Karylle and yael relationship problems

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karylle and yael relationship problems

Karylle and Yael Yuzon finally talk baby plans waiting for the lovely Yuzons to take the next big step in their relationship and start a family. Yael Yuzon will head to Canada this month with his band SpongeCola. His three-year marriage to It's Showtime host Karylle has been. Karylle, who had currently been married to Yael Yuzon who is the lead that on the time that they got married, their relationship got stronger.

And I see like musicians coming together I think from there a lot of bonds were strengthened and I do get to talk to kuya Ogie [Alcasid] a lot also. I was at his wedding. He has a lot of plans, very optimistic.

karylle and yael relationship problems

He got the support of the President din which is wonderful. I also have friends from radio stations. They're also trying their best to create some strategy to put everything back to where it's supposed to be," she said. Let's try to also support [OPM] kasi sometimes us listeners if you hear it Tagalog iisiping baduy pero you know let's try to change that. Sayang eh we're being left behind by our Asian neighbors," revealed the singer host actress. Karylle on her album Karylle's passion for music is very evident.

She took the risk and decided to produce her own album, with most of the tracks she wrote herself. She said she took the road less traveled instead of taking the easy route where everything is presented on a silver platter. For me just thinking na probably I'll have kids who'll also sing in our family hindi na malayong mangyari.

So I don't want them to have the same problem that I'm having right now na I have to fight for my music, although it's fun. Kasi parang may feeling na hindi naman siya gangster or anything parang ang sarap lang na pinaglalaban mo yung mga pangarap mo and all that kasi siguro all my life I've been handed everything on a silver platter, it's kind of nice na yung passion mo mag grogrow hindi talaga binibigay sa yo ng ganun lang.

karylle and yael relationship problems

Genre wise, my problem's always been, whenever people ask me 'What's your genre? You have to be able to sing anything and everything.

I don't try to look at music na compartmentalized otherwise matuturn off ako if I'm gonna say I'm a fan of rap and Rnb hindi ko nagagalawin yung iba so becuase of that mas malawak yung pag-iisip ko. Some songs, medyo house, merong dance cause I do love to dance in clubs also, meron ding siyempre balad, meron naman na medyo steady lang.

Are they in a relationship? Karylle's relationship status still remains a mystery, and the singer-host-actress wants to keep it that way. She and Sponge Cola's lead vocalist Yael Yuzon are rumored to be dating. I worked with her in 'Mano Po' and I never understood why she said that. Sabi niya 'Keep a little mystery.

karylle and yael relationship problems

Pero ngayon, it makes sense especially since meron naman akong mga bagay na shina-share hindi lang siguro sa simple interviews," Karylle stressed. Karylle admitted that her being very open about her life has its drawbacks, but said she would not turn back from her expressive venues, such as writing for her blog in Yahoo!

karylle and yael relationship problems

Southeast Asia and the poetry book she is completing. People asked me questions. And just because I wanted not to hide, or to show them I was okay, I would answer all the questions. They told her that she was the nearest person to where the party was being held and if she wanted, they could even fetch her.

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He added that if Karylle would not have said why she did not go, he would have not been offended. But for a friend to say they could not go to a special occasion for because they felt lazy at the time was really offending, he continued. This reportedly resulted in Vice Ganda not talking to Karylle for a few days. However, everything was patched between the two of them when they started talking to each other because of what happened to their co-host Vhong Navarro.

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According to the comedian, Karylle was absent for one of their regular shows telling them she was sick. However, Vidanes saw Karylle somewhere else that day and asked the host why she was out given that she was supposed to be sick. She reportedly said that Yael was on the verge of storming to the studio. Vice Ganda said that when this incident was relayed to him by their director, it really saddened him. Binibigyan natin sila ng acknowledgment, ini-empower natin sila. Tapos gano'n ang tingin mo sa akin?

Nakaka-offend para sa'yo dahil ang love team ng girlfriend mo ay bakla? Baka sumugod pa dito. Para wala nang isyu, iiwas nalang ako. Initially, he said his co-host denied saying anything like that.

Karylle keeps ties with Yael a 'mystery'

He said, however, that Karylle needs to talk with Vidanes because that story was what the director recounted. When Karylle and Vidanes talked, the director reportedly asked what he would gain splitting the cast like that with a fabricated story.

Pero iyan 'yung sinabi mo sa akin. Ayoko sabihin, pero let's face it, let's be real -- mas makakatulong iyon sa kanya kaysa sa akin. Ang mga pelikula ko ay para patawa. Sabi ko, 'Ayoko ng love team kasi baka sabihin ng tao, nanloloko tayo rito.

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