Hope and vanille relationship

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hope and vanille relationship

Discounting the fact that Hope is younger than Vanille (by a lot!), what do you You just blew my perception of that relationship wide open, in a. I was playing through FFXIII again and came to the cut scene between Vanille and Hope. The one where she says to hope " Don't you. Though confused by her cheerful demeanor, Hope initially turns to Vanille for . his father everything that has happened and the two repair their relationship.

He and Vanille had something as shown in the Yaschas Massif or whatever it is scene, but Hope was 14 and Vanille was I think Meaning if this game does take place 5 years in the future like many people are saying, then Hope is now When the inevitable happens and Vanille is brought back, she will have not aged and they will both be 19 and develop a love interest. BlueDragmire BlueDragmire 7 years ago 33 I don't care how mother-son the relationship between Hope and Lightning was, they had sex repeatedly.

Plant42 7 years ago 34 BlueDragmire posted I don't care how mother-son the relationship between Hope and Lightning was, they had sex repeatedly. This is the kind of posts that are really getting disgusting to read. Tasoku Tasoku 7 years ago 35 Yeah there are some very weird fans out there with vivid imaginations that like to express their thoughts.

But most of the people who see a relationship making a broad assumption here are thinking about something which could happen in the future.

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Plus, it is unclear just how long Lightning has been in the "invisible realm. Personally, though, I would prefer to see Hope with Vanille rather than Lightning.

hope and vanille relationship

It's more realistic and it was already implied that he had a crush on her. For myself, I saw Hope's comments to Vanille as a joke because of Vanille's playful comments to him.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 022: Meeting Hope Again, For the First Time?!

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hope has grown into an intelligent and confident leader, admired by many, but continues to show moments of vulnerability whenever he reflects on his past experience as a l'Cie. His personality is still that of an adult, though his emotions have been sapped, distancing him from the woes of the world below.

He has become emotionally disconnected from his memories, remembering past events as though he wasn't there. He still trusts and cares about Lightning, supporting her and promising to be on her side no matter what decisions she makes.

Hope Estheim

Skip section Early life My dad said you should never break a promise, no matter how small. Hope's class took pictures with their toy cameras as they learned about the scenery and wildlife, and returned to a lake's shore for lunch. When Kai wanted to take a picture for his younger brother Hal, he realized he had dropped his camera to a path that had been closed off. The trio slipped past the researchers cleaning up the main route but got lost.

hope and vanille relationship

Following advice from his father, Hope used a sharp rock to mark a boulder to designate their starting position. They found a machine panel which Elida activated. After failing to use it and call for help, the trio continued and came across a climate control orb.

Elida touched it against Kai and Hope's protest, causing rainfall. They retreated into a rock tunnel for shelter, but Hope recalled a researcher saying certain monsters enjoy rain. He made a run for the orb, but several Mud Frogs and Hedge Frogs advanced towards them.

hope and vanille relationship

The monsters turned away as someone stopped the rain. Thanks to Elida tampering with the panel, their airship found them and Kai's camera was returned to him, as a researcher had found it. Hope regretted suggesting to go look for it and wanted to apologize to Kai, but Kai had enjoyed the misadventure. Hope fell ill and was taken to the emergency room after returning to Palumpolum. Three days later, Kai and Elida told Hope about Sazh, whose son was born a short while ago.

When Hope was 11, Kai's family moved and he went to a new school, so Hope barely spoke to him since. Elida dreamed of becoming a singer, and at age 13, she went to an all girls school with a special music program.