Iceland and usa relationship

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iceland and usa relationship

Iceland - US Relations. The United States was the first country to recognize Iceland's independence in following Danish rule, union with. The beginning of diplomatic relations between Iceland and the US can be traced back to July 7, , when U.S. forces came to Iceland in order to supplement. Icelanders have long maintained a relationship with the United States of America, At the end of the war, Iceland and the US signed the Keflavik Agreement.

Iceland had taken over full control of its foreign relations on April 10,although the country had not yet declared itself independent from Denmark, which was then under German occupation. Iceland concluded a bilateral Defence Agreement with the United States in The results, contained in an understanding signed on January 4called for reductions in force levels to reflect the relaxation of tension in the North Atlantic region.

The Joint Understanding also lists bilateral activities designed to create a basis for future cooperation between Iceland and the United States in the areas of defence and security. Muccio presented his credentials as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. The United States and Iceland signed a bilateral defense agreement in ; it remains in force, although U. The two countries share a commitment to individual freedom, human rights, and democracy. The United States and Iceland work together on a wide range of issues from fighting ISIL, to enhancing peace and stability in Afghanistan, to harnessing new green energy sources, to ensuring peaceful cooperation in the Arctic.

The bilateral defense agreement stipulated that the U. In the U. That year, Naval Air Station Keflavik closed and the two countries signed a technical agreement on base closure issues e. The United States also worked with local officials to mitigate the impact of job losses at the Air Station, notably by encouraging U.

Cooperative activities in the context of the new agreements have included joint search and rescue, disaster surveillance, and maritime interdiction training with U. For those Americans looking to visit Iceland for a longer duration than your average 2-week stopover, why not check out some of the financial grants offered by Fulbright IIE?

Iceland and Poland Credit: Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Poland and Iceland began formally inthough the countries were at least aware of each other as far back as ; this was the year that Czech monk, Daniel Strejc-Vetterus, published a Polish travelogue of his time in Iceland.

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The Polish Consulate was opened in Reykjavik inclosing in Today, there is a tight-knit community of Polish citizens living in Iceland, approximately 14, the vast majority of whom have moved here for the employment opportunities in the shipyards during the s. This steadily increased for the next twenty years, with the s seeing moves by the Icelandic government to officially recognise Polish workers as part of the Icelandic state.

By the mids, the Polish population in Iceland exceeded 20, though almost dropped by half after the Financial Crisis. What to Pack for Travel in Iceland. The exact number is difficult to verify as Polish people need neither an employment or residency permit to live and work in Iceland. Throughout history, there have been a number of migratory movements from Poland to Iceland, the first of which took place in the 19th Century.

Polish migration was halted during the Cold Wargiven the enormous restriction of movement placed on those living in communist Poland, then reestablished itself after the fall of communism in Ambasada Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej w Reykjaviku.

Interestingly enough, a census taken in found that Polish immigrants to Iceland tended to find English a practical language to use here, often learning it before learning Icelandic. Iceland and Germany Photo credit: The culture of Iceland is particularly well looked upon in German, who culturally share much of the same genealogical heritage with the Icelandic people.

InIceland served as the guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

International Relations of Iceland

In regards to tourism, Germany is leading the way when it comes to overnight stops and stays in guesthouses and hotels. The Germans are also particularly known for their love and proficiency in scuba diving as well as interest in Iceland's horses.

Given that Silfra Fissure has often been cited as one of the top 10 scuba diving sites in the world, it is no wonder that so many German visitors travel to Iceland each year to experience the delights and challenges of drysuit diving in the near-freezing glacial water. And Germans are so fascinated by the Icelandic horse, that more than 50, Icelandic horses are currently living in Germany - but any Icelandic horse that's exported may never return to Iceland.

Iceland - US Relations

Iceland maintains diplomatic relationships with both the State of Israel 29th November and the State of Palestine beginning 29th November Iceland voted in favour of the Partition of Palestine inleading to the formation of Israel. Icelanders first ever contact with Jerusalem, however, dates as far back as the s, when Icelanders participated in the Crusades. Iceland was the first Western country in the world to recognise Palestine as an independent nation, having passed legislation stating so on 29th November It should be noted that there were no votes in opposition, though a number of politicians did abstain.

iceland and usa relationship

Iceland currently recognises the State of Palestine as stipulated by borders. The decision was later retracted by the council. Iceland and Great Britain Credit: Approximately kilometres away from the shores of Scotland, Iceland has, over the years, held a contentious relationship with the British.

This is despite the fact that, for the most part, Icelanders and Brits have always found one another more than cordial, with individuals from both nations enjoying easy travel between them both. Top 9 Most Famous Icelanders in History. Inthe Brits chose to ignore Iceland's protests of World War 2 neutrality, preemptively invading so as to deny Nazi Germany a strategic hold over the North Atlantic.

Though there were protests, the invasion was more than peaceful—Icelanders even helped the Allied troops unload their ships. Of course, there was also the bloodless Cod Wars, the closest Iceland has ever come to a military skirmish.

iceland and usa relationship

The Cod Wars, as well as the events leading up to them, are fascinating in themselves, but complicated, an almost year history of tension caused by the British flagrantly fishing in Icelandic waters. In a response to dwindling fish stocks, Iceland expanded its territorial fishing grounds 4 to 12 nautical miles 7. The British responded as expected, by re-sending their fishing fleet to Iceland, only this time in the company of Royal Navy destroyers. The Icelanders immediately responded with protests outside of the British embassy—British Ambassador, Andrew Gilchristgleefully taunted the crowds by playing bagpipe music through his gramophone—and quickly threatened to leave NATO should the dispute remain unresolved.

The Most Infamous Icelanders of History. After a few decades of peace, stability and cooperation, tensions between Iceland and the UK would flare up once again. This would become known as the Icesave Dispute and, quite potentially, was one of the most ludicrous chapters of the financial crisis.

iceland and usa relationship

This was accompanied by a wide array of amusing pictures and spoof videos pointing out the hysterical nature of Britain's actions. Since then, Iceland's economy has made a swift recovery and relations have once again soothed.

Football in Iceland The Secret to Success. Iceland and France January 10,saw diplomatic relations established for the first time between the Republic of Iceland and the French Republic.

iceland and usa relationship

Relations go back much further than the beginning of formal welcomes, however. French vessels were regularly visiting Iceland by the late 18th century to make the most of its bountiful fishing grounds. Currently, France and Iceland focus on four main areas of cooperation; expanding French-language services in Iceland, promoting artistic cooperation in the fields of cinema, music, dance and the visual arts, furthering scientific research and building relationships between universities in both respective countries.

Iceland and China Credit: Once talks began, Iceland and China were quick to help one another achieve their goals; China stood in support of expanding Icelandic fishing territory, while Iceland proposed that China have its seat rightfully restored on the UN Council. Since then, trade has increased year by year, with an ever-greater focus on business and cultural interaction.

Not only has Iceland held numerous China Days in the past, but it has also taken an active role in China's art scene, sending over numerous local artists to exhibit their work. In response, the Chinese have sent a number of sports coach delegations to Iceland for training.

At a rough estimate, that means there are around times the number of people living in China then Iceland, a number that seems out of this world when you also stop to weigh up their respective land sizes and find you could fit a tidy 93 Iceland's inside of mainland China.

The Fascinating History of Icelandic Architecture. InIceland became the first European country to sign a Free Trade pact with China, selling its expertise in geothermal energy after nearly six years of talks. Iceland and Japan Credit: