Kareena kapoor and karisma relationship with god

A new chapter for Karisma Kapoor

kareena kapoor and karisma relationship with god

Karisma Kapoor shared a childhood picture with sister Kareena Kapoor Khan. The Kapoor sisters look so adorable and the picture is a proof. Kareena Kapoor Khan,HT Cafe,Karisma Kapoor Kareena with Babita: “The mother-child relationship is one that you can't put into words.”. Karisma Kapoor has walked into Otter's Club, Bandra, and all eyes are on . also shares a great relationship with her film star sister Kareena.

Don't fidget with classics. I don't think films should be remade. There is a reason why a film is made in black and white. If he wanted to make it in colour, he would have done it himself.

kareena kapoor and karisma relationship with god

If I tried doing it, he might just come out of his grave and give me a tight slap laughs. Randhir Kapoor and Rekha in Super Nani. Did the fact that you were never taken seriously as an actor bother you at all?

No, it didn't bother me at all. I played my innings well. I did some great films, have some big hits to my name, and worked with some fantastic co-stars. I also got to direct and act with my father and my grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor in the same film Kal Aaj aur Kal.

I was very laidback right from the beginning and didn't care much about what people thought about me. You suddenly slowed down and stopped acting in movies. What was the reason for that? As I said, I am temperamental and I wasn't happy with the kind of work I was doing. I am sorry that I disappointed my fans by not doing many films.

The kind of films that were made in the s did not fit in my scheme of things. I could not fit in and so I started getting terrible roles. Most of the films had either a cop or a dacoit in it. Aur meri shakal na police jaise hai aur nahi daaku jaisi I did not look good in either of the roles.

Then there were films which were all multi-starrers and I was getting the third or fourth lead. I was bored and by that time, I didn't need the money, so I gave up on acting. You made a film like Kal Aaj Aur Kal which was, well, different. Why didn't you direct more films when the acting roles dried up? I should have directed more films. It is my fault. My film Henna worked. But somehow my heart was probably not in it making films.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: My mother is my God, can’t live without her

I promise my fans that I will direct a new film next year. Are you reviving the RK banner? Yes, there are plans. I might direct the film and early next year we will make an announcement. Do you envy anything about today's actors? I wish I was young today. Aaj kal ke actors kitna saara paisa kamate hai Today's actors make a lot of money. We worked really hard to earn money. The tuition fees of my children, my electricity bills, Babita ke kharcha referring to wife Babita's expensesmy Scotch, was all paid from the money that I earned from acting in films.

Today's stars have become very choosy. They just do one film a year. That is because they also earn from endorsements, events and other avenues. Having undergone a tough phase in her life, especially in the context of bringing up two daughters after her separation from Randhir Kapoor, Babita knew the value of money, and obviously wanted a stable, and secure future for her daughters.

In the late nineties, while Karisma was a rising actor, and had accolades in the likes of a National Award to her credit—Abhishek, on the other hand was nothing more than Amitabh's son.

Kareena & Karishma's Sweetest Act Of Kindness For Reporters At Randhir's Birthday Party 2017

To add to that, the Bachchan family was undergoing severe financial losses after Amitabh's deteriorating career in acting, and debts accrued on account of a failed production house. Babita had serious doubts on Abhishek's credibility, which is why she allegedly demanded a pre-nup, with some particular proportion of Amitabh's wealth in the name of Abhishek, so as to enable financial security for her daughter, Karisma. This was not acceptable to Amitabh, which eventually led to the wedding being called off.

kareena kapoor and karisma relationship with god

Media speculated left and right over the whole issue, and came up with rumours—from Karisma's reluctance to move into the Bachchan household, to she being discouraged to continue her career in acting, from Jaya Bachchan's dominating influence over Abhishek, to Babita's interference in Karisma's life. In the end, the heartbroken and estranged couple moved on in their lives, but history knows that they sacrificed love in order to please their respective families.

I think just passing each other across from the bedroom to the living room is romantic.

How Kareena-Ranbir mended family ties

Love is in the air. We have wonderful children who are a proof that we have a wild, loud, screaming romance going on in the house all day long. Being a politician's son, Genelia thought of Riteish as a spoilt brat. This was at an airport in Hyderabad. Genelia had given Riteish a cold reaction, leaving him confused.

Soon, he was missing Genelia and they began talking over the phone. We were friends and the bond just grew and became stronger. I just felt that she was the one. I'm too much in love with her.

I don't mind talking to Karisma: Riddhima | News - Times of India

Hema also had many suitors from Bollywood including Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra. But there was a twist in this love story. Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur and had two sons Sunny and Bobby. The actress finds him extremely romantic and admits he still looks at her the way he did when they first met.

The couple have done 42 films together and and been married for more than 32 years now. Post this, the two met on the sets of the film "Guddi". In an interview, Jaya once said, "I was introduced to him on the sets of Guddi.