Homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship advice

Anyone else think the relationship between Brody and Carrie ruins the show? : homeland

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship advice

Terrorism, a Love Story: On 'Homeland,' Carrie and Brody Have The Talk. About · Team · Advertise with Indiewire · Confidential Tips Oct 29, pm next stage in their considerably complicated relationship — as handler and double agent. After losing control to her feelings in the last episode, Carrie uses that. This week's episode of "Homeland" is the best the season's had to offer so far, showcasing the electric relationship between its protagonists. Homeland Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Q and A Brings Carrie and Brody Together Again. By Morgan .. Contact · Editorial Standards · Masthead · Legal · Style Guide · Tips · Topics. Carrie Anne Mathison, played by actress Claire Danes, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the American television drama/thriller series Homeland on Showtime, created by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. Carrie developed a close working relationship with Saul, and is implied to have had a sexual relationship.

It takes the CIA dragging him into an underground interrogation room to get him and Carrie back together in a real way, to mend that connection. And she breaks down what precisely Abu Nazir did to him in his years of captivity, so that Brody can understand what she already does: He can become a person again, a person who rejects the violent ideology of his torturer — a person who chooses, instead, to serve his country.

It is a manifestation of love. The CIA has got both of them in a bind. Brody can no more say "no" to them than he could to Abu Nazir a couple episodes ago. Carrie is forced to operate on two levels. She is certainly a woman saving the man she loves from self-destruction, but she is also a CIA operative whose job is to extract a confession.

Here, we see her as honest as she has ever been, buteven her honesty operates within the limited framework of her professional sphere.

When she turns off the cameras in the interrogation room, this creates a mere illusion of privacy: Saul and Peter are still listening in on their conversation. The episode cuts to them at pivotal emotional moments in the long conversation between Carrie and Brody, as if to remind us that, in the world of the show, somebody is always, always watching, and that the connection they forge in that interrogation room exists in an impossible liminal space.

This connection is undeniably real — it is the most real thing, in a way, that either of them has ever experienced — but it also cannot ever have happened.

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The intensity of their relationship is only exacerbated by this tragic inevitability. But instead of seeming bitter, she really is, as she says, just happy to be talking to him again. Something is always better than nothing. Don, like Brody, is living a life predicated on a host of lies. Tellingly, for characters whose lives revolve around their work to the point of self-destruction and denial, this episode takes place largely at the office. The relationship between Don and Peggy is the emotional core of Mad Men, but that show is an ensemble that always has many balls in the air psychologically, emotionally, and politically.

As I argued last weekHomeland is an extremely political show, but it is also a resolutely amoral one: The relationship between Carrie and Brody is not the emotional core of Homeland; it is Homeland. Odds and Ends 1. His self-interested reaction to what he did was not flattering.

Brody and Carrie locked, loaded, aimed at each other in point blank range. The handlers on both sides decide its time to weaponize the relationship. So Carrie is sent to ambush Brody at Langley. The lies and manipulation fly! As they part her small triumphal smile dissolves into utter sadness. Carrie is an opportunity.

She has so much on the line.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship advice

This is her chance to restore her creditability, if not her job, and yet there he is. They meet and circle each other warily. Discussing EST is too much.

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They are so attuned that there is no hiding. He knows and she knows he does. None of the watchers can see it but Carrie does! Defying everyone she confronts him up in his room. She drops the pretense immediately. I seem to be good at this. As agents haul him away. She stands alone in the room not triumphal but holding back tears. Without any clear idea of to what end any more. He says it all.

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One of the best episodes in the series. In it we watch The Relationship turn from suspicion to knowledge. Brody, shackled and cuffed shows nothing but righteous indignation. What does she lead with?

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She tosses off a question almost identical to one Brody asked her at the end of Season 1. Essentially she talks and talks about Truth and Lies. His posture is upright with only his jiggling feet betraying anything else. His expression changes from defended to distraught to unbearable sadness.

Then she turns off the cameras!

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship advice

Brody looks like a man who finds water in the desert. Truth and hope do what isolation and violence could not. He gradually melts under the burden of so many lies, until he is looking up at her! When she brings out that she knows the call from Dana stopped his attack.

He looks up in shock and he breaks.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship advice

He gives up most of the players, admits to wearing a vest and collapses. When Saul enters, telling Brody he must call his wife, Nick looks to Carrie for confirmation. Did he find them?

Homeland Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Q and A Brings Carrie and Brody Together Again

No Saul, no Jessica. Later Carrie rouses him from unconsciousness and, all business, goes over his options. This is just the first of the swings from intense intimacy to unthinking suspicion with which this season is shot through.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship advice