Hareton and cathys relationship advice

Wuthering Heights

hareton and cathys relationship advice

Hareton and Cathy's relationship during Wuthering Heights changes from one of contempt and dislike to a warm and loving one. At first, Cathy. Yet valid as is this concern with Hareton's character, there is . of the girl with this piece of advice: 'You should be friends with your cousin, Mr Hareton [. .. If Cathy's relationship with Hareton seems, then, intended in no small. In ''Wuthering Heights'' by Emily Bronte, Cathy and Hareton are cousins from a highly Let's find out more about Cathy and Hareton's relationship in this novel.

Before the story concludes, we find out that Hareton and Catherine are going to marry and live at Thrushcross Grange. Catherine has taught Hareton how to read and not be so much down in the mud where Heathcliff wanted him, and they are very happy. As you can see, Catherine and Hareton represent a sort of redemption of all of the characters, the bad cycles, the bad choices.

In the book the characters are quite young. Cathy is 16 when Edgar proposes marriage, and all four of them are roughly the same age, with Hindley and Nelly being a few years older. Likewise Catherine is 16 when she marries Linton. Though some of that comes from wanting to only use 2 actors for each character — child and grown.

One major difference between the novels and the movies is how the story is told. The novel is from the point of view of Mr. Lockwood, a tenant who comes to live at Thrushcross Grange after Heathcliff lets it following the deaths of Linton and Edgar.

hareton and cathys relationship advice

Lockwood makes a neighborly visit to Wuthering Heights to meet his landlord, and also encounters Catherine and Hareton while he is there. He reads some of her diary, and after observing the odd behavior of the inhabitants there, he implores Nelly, who is now housekeeper at Thrushcross Grange, to recount their story.

So the meat of the story is narrated by Nelly. So, as you can see, the novel is told from the perspective of someone observing what is happening, not by its participants.

Incest in Wuthering Heights | shipcestuous2

And, as you can imagine, Nelly is an extremely important character in the book, since most of what we know is what she has chosen to tell us, and is through the lens of how she viewed things.

Understandably, she plays a much less significant role in the movies, and yet it never quite feels fair. It was authored by an English professor, Alison Case, who has been teaching Wuthering Heights for years.

I thought it was very good, if a bit long. I also thought it was great justice for Nelly, who really has no life of her own in the original novel outside of the drama of these people she works for.

It was nice to get to see her be the heroine and to fill out her motivations and thoughts. And in Wuthering Heights where we got to hear hints of strong feeling or where you would imagine there would have been a lot of pain for Nelly, Nelly Dean really goes for the gut. Nelly was given Hareton to raise, and for five years she raised him, until Cathy took Nelly with her to Thrushcross Grange when she married. Alison Case really delves into that kind of stuff.

Relationship between Hereton and Cathy in Wuthering Heights?

Nelly Dean has several aspects that are interesting for our purposes. She raised Hareton until he was 5, and raised Catherine her entire life. This is canon from the original book, but Nelly Dean has a line explicitly stating, all in one sentence, that she is mother to them both.

This is after Catherine and Hareton have just gotten married, and is said to her by the doctor when he is convincing her that she must be exhausted: It also comes close to making up for the fact that Catherine and Hareton never even met each other until Catherine was This is a major spoiler for Nelly Dean, but in the end we find out that Nelly was the illegitimate daughter of Mr.

This makes her a half-aunt to both the kids, which I like, and which, for some reason, makes the cousins seem even closer to each other. Nelly is the same age as Hindley, though often in the movies she is shown as a much older woman. Nelly and Hindley were in love from childhood and had planned to marry.

  • Hareton tries to win Cathy's affections

They have sex too. Earnshaw learns of the affair, he sends Hindley off to school. Throughout the novel, Hindley knows that Nelly is his sister, but Nelly has no idea. So to her it seems like Hindley has changed in his feelings towards her for no discernible reason. There is nothing like this in the original novel.

Call now and you can have another incest ship for free! Yes, there is something else. Knowing already that Mr. Earnshaw has had extramarital relationships, she suspects that Heathcliff is Mr. This is never confirmed, but the point really gets hounded. This is canon in Wuthering Heights but gets extra attention in Nelly Dean, as does the overall strangeness of Mr.

In the end, when Nelly finds out her true paternity in a letter from her mother, her mother mentions that she thought Mr. Earnshaw taking in Heathcliff was a kind of atonement for how things had gone wrong with Nelly and that whole situation.

hareton and cathys relationship advice

Earnshaw for fun — it was a lot more complicated than that and had in part to do with Mrs. Earnshaw not being able to handle another pregnancy so soon. Someone who could be called a professional expert on it. I think this would be a good place to establish what the various movie versions are. This Wikipedia list of Wuthering Heights adaptations is an even better resource.

hareton and cathys relationship advice

There is also an adaptation from that is lost forever. There is an Italian version from that is not easy to find, in English or even otherwise, really, though there are some DVDs out there with German subtitles.

hareton and cathys relationship advice

As you can see on the Wikipedia page, there have been some stage adaptations and musicals. The world truly loves to tell this story.

Black Is The Color (Wuthering Heights 2009)

And there are five alternate-universe retellings: He shares a similar kind of devotion. He is also, perhaps surprisingly, devoted to Heathcliff, despite the rough treatment he receives at his hands.

He is constant in his affections. When Heathcliff first arrived, they formed an alliance together against Hindley. Hareton has never forgotten this early bond with Heathcliff. Tender observation One of the delights of the end of the book is to watch the relationship develop between Cathy and Hareton.

He takes books and hides them in his room, so determined is he to learn to read in order to gain respect from Cathy. She is initially cruel and scornful of his attempts, and in response Hareton 'blushed crimson'. His blushing is of course evidence of his embarrassment. When we next see them together, Cathy is teaching him to read: His handsome features glowed with pleasure, and his eyes kept impatiently wandering from the page to a small white hand over his shoulder, which recalled him with a smart slap on the cheek, whenever its owner detected such signs of inattention.

Hareton is learning to read to earn respect from Cathy. She is falling in love with him, but also enjoys the power she has over him. The relationship is tenderly portrayed. Weakened by love In Heathcliff and Hareton, we are presented with a contrast.

Both have wild, brutal characters. In Heathcliff, this remains dominant. There is such wild power in him that we feel both horrified and in awe. He is never tamed like Hareton. In submitting to Cathy, Hareton becomes more likeable and civilised but loses his raw power.