How to manage thinkers and feelers in relationship

Why Thinkers And Feelers Gel Well -

how to manage thinkers and feelers in relationship

Your management style must flex to accommodate both the thinkers and the feelers in your office–even if their be particularly sensitive to conflict; make decisions based on relationships; react with strong feelings to. Michael L. Jackson, MFT - Some of Jung's psychological types, such as the thinker and feeler, work a bit harder in relationships to effectively. When feelings and logic collide in a relationship. Ms. Deeply Feeling Loves Mr. Intensely Logical: How to Make a Thinker/Feeler Relationship Work in our culture of stiff-lipped task completion and revered self-control.

I never wanted to cause trouble or create conflict.

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I felt feel discord like a physical wounding. Harmony was the salve I constantly sought. Then I ventured into the creative realms of music and writing. There were others who were easily and intensely moved by art, nature and human stories. They were beautiful and kind.

How To Manage Thinkers, And Feelers, Effectively

Finding out I was an I introvert and what that really means NOT shy, nerdy or misanthropicwas a huge awakening. I get my energy from internal ideas, impressions and thoughts? No wonder I disliked petty talk with co-workers and constant busy-ness. No wonder I am so people focused versus task or logic focused.

how to manage thinkers and feelers in relationship

I have a preference for F feeling which means I make decisions based on personal values and the people involved in the situation. I spill love and inspiration all over those in my presence.

how to manage thinkers and feelers in relationship

When in a critical or more negative environment, I often close up to protect my tender underbelly. Despite his tough exterior, his words and writing were intuitive and thoughtful. Decision-Making in Relationships Personality differences can sometimes cause conflict in relationships.

Take, for instance, a partner who tends to analyze the pros and cons of a decision. She may want to be compassionate above consistent and will make decisions that maintain harmony. Working Together to Make Decisions On the other hand, some argue that every relationship should have one Thinker and one Feeler. A relationship between people with these personality differences can achieve a unique balance.

One Logical and One Emotional Partner Work a Treat!

Thinkers tend to see the negatives first, while feelers see the positive. This can be helpful in a relationship because a thinker will try to fix the problems that a feeler might find overwhelming or make a bigger deal than they are.

how to manage thinkers and feelers in relationship

The former make decisions based upon logic and objective truth, and after weighing up all the options thoroughly, whereas the latter make decisions based on their feelings, intuition and on the basis of how the decision they make would affect them and those around them.

Some people believe that an ideal couple consists of a Thinker and a Feeler, because they will try and solve a problem using completely different approaches to each other. Here are 8 reasons to back up this notion: Thinkers count on facts.

Feelers take note of emotions.

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When a relationship is about to commence, a Thinker will take in all the hard facts about the other individual, such as social status, financial clout, their ability to devote free time to the relationship, and so on. Another consideration made by the Thinker is whether there is actually a necessity for a relationship in his or her life at that point in time. It goes without saying that most relationships begin due to Feelers. Thinkers take cues from external signals when something is wrong.

Feelers just know that there is.