals the power of the current bourgeois state.

give and take relationship tumblr

Did you notice those three things i put in bold? This method of revolution differs from the insurrectionist method where the urban workers rise up during a period of crisis allowing them to seize state power and the focoist method employed famously in the Cuban Revolution where guerrillas do not have an explicit contact with the masses.

While the system of ownership changed with socialist revolution, another revolution should be launched to help change the ideological superstructure, to fight for proletarian ideological supremacy over the bourgeoisie. Socialism is not a mode of production like capitalism, feudalism, or communism.

give and take on Tumblr

It is a transitional society where the proletariat holds state power and there is social ownership of property commanded by economic planning. Because of these many contradictions that continue after a revolution as one divides into two, remember socialism cannot be considered a completely separate mode of production, only as a transitionally dominant mode of production and set of social relations, still bound up in the class struggle.

Many MLs and other socialists focus solely on the legal form of ownership- i. But this legalistic separation was never professed by Marx or Lenin. Maoists stress the importance of the relations of production over the ownership or development of productive forces. For Maoists, what is most important is political line- whether or not proletarian politics are in command or not. Here is some further reading for anyone interested, as well as the links i included throughout the answer: