Haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship

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haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship

And to achieve a game ending, Kuroyukihime plans to erase all that they have . she knew how about the close relationship between Haru and Black Lotus. .. To be honest, there are a lot of aspects of Haruyuki's character I. SAO + Accel World relationship theory (Full of spoilers, really I mean it) . Also Kuroyukihime has Kirito's hair and Asuna's eyes. Third the parents of Haruyuki could possibly be Silica, and Klein seeing as how he has. Kuroyukihime finds out that Haruyuki doesn't actually love her so she . Because of Kuroyukihime's new relationship she didn't feel jealous of.

She appears to hate and despise herself, suggesting that while she has a beautiful exterior her heart and soul are as black as the knight. This attitude has worked its way into her avatar, a spectacular, but also fierce looking being with blades for hands and feet, something that was built to kill, to annihilate, to rule.

Kuroyukihime views this avatar as the representation of her ugly soul, something that she never wished for Haruyuki to see, something that she still tries to hide away from everyone else. The drive for Kuroyukihime is to discover the truth behind Accel World, uncovering the mysteries of this game and why it exists. To her this takes president above all else, thus her betrayal of the truce and beheading of the Red King. Her love for Haruyuki is in some respects tainted by this drive, going so far as to suggest that he should turn back, despite being the person to introduce him to the Accelerated World.

She wants him to be her equal, and yet is constantly in fear of her own drive to succeed, worrying that this will force her to betray him and thus make him hate and revile her as a disgusting existence. We are constantly reminded of her guilt at bringing Haruyuki into this sordid world of backstabbing and constant challenge; she worries that he will come to hate her once he has learned of her true nature, as she perceives it.

Kuroyukihime is far from free as her butterfly avatar may suggest, she is in fact chained to the game, constantly pushing forward into the darkness to discover what lies on the other side. This motif has been used specifically in the ending sequences, with Kuroyukihime literally chained up, unable to move while her butterfly avatar disappears with Haruyuki in her arms.

In this respect the game has consumed her, and the draw of the virtual world has in many respects overridden the life she currently lives, taking over every waking hour and her fear is that the same will happen to Haruyuki, and worse, she will be the person responsible. There is a sense of helplessness about her character, partly shown through her desperate attempts to conceal certain horrible truths about what she has done from Haruyuki.

In many respects Kuroyukihime has become a prisoner of the Accel World, constantly pushing towards achieving her goals or die trying. Her fear therefore is that such a goal will break up her relationship with Haruyuki, and that his goal of supporting her will utterly consume and destroy him as well.

The Accel World and the relationship that Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki share within it greatly affect how they interact in reality as well.

While in the Accel World Haruyuki is this beautifully sleek silver avatar with the rare flying ability, an unheard of fighter who is unique and special.

However in the real world he is a short and chubby middle schooler who was constantly bullied and has a significant inferiority complex when it comes to Kuroyukihime and his friends, who are all beautiful or spectacular in what they do. By making his character so very different from everyone else in the series this juxtaposition between sleek, brilliant and unique as opposed to short and chubby becomes even more marked.

His normal inferiority complex and attitudes become even more powerful in the real world, with Haruyuki constantly worrying about what others would think if they saw him with Kuroyukihime. He cannot accept that someone as beautiful and strong as Kuroyukihime loves him, and thus seems to feel that in order to justify her love he has to become as strong, and perhaps as merciless as she once was. Furthermore, in recent episodes when we see Haruyuki apparently lose his flying ability for good, he automatically believes that this now makes him useless and less than the dirt of the floor.

The amount of faith that he has placed upon his Silver Crow avatar is ultimately one of his weaknesses, since without this power and uniqueness he believes that his existence means absolutely nothing. For her part, Kuroyukihime seems to want to get close to Haruyuki, using every opportunity to use a direct link and eat lunch together. And yet, despite being so close there is also a significant distance between them.

This gap is in part artificially created by both characters using terms such as parent and child, legionmaster and her subordinate that are used to skirt around the issue of their relationship.

The Accel World constantly invades their personal space, and even during a lunch break when they are using a short and intimate cable to talk we consistently have conversations regarding the status of the Accel World and their legion within it. They are handy tags used to denote a place and a rank, leaving out the idea of any other sort of relationship or feelings. They are therefore used to skirt around the issue, deliberately avoiding the questions that they must answer, but wish to ignore.

We have seen Kuroyukihime declare her love with Haruyuki and even save him from an oncoming car almost at the cost of her life, but she also sometimes appears incapable of truly expressing her emotions. She loves Haruyuki, and yet the Accel World takes up such a significant place within her heart and mind that she cannot move away from it and focus on Haruyuki.

They are both guilty of putting barriers in the way of their relationship, and yet it appears that Kuroyukihime is the one who ultimately seems to stay out of reach. She is clearly a little awkward around him, although this is perhaps in part due to her having no experience with being in love. Within the Accel World and her life before meeting Haruyuki we see a character he is cold, calm and collected, capable of rationalising everything, and consumed by the desire to learn all the hidden truths about the world.

You yourself can decide who you trust, the real question is do you trust me? I am just pawn, a tool for you to use. You can throw me away when you're done with me" he said dejectedly, he having come to the conclusion that the only possible reason she could be hanging around him was to use him.

He being nothing more than a mere sacrificial pawn on the road to her ambitions. She could only clench her hands tightly at that 'Why, why was he saying such things about himself. Where did these thoughts of his even come from?

Haru was the sole stable point of her life, he was someone that she herself looked up to on a daily basis, someone that she cared about without a shadow of a doubt. To see him depreciate himself before her like this was heartbreaking for her. She reached out and gripped his shoulder as she span him around to face her, surprising him slightly at the action "You…" "You're angry, right? Especially when it comes to you and Kurashima-kun" she said to him the emotion thick in her voice at this point "What I'm trying to say is-" she said as she attempted to explain her feelings to Haru before he interrupted her "Please…stop" Haru said pleadingly making her look at him in surprise only to find him looking teary eyed at her "I don't know why you go to such lengths for someone as pitiful as me, but it's painful to watch" he said sadly as he looked at her "What are you talking about?

That's why you're trying to degrade yourself by being so nice to someone like me. I don't need a reward, I'm just a pawn, a tool at your disposal for you to use. That's how you should be treating me. So please stop trying so hard to make me happy" he begged her, tears spilling from his eyes at this point.

She after all had quickly without a doubt became the most important person in his life, for one simple fact, one of the greatest things he had wanted in his life was direction, a purpose, both which had been provided by serving Kuroyukihime. She had recognized him as someone useful, important, she had given him purpose, things that not even his own parents had never even recognized in him, she had. Kuroyukihime however simply stood there speechless, not knowing what to do. On one hand she felt like slapping him for what he had said and on the other she simply felt like hugging him and telling him that everything was going to be alright.

However one thing had become painfully clear, Haru had as little experience in love as her, and was struggling with his feelings with a lot more difficulty than her due to his insecurities, she was sure of it. Yes, she was sure of it at this point what she felt for Haru was love and she was quite sure he felt similarly for her yet was struggling as much, if not more so than she did with accepting and understanding it. Tears streaming down her eyes at this point she redacted her hand from his shoulder and lifted it up to his face, as she rested it tenderly upon his cheek.

This making him flinch momentarily before he re-opened his teary eyes once again and looked at Kuroyukihime, only for his eyes to widen when he found her crying with him. She reached out and tenderly wiped away his tears with her thumb lovingly as a smile formed on her face, not one of her polite kind smiles that she had offered him before, but a sincere heartfelt smile that seemed to display to him a spectrum of emotion so rich that it left him speechless.

He now knowing without a shadow of a doubt that what she felt for him went deeper than pity, or self-hate. That one action of hers, of how she tenderly wiped away his tears - it was filled with such love and care that it made the things he had suggested that she should treat him as seem like near blasphemy towards the sentiments she apparently possessed for him. The car heading straight for them… Seven Minutes "Burst Link! The car stopping mere feet mid-air away from them The sudden transition blasting Haruyuki backwards into his Teppig avatar.

At this rate, we'll…" he let the statement hang ominously at that, like a guillotine hovering over their heads. He rushing forward in his pig avatar to find out who the driver was as he started climbing the vehicle "With the fully A. Are we being targeted on purpose? Had he targeted them because of what had happened that landed him there, well he seemed pretty happy at trying to run them over with a car that was for sure, if the psychotic smile on his face was any indication.

We should have seen it coming, after all you don't need acceleration powers to attack another person. A knife or a car is more than enough for the job. You can't do that! If such a power exists, then I'll use it! Protecting you is my responsibility. It was all just happening so fast — their options being taken out of their hands before they even started. There's a silver lining for me in all of this.

I couldn't control it at all, and it just confused me.

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There were simply so many things that he had done that had earned her heart, from how he behaved, to his heartfelt and pure feelings, and his sincere actions and deep determination. But if she were to recount the moment that she started to fall for him it was probably… "Haruyuki-kun, do you recall our first contact? Since then, I've only yearned for power and speed, slain countless enemies, and stained my hands with the blood of my friends. Still, I couldn't even approach your high score. I'm sure that you'll one day be known far and wide as the fastest Linker in the Accelerated World.

You'll defeat the Kings, rise to the next level, and reach the origin of Brain Burst. You'll discover the ultimate potential hidden within our brains and souls. I didn't know a human could move that fast. However, I also want to embrace and protect you. I finally realized it today" She confessed "Today? I felt jealous, for the first time in my life. I wanted to be able to tell you in the real world, but it's time to say goodbye.

Climb to the top and show me what I wanted to see. The kiss so chaste, sweet, and innocent that it spoke volumes of the love she bore for him, it truly felt like a moment that lasted an entire lifetime for him. He only being able to look at her wide-eyed as all this happened, he totally powerless in the situation as it progressed beyond his control.

She then parted from him "I'm sure we will meet again someday" she said amidst her own tears She then stood up amidst his protests and quickly walked forward while he tried to hold onto her dress and she intoned three words that would forever alter their fate "Physical Full Burst!

