Glee santana and karofsky relationship

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glee santana and karofsky relationship

Are Karofsky and Santana more similar than we expected? be with her if she wasn't already in a relationship with Artie (Kevin McHale). Photos of the top 45 'Glee' couples, ahead of the Fox comedy's series finale. glee-couples-blaine-karofsky. Courtesy of Fox glee-couples-santana-karofsky. The Santana-Dave Relationship, often referred to as Santofsky, Karopez, and non-romantic relationship between Santana Lopez and David Karofsky. Dave is later shown apologizing to the Glee Club, and also informing them that he.

Various members come towards them, dragging Mercedes, Brittany and Sugar in, leaving Santana standing alone. She sings along, which Rachel notices and reaches out her hand to Santana, who takes it and joins the others.

They seem to be close during this performance and are seen having their arms around each other during part of it. Rachel asks Finn to buy her jewelry as a Christmas gift throughout the episode. We can assume that Santana was helping Finn choose a present for Rachel even though we never saw this scene.

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Extraordinary Merry Christmas Santana says that Rachel's rendition of Without You was amazing and that she blew the song out of the water. Then she adds she didn't know the assignment was to make everything about Rachel Berry and make everybody else watch it.

glee santana and karofsky relationship

Heart Santana is one of Rachel's bridesmaids, and tells her that Quinn won't be coming to her and Finn's wedding. On My Way They duet on So Emotionalsinging to their respective partners, and have a one armed hug afterwards. Santana is standing at her locker when Rachel approaches her. Santana admits that she will miss Rachel when they leave for college, but then asks Rachel to say something annoying so Santana can forget that feeling.

Rachel gives Santana a photo of herself and asks her to hang it in her locker, which she does. They hug before Rachel walks away. Dance with Somebody When Rachel announces her, Kurt and Blaine 's plans to have an Anti-Prom party, Santana tells Rachel that she is only doing this because she has not gotten her way and is punishing the rest of the club by throwing the party. She also tells her that she's sorry for her choked audition, but she has to stop acting like she's fine and deal with the consequences, before finally saying she will be attending the prom to dance with Brittany and no-one will ruin it for her.

Santana and Quinn pretend that Rachel won Prom Queen via write in vote at the end of the episode. Prom-asaurus When Santana is cleaning out her locker, the picture Rachel gave her in Dance With Somebody is still pinned up in her locker. Santana, along with the rest of the glee club, is at the train station for Rachel's departure.

She hugs Rachel and waves to her as the train leaves for New York. Santana strongly advises Rachel not to do it, explaining that she'll feel bad about it at some point. After Rachel leaves the scene where her topless scene was supposed to be shot, she sings Love Song with Santana and Quinn. Rachel and Santana are the first one to share a tight hug during the Quinn's solo in Love Song. Afterwards, Santana and Quinn are invited to dinner by Rachel.

This inspires Santana to move to New York. She knocks on Rachel and Kurt's door, and to their surprise, announces that she is moving in. Rachel says that Santana is going to have to move out because the apartment is hers and Kurt's sanctuary, and she makes her feel uncomfortable. But, thankfully, Kurt calms them both down and suggests they sit down and watch a movie.

Santana says she's been through their DVD collection. Rachel, along with Kurt, is shocked and a little upset that Santana had been snooping through all their things.

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Santana explains that the only person who carries that much money and a pager is a drug dealer, so she says that Brody is a drug dealer. Later, they all vote on whether they should continue to watch Moulin Rouge or not. Santana doesn't want to continue watching, but she is ultimately out-voted. She then says, "Oh, but what about Brody's vote? Or do drug dealers not get to vote? To prove it, she calls Brody to ask where he is.

When Rachel is on the phone, Santana imitates someone who snorts cocaine. Rachel says that she doesn't know what Santana's talking about, but Santana reassures her, saying that she's her friend and she can trust her, so she asks her to just tell her what's going on.

Rachel breaks down crying and Santana wraps her arms around her, comforting her and telling her that everything's gonna be alright. Girls and Boys on Film After Santana takes Rachel to the doctor, where it's determined it was just a false alarm and she's not pregnant, they share a hug.

Rachel wants to go back to class, but Santana stops her, asking her to take a deeper look at where her life is going, especially her relationship with Brody. After her performance of Cold Heartedshe tells Brody to get out of the apartment and Rachel's life. After getting a call from Brody, Kurt and Rachel confront Santana about her actions and give her an ultimatum: Standing up for what she believes in, Santana moves out.

The next day, Santana tricks Brody and calls him to an empty hotel room to further confront him - only this time she has brought Finn with her, whom she has told all about Brody.

Santana leaves and Brody and Finn get into a fist fight, ending with Finn threatening him to leave Rachel alone. Feud After Brody's moved out of the apartment, Santana's moved back in.

Santana-Sam Relationship

Santana and Kurt are in the bathroom while Rachel showers and Santana blackmails him, telling him that she will tell Rachel the truth about Brody if hhe doesn't give her shelf space.

After he leaves, Rachel tells Santana about her break up with Brody. Santana tries to cheer her up, but it doesn't seem to work. Rachel is convinced that all Santana tries to do is bring her down even though they are supposed to be friends.

glee santana and karofsky relationship

Santana suggests playing a prank on Kurt in order to cheer her up, and Rachel agrees. They walk into his room, and unintentionally find out about Kurt's guilty pleasure: Santana describes Dave as being a 'late in life gay' A gay guy who gets married and has kids, and then gets caught "tapping his foot" in the men's bathroom; a coded way for a man to find another interested in having sex, in which case the response would be for the other to tap back.

After realizing defeat, he asks her why she is doing this. She informs him that she plays on the same team, which he seems shocked about. She also tells him that she wants them to be each other's beards so that they both seem heterosexual instead, become Prom King and Queen, and later, rule the school.

Santana then tells him that if he doesn't do as she says, she will tell everybody about his secret, and it will ruin his life. Through blackmail, Dave follows through with her plan. Dave is later shown apologizing to the Glee Club, and also informing them that he wants to apologize to Kurt, who he has been the worst to.

Dave informs New Directions that it was Santana, to their surprise especially Quinn 's who helped him see the light. Santana informs them about their "relationship", to which they all react in disgust, and they both inform the New Directions of the new anti-bullying club known as the Bully Whips. At the end of the episode, they are seen together watching the New Directions performance of Born This Way in the auditorium, Santana wearing the 'Lebanese' shirt Brittany made for her.

Edit At the end of RumoursJacob asks Santana if she will comment on the vicious rumor on the Muckrakers website about her and Karofsky having sex in the back seat of a parked car in the cemetery.

After happily refusing to comment, Jacob asks if she would like to make a comment on the fact that he looked up the IP Address of the person who posted the rumor, which turned out to be her. She says that her computer was stolen, and that she and Dave are going strong, and that they are both very excited about their Prom King and Queen campaign. Jacob finally asks is she in love with Dave, and if she believes that they are 'soul mates', so to speak.

She says that it's true, while looking at Brittanywho is disappointed that Santana cannot publicly express her feelings, earlier refusing to come out on her talk show, Fondue For Two.

Santana appears to feel guilty when saying these things in front of her.

glee santana and karofsky relationship

Edit In Prom QueenSantana and Dave act as Kurt's protectors as he walks to his different classes so that he is not harassed. Throughout the night they are seen dancing together. They slow dance together during Jar of Heartswhere they both have guilty looks on their faces for not being true to who they are. Shortly after, Dave is announced Prom King. He is happy with his accomplishment, as is Santana because she believes that she will now win the title of Prom Queen.