Greek myth of persephone and hades relationship

Zeus and Hera V.S. Hades and Persephone

greek myth of persephone and hades relationship

Sex and Marriage: The characters within the book "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice () is comparable to the Greek god Hades servants. But Hades. Hades and Persephone are generally viewed as having a stable and healthy relationship, and the two of them have a mutual fondness and respect for each other. Artistic depictions of them Persephone (Greek goddess) · Hades (Greek god). In Greek mythology, Persephone also called Kore is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. At Locri, perhaps uniquely, Persephone was the protector of marriage, a role usually assumed by Hera; in the iconography of votive plaques As a goddess of the underworld, Persephone was given euphemistically friendly names.

Persephone, Queen of the Underworld

Up until that point, Persephone had resisted eating anything offered to her—she knew that if she ate any food from the Underworld, she would be bound to it forever. But that morning, Persephone was so hungry, she took the pomegranate and ate six of its seeds. Then abruptly, Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, appeared before her. He told her that Demeter had caused the earth to freeze, and that no crops would grow.

Persephone reluctantly allowed Hermes to take her to Olympus, where Zeus and Demeter were having it out. Zeus had promised his daughter to Hades without her consent, after all. Persephone tried to convince Demeter that she was all right and that Hades had been kind to her, but Demeter insisted that she had to come home, or else she would let every mortal on earth die of famine.

Suddenly the throne room darkened and the Gods turned as Hades stepped out of the shadows. He was holding the partially eaten pomegranate in his hand.

greek myth of persephone and hades relationship

Every year Persephone returned to the fields and restored them with Demeter, and when the time came, Hades would come to her and escort her to her throne in the Underworld. Each time she left, Demeter mourned and all vegetation died.

greek myth of persephone and hades relationship

Remember, comment your requests!! He was a hard, middle-aged man, living in the dark, among the shadows of the Dead.

greek myth of persephone and hades relationship

But his heart softened when he saw Persephone and was amazed by his youth, beauty and freshness. When he asked Demeter to marry her daughter, Demeter got furious and said there wasn't the slightest chance for that to happen. Hades was heart-broken and decided to get Persephone no matter what.

greek myth of persephone and hades relationship

One day, while the young girl was playing and picking flowers along with her friends in a valley, she beheld the most enchanting narcissus she had ever seen. As she stooped down to pick the flower, the earth beneath her feet suddenly cleaved open and through the gap Hades himself came out on his chariot with black horses. Hades grabbed the lovely maiden before she could scream for help and descended into his underworld kingdom while the gap in the earth closed after them.

Desperately looking for Persephone The other girls had not seen anything because everything happened very quickly. They didn't have a clue for the sudden disappearance of Persephone.

The whole incident, however, had been witnessed by Zeus, father of the maiden and brother of the abductor, as well as by Helios, god of the Sun. Zeus decided to keep silent about the whole thing to prevent a fight with his brother while Helios wisely thought it better not to get involved in anything that didn't concern him.

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A distraught and heartbroken Demeter wandered the earth looking for her daughter until her good friend Hecate, goddess of wilderness and childbirth, advised her to seek for the help of Helios, the all-seeing Sun god, in order to find her daughter. Helios felt sorry for Demeter, who was crying and pleading him to help her. Thus she revealed her that Persephone had been kidnapped by Hades.

When she heard that, Demeter got angry and wanted to take revenge but Helios suggested that it was not such a bad thing for Persephone to be the wife of Hades and queen of the dead. Trying to find a solution Demeter, however, could not let it gone. Not the best first impression.

Hades is the god of wealth after all.


However, kidnapped gold is not at shiny as freedom gold. Demeter was not happy that Zeus would not return Demeter to her and being the goddess of the harvest, she played her trump card: After hearing people complain long enough, Zeus sent Hermes out to reclaim Persephone.

It varies in who does the tricking. Now yes, is it terrible to hide your daughter away and not allow her to make decisions in her future husband, yes? However, because its Zeus no one expects any better. Hades is not the worst guy in Greek mythology. Which is both not saying a lot and saying a lot. Hades, compared to his brothers, cousins, nephews, etc.