India and israel relationship documentary definition

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india and israel relationship documentary definition

Twenty-Five Years of India-Israel Relations: Achievements and prospects a seven-minute documentary, 'SHALOM NAMASTE Ties of Friendship - India re- defined from a buyer-seller relationship to co-production and joint. Back to Treaty Treaty list by subject, agreement type,year and /or country. “ Treaties may be filtered and listed by using any one of the search criteria such as: . (Photo: From film/documentary 'Legends of the Lost Tribes' directed by Aran The 'Bene Israel' is a Jewish community in western India whose origins are This simply reflects the Jewish practice of marriage within the extended family.

Despite ever changing political environment, our bilateral relations with virtually all countries of the region have been progressing structurally and we have managed to insulate our core interests from the negative fall-out of regional developments.

India acknowledges that the political future discourse taking into account popular aspirations in the countries has to be determined from within and without any external interference or influence. This requires tactful approach in pursuing our interests and avoiding negative fallout of conflict in our own country.

On the policy option front, there are multiple challenges for India. We fully acknowledge that the complex regional situation requires a multi- pronged approach and hence our efforts to reach out to a whole cross-section of society, including think tanks, universities, academics and media towards evolving a consolidated policy formulation.

I will now highlight briefly some key elements of our policy options: In fact, we are more engaged in the region than in the past. India has been asked to play more active role in the Middle East but we need to assess this based on our strategic leverages and realistic consideration of our strengths and limitations.

We would not wish to create parallel mechanisms that will affect our bilateral relations. India remains cautious that our approach towards the region should not be misconstrued as being partisan or sectarian, as India has stayed out of any regional alliance based on sectarian or other similar considerations. We need to be sensitive to the perceptions of our own religious and ethnic mix in the population. India is strengthening its high-level G2G contacts with all the countries in West Asia keeping in view our larger diaspora, energy and security interests in the region.

This regular exchange of high-level visits has further cemented our bilateral relationships and helped the two sides to better appreciate and understand mutual concerns. The Government is committed to protect the interests of Indian expatriates in the Gulf and Middle East countries. These steps include, inter alia, working closely with the local authorities and employers, putting in place requisite institutional mechanisms, community outreach, initiation of Indian Community Welfare Funds and rendering regular consular assistance.

We have made concerted efforts to enter into bilateral Memoranda of Understanding MoUs with all the major destination countries to enlist the commitment of the host governments to ensure better protection and welfare of Indian emigrants.

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An agreement on labour cooperation for domestic workers recruitment was signed with Saudi Arabia. The recent set of events involving escalation of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the ensuing diplomatic brinkmanship being carried out by the allies of each side, represents a new high in the escalation of regional tensions, which does not augur well for the region as a whole.

It requires careful monitoring and continuous assessment of the situation for preserving our vital stakes and interests while avoiding the risk of entanglement. India remains strongly committed to a stable, peaceful and democratic Yemen, which is in the interest of global and regional peace and security.

India has urged all concerned parties in the conflict to resolve their differences amicably and abide by the relevant UN resolution, the terms of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement and the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference. This earned a lot of goodwill for India among the comity of nations. We have noted with satisfaction that the situation is slowly stabilizing in Egypt.

There is a commitment on the part of its leadership for political stabilization and economic revival. We are encouraged at the implementation of political transitional roadmap with the adoption of new Constitution, conduct of Presidential elections and recent conclusion of Parliamentary elections.

india and israel relationship documentary definition

The commitment of its political leadership to economic reforms and investment friendly polices are commendable and have already started showing early signs of revival. India is deeply concerned at the ongoing violence in Syria and the loss of human lives. India supports a UN-backed, Syrian-led comprehensive political settlement taking into account the aspirations of the Syrian people in Syria.

We firmly believe that there can be no military solution to the crisis.

50 documentaries you need to see

India participated in Geneva-II and has contributed financially towards humanitarian assistance and destruction of chemical weapons. We are also providing humanitarian and relief assistance to Syrians in distress. India has consistent policy on Israel-Palestine. India supports a comprehensive resolution of the Palestinian issue, leading to a sovereign, independent, viable and united State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, living within secure and recognized borders, side by side at peace with Israel, as endorsed in the Quartet Roadmap and relevant UNSC Resolutions.

We have called on both sides to resume the stalled peace process. Apart from strong political support to the Palestinian cause at international, regional and bilateral levels, India has been contributing budgetary, economic and developmental assistance to Palestine.

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We have expressed our firm support to Iraq in its fight against international terrorism and efforts to preserve its unity and territorial integrity.

We are hopeful that an inclusive political arrangement will help easing the conflict. In view of the security situation, the government has assisted over 7, Indians in returning from Iraq. However, the safety of the 39 Indian nationals in captivity remains a matter of foremost concern, and the government is making all efforts for their release. The government initiated a detailed assistance plan for the safe exit of the Indian nationals trapped in the conflict.

india and israel relationship documentary definition

So far, of the 6, Indians at the time of the commencement of the conflict, around 3, have been evacuated. The remaining Indians, despite persistent Embassy Advisories, have refused to leave for economic reasons. Recently, five Indians were detained by militia in Sirte. While the release of two of them was secured promptly, three still remain in captivity. Even women protesters were not spared. A few days ago, Israel's new ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon, met officials of India's foreign ministry.

This was preceded by the visit of a top Palestinian official, which the consular sources confirm, was meant for lobbying purposes and to seek India's backing on the current crisis. But what has caused a shift in India's policy from what was once uncompromising support for the Palestinians' cause, to strong ties with Israel?

First of all, ideologically they are closer to each other. Secondly on terrorism issues, both countries are learning from each other and Israel has been forthcoming in giving advice to India.

He said that "terrorism on the Israeli border and attacks on Palestinians should stop". Massacre at Dawn The death toll in Gaza has topped 1, and the majority of those killed are civilians, including women and children.

Another 6, have been wounded in the Israeli offensive that began on July 8 after three Israeli teenage settlers were kidnapped and later found dead. Are we saying that people who voted for Hamas in are also Hamas members? On social media, however, India's predicament over which side to support was further enhanced by the trending IndiaWithIsrael hashtag, used by thousands that voiced their support for Israel. The government's policy of maintain equidistance in my opinion is not proper because Israel and Palestine cannot be treated at par.

Indian author Chetan Bhagat created another fury among netizens after his post, "What is happening to Gaza isn't fair but sadly that is the only way sometimes terrorist organisations and their supporters learn to behave sic " targeted Hamas.

Others posted a mail stamp that said "India supports inalienable rights of the Palestinians people," and three decades later New Delhi has become "one of the most pro-Israel nations. India was one of the first nations to recognise Palestine's cause and it was the first non-Arab state to recognise the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as the sole, legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in Mahatma Gandhi, freedom fighter and father of the nation, backed the Palestinians in a piece he wrote in insisting that "It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs".

Eleven years later inIndia voted against Israel's induction into the United Nations. After decades of pro-Arab policy, the formal beginning of the diplomatic ties, however, came inimmediately after armed rebellion in disputed Kashmir, backed by Pakistan, picked up pace.

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