Howard hughes and katherine hepburn relationship

Why the fiercely independent Katharine Hepburn hid her year affair with co-star Spencer Tracy

howard hughes and katherine hepburn relationship

Nov 4, A rare picture of Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn in Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were married for 50 years until his death. In his day, Howard Hughes was as big a heartthrob as Leonardo The Hughes- Hepburn affair Gallery: Katharine Hepburn remembered. ALSO SEE: Readers get love and relationship advice from Bette Davis (). “ And you Olivia believes Howard loved Katharine Hepburn well. “Katharine.

Similarly to Keeper of the Flame and Without Love, a lukewarm response from critics did not stop it from being a financial success both at home and abroad. She trained intensively with a pianist for the role.

Viewed by some as dangerously progressive, she was not offered work for nine months and people reportedly threw things at screenings of Song of Love. Like Woman of the Year, it was a "battle of the sexes" comedy and was written specifically for the duo by their friends Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon. A story of married lawyers who oppose each other in court, Hepburn described it as "perfect for [Tracy] and me".

Katharine Hepburn

With co-star Humphrey Bogart. The s saw Hepburn take on a series of professional challenges, and stretch herself further than at any other point in her life at an age when most other actresses began to retreat. She hoped to prove that she could play already established material, [28] and said, "It's better to try something difficult and flop than to play it safe all the time. Reviews for Hepburn varied, but she was noted as the only leading lady in Hollywood who was performing high-caliber material onstage.

The first successful film she had made without Tracy since The Philadelphia Story a decade earlier, it proved that she could be a hit without him and fully reestablished her popularity. She was a keen athlete, and Kanin later described this as his inspiration for the film: Her parents had read Shaw to her when she was a child, which made the play a special experience for the actress.

Jane Hudson is one of the popular "spinster" roles Hepburn played in the s.

howard hughes and katherine hepburn relationship

Pat and Mike was the last film Hepburn completed on her MGM contract, making her free to select her own projects. The movie was filmed in Venice, with Hepburn playing a lonely spinster who has a passionate love affair.

She described it as "a very emotional part" and found it fascinating to work with Lean. The tour was successful and Hepburn earned significant plaudits for the effort.

Again she played a lonely woman empowered by a love affair, and it became apparent that Hepburn had found a niche in playing "love-starved spinsters" that critics and audiences enjoyed.

It wasn't difficult for me to play those women, because I'm the maiden aunt. Hepburn played a cold-hearted Soviet pilot, a performance Bosley Crowther called "horrible". Berg notes that it worked as a hybrid of their earlier romantic-comedy successes and Hepburn's spinster persona, [] but it performed poorly at the box-office.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Obituary: Katharine Hepburn

The shows were positively received. The movie was shot in London, and was "a completely miserable experience" for Hepburn. Mankiewicz during filming, which culminated with her spitting at him in disgust. She makes dialogue sound better than it is by a matchless beauty and clarity of diction".

howard hughes and katherine hepburn relationship

It was a low-budget production, and she appeared in the film for a tenth of her established salary. It remains one of her most praised performances. The movie dealt with the subject of interracial marriage, with Hepburn's niece, Katharine Houghtonplaying her daughter. Tracy was dying by this point, suffering the effects of heart disease, [] and Houghton later commented that her aunt was "extremely tense" during the production.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was a triumphant return for Hepburn and her most commercially successful picture to that point. Hepburn felt the award was not just for her, but was also given to honor Tracy.

Howard Hughes (1905-1976)

Still officially a minor, Hughes used a Houston judge, a friend of his father, to declare him legally an adult and he then bought out the other shares in the company, becoming full owner at the age of 19 in In the same year Hughes got married for the first time, to Houston socialite Ella Rice and the newlyweds moved to Hollywood where Hughes could pursue his rapidly developing interest in movies, movie making and, incidentally, movie actresses.

Hollywood Hollywood insiders at first dismissed Hughes as the pampered son of a rich man and his first movie 'Swell Hogan' was so bad that Hughes never released it, but his next two ventures into film making were financial successes: In he produced 'The Racket' which was nominated for an Academy Award. Hughes had arrived and made his mark and he began to spend lavishly and obsessively on his next movie, 'Hell's Angels' about World War I aviators, which he both wrote and directed.

Despite this, Hughes was now firmly established as one of the top players in Hollywood. He cemented this position with 'Scarface', inwhich he produced, and which also became a smash hit. Hughes Aircraft Company Hughes put his movie ambitions on hold in the early 's as his interest in flying and planes grew into an passion.

The making of 'Hells Angels' in fuelled his obsessive enthusiasm despite his crashing one of his planes whilst performing one of the dangerous flying routines himself. In he formed the Hughes Aircraft Company to build and test new planes. He personally piloted a number of innovative machines and in he set a new world speed record of mph. In he broke the round the world record by flying it in three days and 19 hours.

Hughes received many awards for his aviation triumphs, including the Harmon Trophy in andthe Collier Trophy inand a special Congressional Gold Medal in " In Hughes formed a production company with Preston Sturges and he continued to produce movies during the 's and 's, such as the Harold Lloyd comedy 'The Sin of Harold Diddlebock' in'His Kind of Woman' instarring Robert Mitchum, and 'Son of Sinbad' in but none were as noteworthy as his earlier successes.

Hughes's fascination with flying and flying technology never ceased but his aviation career began to unravel after the war.

In he was involved in a near-fatal flying accident while piloting an experimental U.

howard hughes and katherine hepburn relationship

Army Air Force reconnaissance aircraft which he had designed himself. An intelligent, individualistic woman, she often refused inappropriate casting, publicity and the superficialities of Hollywood fashion and society.

Private life From the moment she arrived in Hollywood, Katharine Hepburn projected an image quite different from that of the usual movie star.

Howard Hughes - Hollywood's Richest Eccentric

Spencer Tracy was Hepburn's greatest love She strode through town in slacks, refused to grant interviews, shunned autograph hounds, and kept her private life tightly sealed.

Her career had ups and downs. During the s several of her films flopped and she was dubbed "box office poison" by a leading exhibitor.

She took time out for love. Her affair with the millionaire Howard Hughes lasted four years.

Why the fiercely independent Katharine Hepburn hid her 26-year affair with co-star Spencer Tracy

I'm loud and talkative and I get on to subjects that irritate," she once admitted. But the love of her life was the actor Spencer Tracy, with whom she spent 27 years and made nine films. When the pair first met, Tracy was said to have been upset when Hepburn, seven years his junior, said he was smaller than she expected. But he is said to have retorted: