Keima and chihiro relationship with god

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keima and chihiro relationship with god

The World God Only Knows abbreviated as Kaminomi (神のみ), is a Japanese manga series The goddesses send Keima and Elsie to the past with the task of helping her. Upon arriving, they team up with a mysterious girl who apparently has some connection with Dokuro, Elsie's superior in the underworld, and Keima . People who have a relation with Keima in the past have more importance in this And, how did word spread that Keima confessed to Chihiro?. X CHIHIRO STORY[FANMADE] by eatyourveggies (산) with reads. relationship, chiro, ship. After story-A KEIMA X CHIHIRO STORY[FANMADE] A/N:If you guys still don't know TWGOK(The World God Only Knows) you have to .

As Elsie passes my seat she quietly says the words I didn't want to hear right now. I spend the whole period trying to figure out how to handle the situation with the goddess hosts, and by lunch I decide on a plan. I get up from my chair and turn to Elsie.

I make sure not to make eye contact with Chihiro. They're both in class 2-A. I go over to Ayumi and tell her to meet me there as well. Her eyes widen and her face turns bright red. She turns away a bit, while still keeping eye contact, and responds with a quiet "Okay Katsuragi. She may have misunderstood why I wanted to talk to her, but now she'll definitely be there. I open the door to class 2-C and one of the male students walks up to me.

Not like she'd want anything to do with an Otame-" I run off before he can finish his sentence. If she's not in her classroom, there's only one other place she could be! I run into the library and find Shiori. Shiori looks as panicked as ever. There's a good chance it's because I probably look like I'm dying right now.

Gamers can only handle so much! After I catch my breath I tell her to go to the roof after school. She stands there, hiding the lower part of her face with the book she's currently holding.

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After a few seconds she gives a small nod and lets out a barely audible "okay. After the last bell I stand up and turn around immediately. I have band practice! As I leave I can hear Elsie's voice. Kami-nii-sama's being mean today, I can't go to practice! Please wait for me! I quickly leave the room with Elsie close behind me, and start up the stairs. This is something I cannot screw up! Your review has been posted. She tried to kill him and even went as far as murdering Yokkyun in his mind in order to break him.

After Tenri's arc, she has occasionally shown up at Keima's house to be a slight bother to Elsie and to an extent, Keima. Keima once refers to her as "poison flag woman". At one point, Keima gropes Nora's breast to get rid of her because he wanted to spend the whole day playing games. Overall, Nora's and Keima's relationship is a mutually platonic one. Both had great distaste to the real world and both think that the real needs to be changed.

However, Keima was angered when he realized that Akari thinks that he is one of the worst of the real world. Although Akari had viewed Keima in a higher regard, it is unknown how Keima really feels about her romantically.

Keima did not have much interaction with Nora's henchmen. Nevertheless, he did express gratitude to them when they helped him and Chihiro.

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Keima then decided to befriend her to get more information about the Runaway Spirit Squad to which he did.

After seeing Yukie's methods of capturing runaway spirits, Keima assured Haqua that everything is all right since Yukie's methods works out despite being old. Nevertheless, Keima respects Yukie as a fellow runaway spirit hunter.

Yuri Nikaido Nikaido's Look at Keima Keima seems to have a very rocky relationship with Nikaido mainly because Keima once said that his games are better than her lessons.


Hence, Nikaido began to hurt him and confiscate his PFPs. However, it was shown that Nikaido respects Keima as a fellow runaway spirit hunter although Keima is unaware of it.

Nevertheless, Keima had a loathing respect for Niakaido due to the latter's treatment to him. After all the events, and Nikaido reveals her true self to Keima, she also admits that the real reason she confiscated Keima's PFPs was because she saw how well Keima was getting along in real life.

It can be seen that even after 10 years of limited interaction, she still cares deeply for Keima in a sisterly sense. Conquest Targets Ayumi Takahara Ayumi kisses Keima Keima deems Ayumi as a candidate for the host of the last goddess, Mercurydue to the emotional responses she had displayed to him, the most notable ones being after Kanon's love confession.

Although she has, on multiple occasions, displayed signs of attraction to Keima even before Kanon's confession, hinting at the possibility that she remembers her conquest. Though Keima has yet to show any signs of attraction to Ayumi, or any girl for that matter, the two do seem to at least be on somewhat good terms and sometimes converse, seeing as Ayumi is one of Elsie's best friends.

keima and chihiro relationship with god

Keima went to both her and Chihiro for advice when he was seeking to cheer Elsie up, and was even willing to help Ayumi study when the 2-B Pencils came to him in an attempt to score a perfect score on their next English test. Ayumi, like the rest of the "possible goddess hosts", displayed hostility towards Keima after Kanon confessed to him.

