How did tarja and marcelo meet

How the bandmembers acted towards Tarja and Anette : nightwish

how did tarja and marcelo meet

The original Nightwish vocalist Tarja airs her thoughts on everything from “My husband [Marcelo Cabuli] and I have a big music collection of “The last album I bought was an Annie Lennox covers album Nostalgia. .. “Whenever I have the chance, I hold meet and greets, either before or after the show. Well, Tarja was pushed before she could jump. She was very . The band says Tarja demanded to travel alone but Marcelo says: Buses used. Only meeting Marcelo revolutionized Tarja's understanding of couple I didn't believe it when Marcelo called me claiming he was standing

Reasons were personal and also one reason was the stress caused by the tour. Tarja was also not happy with the way things were happening at that time. After a while, Tuomas decided to change previous bass player Sami with Marco and to continue with the band. Tarja decided to discuss with Tuomas how to continue with the band.

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For this purpose it was requested and arranged a meeting in Kitee with Tarja, Tuomas and me. I spoke alone to Tuomas about the changes that should happen in order to be able to continue. He introduced his wish of having a proper management for him and the band. The company King Foo Oy was then formed with that purpose of becoming the band's management.

It was also agreed in that meeting that I was going to be Tarja's manager. Everything was accepted and agreed in good terms and the spirit of the meeting was: After that Tarja came to the meeting and I left; with Tuomas they confirmed the agreement once again.

Without this meeting we wouldn't talk about Nightwish the way we all knew it after that. Neither the albums Century Child nor Once would have ever existed. The most important points of the agreement were the length of the forthcoming tours, the length of the breaks between tours, general conditions for the shows and mainly a change in the way the band was communicating within them. From that moment on, Tarja was going to be informed about all proposed activities and plans for the band and that she was going to take part in the decisions of everything involved with these facts.

Before this moment communication was a big problem that caused tension in the previous tour between band members. Just as a short reminder, even at the time I was not even knowing the band members or Tarja, the problems were already there.


The meeting was very positive. And things started to get better. Communication between band and Tarja through band management and me worked fine. This is not in my opinion the best possible scenario for a band, but it was the best solution we found and the only solution proposed to the existing problems. When I complain he says work has to be done. He's right of course. When I see that Marcelo is tired and stressed, I try to make him more relaxed.

A man's role is Wife's stardom requires a lot of patience and a healty self-esteem. Our relashionship wouldn be difficult if Marcelo wouldn't support me and understand my work. Of course I support him. Fortunately, my husband is not a man who needs to be in the heart of the debate. -

I laughed a lot I can't remember exactly what happened, but we both started to laugh uncontrollably. We have such similar sense of humour. Eventually I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the interview.

The presenter was left alone in puzzlement on air. I understood only in time that I can trust this man. When Marcelo lived for one month at my house in Finland at the beginning of our relashionship, I gave him a hard time. I tested my limits and I didn't even agree to give him the little finger.

how did tarja and marcelo meet

When the guy lasted for 30 days in my 30 square meter one room appartment, I believed that he could keep up with me in long run. It is impossible to fight with Marcelo because his nerves don't burn easily. Of course, we exchange opinions or we discuss more vehemently, but we never put eachother down. Some friends of mine didn't believe this at first, but eventually they had to admit they were wrong.

how did tarja and marcelo meet

I overcame myself, when I understood that no one is perfect. I have finally given myself permission to make mistakes. I remember when I was disappointed in the past for singing even just one word wrong. The pressure made my life hard. Making mistakes has now become rather a pleasure. This way others will be able to see exactly who I am.

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At home we are fussy about Over the years I learned that if I want Marcelo's socks off the floor, I have to lift them myself. I take a lot of inspiration from them in my own songwriting. I love his work. Recently, I was interviewed [for Finnish tabloid Iltalehti] and I happened to say that my husband and I had decided to leave Argentina for the sake of our daughter because the political situation there was so uncertain.

The Argentinean websites picked up on that and I got into trouble with the media there. It even made the local news in Argentina! The government actually changed at exactly the same time I was leaving the country. I wrote a song about the way politicians work on [new album] The Brightest Void called Shameless. When I was little, my mother taught me a prayer that I said before I went to sleep and we used to go to the church before Christmas, but that was about it.

The acoustics make them nice places to perform in and you get a different kind of atmosphere when you hold a show there. I love movies, although I usually go to movie theatres and watch them on the big screen. I like checking out health programmes too. Just recently I was watching one about sugar, about how much sugar there is in everything we eat.

Scary things like that!