Jane asher and paul mccartney relationship

Jane Asher announces her split from Paul McCartney – The Beatles Bible

jane asher and paul mccartney relationship

Paul McCartney's girlfriend between and , Jane Asher was a major She's never gone into print about our relationship, whilst everyone on Earth has. A massive new biography of Paul McCartney casts a sly eye on the revered The Beatle was with Jane Asher for five years, but couldn't keep his hands to One of the biggest failures in McCartney's life was his relationship. Did Paul McCartney write his best lyrics when Jane Asher was being mean to him? her mother to collect her belongings, signaling an end to the relationship.

Reply paula Saturday 14 June Linda and Paul were both by their own admission — potheads. I assume that would make someone cool and mature? Linda essentially laid her life down for Paul, so in a world where women should have some rights I have no idea how that is cool or mature either. Reply tessa Sunday 24 August And what song is that, Paula?

jane asher and paul mccartney relationship

Thats a song about a guy feeling bad when his girlfriend is in the process of leaving him. I would never consider that a love song. A man really loves a woman when he writes beautiful love songs for her like these! She said at the time in Hunter Davies great only authorized Beatles biography,The Beatles that she enjoyed acting and she had been doing it since she was a little girl and she refused to give it up.

Reply Saltie Friday 23 March I agree. One would have to feel intensely about another person to write such songs in the first place.

jane asher and paul mccartney relationship

Composers can write songs for other people. Of course they may lie saying that song is for their women for obvious reasons. Fans are too naive to think songwrites think only of the oficial girls all the time. Some songs are not for anybody real, by the way. Others are for more than one person. But it is true Paul wrote his most people love songs before knowing Linda.

Was it for Jane? But I would if I really started to think about things. I don't think there's any meaning to anything. I have slightly more of an acceptance that you're hurtling towards the abyss [than I had before].

At least you won't know anything once you're in it. Her father, whom she loved dearly, committed suicide, having become seriously ill, and his body lay undiscovered for a week in the basement of the Ashers' Wimpole Street home. That's really sensitive stuff, not so much for me, but to my mother.

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And life's much more complicated than, 'Her father kills herself, so that's why she's got deep, dark wells and she finds parts like that. I wonder, too, whether a similar desire to avoid pain explains the other great denial in her life: Asher met him on April 18,two weeks after her 17th birthday, having been sent by the Radio Times to interview the Beatles.

His fellow Beatles assumed the couple would marry, but Paul ended up with the American photographer Linda Eastman. Asher has never said a word about the relationship, or the Beatles, since. I have no expectation whatever that she will break her silence for me. But I am curious about why, after all these years, she will not share her experience of one of the great cultural phenomena of the past century. And because I've been happily married for something years, it's insulting [to her husband and family].

But I press on, objecting that I couldn't care less what her teenage sex-life was like; I'm interested in the cultural history she's witnessed. You have to make a blanket rule and that's the decision I made, many years ago. And because I made that decision, it's just easier to stick to it.

First, that Asher quite enjoys the game of witholding something she knows people want, then watching them try to crack her resolve.

The darkness behind the smile

Second, that she's stuck in a position from which she can't now extract herself. And third, that she's telling the truth. She can't separate the historical from the personal. And the personal still hurts. Jane was educated, and he learned a lot from her. But he jinxed it up. To her credit, she has never written a tell all and will not to this day discuss Paul McCartney.

Peter Asher talks about his sister Jane and Paul McCartney

Colleen Friday 8 November What a Lady! What a load of tripe — where are you from Barb? Patti Boyd another southerner gave up her career for George. Yoko devoted her life to look after John. Watch that tendency towards credulity and demeaning, contemptuous bigotry.

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Not a good look. Was it really a woman who wrote such outdated nonsense? If so, she must be a terrible Southern snob. In any case, good reply aerialkate. And, not one person on this planet understands John choosing Yoko, the biggest gold digger in rock history. Watch your own tendency to suspend logic for rock glamour.

jane asher and paul mccartney relationship

While she is gone, he still loves her and always will. The story of Paul and Francie is not confirmed; Francie Schwartz denies it to this day, and Jane refuses to say anything. Even though we share a name.