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Why does a minute feel like an eternity for lovers in close contact? The Brain Burst program is based on that theory. It uses the Neuro Linker to speed up the heart clock a thousand times, accelerating human consciousness" she explained to him as she started stretching her arms in order to push Haruyuki's body out of the way of the oncoming vehicle "The forbidden power to accelerate even the body is called… Physical Full Burst" she explained as she placed her arms against Haruyuki's side as she made to push him "Haruyuki-kun, my heart was racing nonstop whenever I was with you.

He slowly started regaining his senses as being pushed by an accelerated being had taken a lot out of him as well. The first thing he noticed was that he was on his side, he could see his hand lying in front of his face, he moved his fingers for a second to make sure he was still alive.

His head was banging, it feeling like a bomb had gone off next to him. Slowly he started hearing the cacophony of sounds around him as he picked himself up, he rubbing the back of his head in slight pain where his head had met the sidewalk.

Immediately his eyes settled on the disconnected cable in front of him, as he stared at it with growing horror He could briefly hear a middle aged man that was kneeling down next to him asking if he was okay, but he didn't care. His head immediately swerving around looking for Kuroyukihime only to find her lying a few feet behind him in a quickly growing pool of her own blood. His eyes wide in horror and disbelief as he simply shook his head in denial for a few seconds as his mind attempted to process what exactly he was seeing.

There was Kuroyukihime, her legs were covered in blood and seemed to have taken the majority of the impact of the initial blow, but then there was something much more pressing that his eyes were being drawn to. The glass… It was everywhere.

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This however had caused a large majority of the glass fragments from the first pane to embed themselves on her back and side. It would be over ten minutes later that paramedics would arrive to find Haru crying beside a heavily bleeding Kuroyukihime as he held her hand, too scared of even moving her lest he risk causing her further harm. He repeatedly asking for but one thing as he begged the medics through his tears "Please help her…" My turn to fight Kuroyukihime was immediately rushed into the operating room the moment they arrived in the hospital, Haru having been allowed to be transported in the ambulance with Kuroyukihime as he held her hand.

The moment they arrived however he was told to wait on a bench outside the operating room. Inside the operating room it was a frenzy of activity, they had established that the procedure would require around two dozen or so small ambulatory surgeries. That was not the issue however, the real issue was stopping the hemorrhaging and removing the majority of the glass shards whilst preventing exsanguination bleeding out.

A more pressing thought on the minds of the team of surgeons however was the fact that most of the glass shards near her back were near her spine and so far three prominent one's had embedded themselves in her spinal column.

The head surgeon had informed them to not mess with those as even with the advancements of technology today such a procedure was incredibly easy to blunder. As such they were currently communicating with a spinal surgeon in Okinawa that had agreed to perform the surgery through robotic assistance utilizing robotic arms to perform it, due to the distance issues and the urgency of the case. It had been established that he would attempt to perform three minimally intrusive surgeries attempting to reconnect the fractured nerve endings in the spinal column after removing the glass shards.

He would then replace the Cerebral Spinal Fluid CSF lost with their lab-engineered variant in order to minimize neural shock once she awoke. Then it would be a matter of allowing Synthetic Protein Micromachines to repair the remaining nerve fibers. The rest of the surgeons had to beforehand remove the other glass shards and seal up appropriate lacerations, as well as put a stop to any internal hemorrhaging before such a delicate procedure would be carried out.

All that was without even addressing the issues of the girl's legs and nervous system.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship

At this point their base priority was simply keeping the girl alive. Meanwhile Haruyuki was waiting on the bench for an update, an assessment, anything.

haruyuki and kuroyukihime relationship

He stewing in his own guilt and worry as he waited, his fears on her condition progressively worsening, the images of her battered and bleeding body drifting through his mind haunting his every thought.

Hours passed as the surgery went underway, he only having Kuroyukihime's bloody emerald green handkerchief as his sole company. At around 1 A. It was then that a nurse that had been washing Kuroyukihime's bloody clothes walked up to him and handed him a green bloody pocketbook, momentarily confusing him before he saw the central logo.

Umesato Junior High School, it was Kuroyukihime's pocketbook. He started tearing up as realization struck him, the pocketbook falling onto the floor as he wiped away his tears, it falling open as it did so. He quickly leaned down in order to pick it up and was stunned to find a picture of himself inside it.

Her last words suddenly echoing across his head as he looked at it 'I love you' "Kuroyukihime" he said as his tears spilled across the frame as he finally broke down crying, his emotions finally hitting full force as the dam holding it back broke. It was only minutes later that he received the first update from the surgical staff after they vacated the room.

All six surgeons looking thoroughly exhausted at this point, as needless to say several complications had arisen throughout. A specialized surgeon from Okinawa is doing the remainder of the procedures in order for her to have the best chances with the remaining surgeries that will occur after she is fully stabilized. The next twelve hours are critical for her recovery. Kuroyukihime was currently in a bed like container that had the back portion ideally positioned in order to not risk aggravating the three main points of injury on her back.

Currently Micromachines were like the doctor said, repairing the affected tissue inside the container, including her internal organs. Apparently there had been slight complications upon the discovery that her muscles and tendons across several points in her body had been damaged in a way that could not be fully explained by the accident.