Kazuma and bishamon relationship trust

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kazuma and bishamon relationship trust

But it's also good that Bishamon at least acknowledges Kazuma's feelings? Humans have a very different form of relationships than Gods, one that they . The stronger the bond/trust is between a regalia and their master, the. I believe Kazuma is in love with Bishamon, yes, but Bishamon is Their feelings are probably canon, but their relationship is not (even Hell, it was actually the reason why Kazuma betrayed Yukine's trust in the first place. Kazuma and Bishamon have all their complicated past plus the issue of Relationships that should be the most beneficial to Yato are still distant .. Yet even with that said, Yato trusts Kazuma more than Yukine's guidance.

Even after being a Goddess of Fortune and being able to reincarnate after dying, she refuses to let go of her life as she values her current individual self and does not wish to be replaced. Bishamon refuses to give up and pushes herself to the end. This was shown during her clash with Yato. Even after being severely blighted, she refuses to back out. This also shows that she believes in her own decision and doesn't allow her will to crumble. Once she decides on a particular task, she forces herself past every limit to accomplish it.

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History Edit Years earlier, Bishamon had many Shinki. However, because of their numbers, she was unable to effectively watch over them, and they became corrupt. Unbeknownst to her, one of her few pure Shinki, Kazuma, requested that Yato slaughter all of her corrupt subordinates. Yato, heeding this request, did so, and Bishamon vowed revenge against him. He is then forced to retreat with Yukine. She then searches for him, using Kazuma, and follows him to the forest, where he had hid.

Bishamon was about to give chase to Yato, when Kazuma tells her that, though she may be willing to pursue Yato no matter what the costs, he would not allow her to risk further harm to her Shinki. Bishamon retreats but not without warning. She later visits Kofuku, asking about the latter's intervention in the battle.

Kofuku tells Bishamon that, if something were to happen to Yato, she should be prepared for "a lot of Gloom". Bishamon is shocked by this and departs.

She is seen multiple times bathing, and later taking medicine given to her Kugaha, for her growing Blight. It is seen that Bishamon has a the habit of taking in lost souls, making them her Shinki. However, having so many Shinki wears on her, and it makes it difficult for her to care for all of them.

kazuma and bishamon relationship trust

As a result, many of her subordinates are seen feeling neglected or unloved; but, they attempt to put on a brave front to lesser their master's burdens. Later, upon noticing the death of Suzuha, Bishamon is distraught by the loss of one of her Shinki.

Upon the discovery of Suzuha's death, Yukine, his acquaintance, follows Kazuma to Bishamon's shrine. When she sees that Yato's Shinki is in her home, she is furious. Acceptance from others is a strong deciding factor in the mental health of children and young adultsand children who experience a sense of acceptance from their peers exhibit better emotional resonance, greater degrees of empathy, a stronger tendency toward generosity, and fewer difficulties establishing healthy and supportive relationships in adulthood.

Since Sakura died, at least as far as we readers have been shown, Yato had no one to validate his wishes to help people and to be kind; he had no one beyond his father and Hiiro, both of whom he no longer trusted, to tell him he was valuable and worth keeping in the world.

The impact of this kind of utter isolation and lack of help is unspeakable. As Yato struggled and fought against the abuse of his father, Kazuma was there with his hand outstretched to literally and emotionally pull Yato back onto his feet.

When you are a survivor of child abuse, there is no one more important than staunch allies. At their first meeting, Yato was cold-eyed, distant, and working with Hiiro. Seriously though, that last one… Just food for thought: No matter how many shinki abandoned Yato, Kazuma never did. Which makes all the stuff happening recently in the series that much worse, more on this in a bit! For centuries, he carried the weight of the truth and was ashamed by his own selfishness to the point he states numerous times throughout the series that he deserved to die.

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Just as Bishamon utilized her hate of Yato as motivation to overcome the loss of the -ma clan, Kazuma utilized his gratitude to Yato in the same way. He was blighted and hungry and totally unmarketable.

One the greatest protective factors against recurring abuse is social support. Tangible support is one the first and foremost requirements to helping abuse survivors make it on their own away from their abusers. Living on your own takes resources, and the significance and meaning of people who provide not only kindness but also actual things is immeasurable.

Yato would have fulfilled his request for the equivalent of five yen. Ha, probably less than five yen; we have to adjust for inflation.

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So Kazuma could easily have gotten a coin from Bishamon afterward and just handed that to Yato, paid in full, tada. Instead, he decides seemingly out of nowhere that he is going to owe Yato an all-encompassing debt for apparently the rest of his entire immortal life. Yato initially had no attachment to Bishamon or to Kazuma. In that light, buying his baubles and feeding him is really the least Kazuma could have done.

So then, my very favorite thing about Kazuma: Then he kept the junk. The doujinshi of Bisha, sure, I can see why Kazuma would want to keep them.


But the mix tape? Kazuma had zero use for these things and he kept them anyway. Like I mentioned in my other post about Yato, it is extremely common for abuse survivors to be stigmatizedeven by those close to them, due to frequent unemployment and difficulty managing finances.

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Being stereotyped as lazy and good-for-nothing is horribly common, even when the people in question may work extremely hard for everything they have. Many characters in Noragami repeatedly put Yato down for his weird attempts to make money and call him a lazy freeloader—sometimes even when he is out working.

Far and away, of all the characters including Hiyori and YukineKazuma insults Yato the least and supports his attempts to market himself the most.

This loops back into and compounds all the other forms of support Kazuma has been offering Yato for centuries. Essentially, all of this is to say that Kazuma is doing right by Yato. On the list of things friends and family can do to aid survivors of abuseKazuma is ticking a huge number of boxes. Side note on this point: In regard to insulting Yato or not doing sothere is one scene from the Kazuma chapter of Noragami: Shuuishuu which I think is worth talking: When Kazuma insults him, he bursts into tears: And is still mad about it later.

Okay, so, last really big point before it all starts to fall apart: He would absolutely never, ever betray her trust for anyone! From the moment of the massacre, Kazuma intentionally and frequently lied to Bishamon in order to protect Yato. Her reaction to finding out he was keeping yet more secrets was kind of hilarious. To her face, he pretended Yato was his enemy; behind her back, he bowed his head to Yato.

kazuma and bishamon relationship trust

Kazuma makes such a massive deal out of not lowering his head to anyone—of always being the one with the upper-hand—that this moment, especially in retrospect, is huge. Even after all these years, Kazuma is still risking his precious connection with Bishamon to bow to Yato. Then Kazuma turned around and stone cold lied to Bishamon about where he was during that time. She trusted him, and he had been betraying her trust forever and a day. Watching her most precious Hafuri throw a borderline against her in order to protect a shinki of the murderer of her children… Is it any wonder that when she chooses not to release him, the first thing she tosses at Kazuma is: She really felt his loyalty was that divided.

And the thing is, even though the readers know Kazuma only meant well, Bishamon was pretty much spot on to call out his divided loyalties… Because where did Kazuma run the moment he got exiled? Bishamon needs info about the sorcerer? Bishamon runs off alone to unseal Sprinkles? This right here guys.

He is utterly, completely, and unshakably devoted to her. Even knowing that he stood to lose everything, Kazuma still protected Yato without hesitation.

Just a reminder then: Or how about that time Yato disappeared and no one showed any immediate concern except for Hiyori… and Kazuma? Poor Inaba-chan almost lost a foot. And the trust is super mutual.

kazuma and bishamon relationship trust

After finding out about what Kazuma did to Yukine, he still flat states: But… is he right? Or is Yato putting a little too much faith in an old friend? Kazuma has crossed the line, not just with Yukine but with Yato too.

As much as I am worried about him, watching Kazuma suffer the effects of Resound himself in chapter 62 was actually kind of cathartic, in the sense that he now fully understands the experience he subjected Yukine to and how upsetting and a serious of a betrayal it was.