The day after the confession, she violently kicks him through the door of their classroom. Keima then tries to make her forgive him and deepen their relationship, for the sake of making a goddess appear. Ayumi grows tired of this and tells him to leave her alone, but he refuses, saying that he will be her shadow and never leave her side, causing Ayumi to blush violently.

With the threats of Vintage destroying the world, Keima picks up the pace of Ayumi's re-conquest. Having observed Keima's past actions, especially those with Chihiro during the second night of the festival, Ayumi distrusts his words, but ultimately challenges him by seeing if he is serious enough to even go as far as marrying her. Keima pushes forward, and proves that he would go along with marriage. He could not, however, prove to Ayumi that he "loves" her for real, but eventually he somewhat explains the reason for his actions.

He also mentions that he only aims for the best ending and that THAT was the true love of a gamer. He then tells her that he adores her and with a little push from Chihiro, they go through with their "wedding" of sorts, ending with Ayumi confessing her love for Keima and a "wedding" kiss shared by the two which Ayumi initiates.

Mio Aoyama Keima and Mio Keima, recognizing Mio as tsundere stereotype and believing she was rich, thought that conquering her will be easy. However, after discovering she is actually poor, he decides make a bond by hiding her secret and giving her elaborate bike rides to school. Seeing that she isn't falling for him, Keima understands that she is pretending to be rich because of her deceased father.

He takes her to a party she didn't want to go to and dances with her. He eventually confronts Mio about her father, and tells her that it is time for her to live her own life. Mio decides to let go of the past and they kiss, expelling the spirit from her body. Although she has forgotten Keima, she still blushes around him. Later, while being in Yui's body, Keima sees Mio in a bakery. After confirming there is no goddess inside her he wishes her good luck, showing that he does care for her.

Kanon Nakagawa Kiss Initially uninterested in her because of she is a real-life idol, Keima becomes Kanon's source of support and advice - even when she gets violent. When Kanon runs away from her concert and asks him to always support her, Keima says that she should not depend on other people because she is already shining by herself.

The conquest ends with a kiss, and Kanon performs flawlessly. Without Keima's notice, Kanon contained the goddess of music, Apollo. Apollo's appearance brings danger to Kanon when a Vintage member finds her. Remembering her past with Keima, she goes to Keima directly for protection, even going as far to confessing that she loves him, back then and even now.

After Apollo runs away in Kanon's body, not wishing to involve the "unrelated" Keima, she is stabbed with a magically enforced knife by the mysterious female member of Vintage - Fiore Loderia Lavigneri. Upon seeing that Kanon was in a dire situation, Keima resolves to find all the other Goddesses in order to save her. The incident involving Kanon becomes a turning point in Keima's life as he makes the promise to search for the goddesses for Kanon's sake, showing that he feels responsible.

Kanon tells him that she believes in him and that she will be praying with Apollo while he is busy. Shiori Shiomiya Keima considered Shiori a candidate for a goddess host, due to her reaction of avoiding him after Kanon confessed to him.

She is now confirmed as the host of the goddess MinervaGoddess of Knowledge, revealed after Keima conquers her for a second time through the assistance of her novel. She was once a reticent librarian who could not tolerate Keima's "rudeness". Ever since her conquest ended, she Keima and Shiori has learned to speak more often. And it stayed that way once the idol realized what Apollo was implying. She wasn't completely comfortable with that, but it was necessary in order to do what she wanted to do.

Yes, Kanon had decided to go along with the orb idea, the explanation from Apollo and having slept on it helping to solidify her resolution.

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Currently the idol was walking back from the Astronomy clubroom. The coat she was wearing indoors drew some confused stares, but it was far better than being recognized. The talk with Vulcan went as well as a talk with floating doll could go.

Tsukiyo didn't say much, silently giving Kanon her permission and now the third orb was tucked into Kanon's bag as the girl continued to walk throughout the corridors, heading towards her next destination. The light music clubroom. She hesitated in front of the clubroom door, hearing the music from inside. For a moment Kanon wondered if she should wait or not. Finally, she knocked on the door, before opening it and sticking her head inside.

It was looking pretty much the same as the ones Ayumi and Mio had used before — dark and big enough to barely fit in a palm of one's hand with pulsating arcane symbols inside. So, Katsuragi has to touch it? I can laugh at him all I want, but Katsuragi's really smart. He might not remember, but he will notice something is off. Well, it wasn't that full actually.

Between Eri being now a permanent addition to the family and him growing more conscious of his family budget, Keima has reduced the number of games he was buying at a time. There might've been a third reason as well — namely, him having less time to play games because of having to deal with the girls. However, it wasn't that bad. Come to think of it, since that day when the girls cornered him at the railway station, there hasn't been that many events.

Chihiro Kosaka

Him talking with Chihiro and visiting Kaori in the hospital didn't count fully as Keima had initiated those events himself. Urara transferring to Mai High had been unexpected, but so far it hadn't resulted in any further dangerous flags. Then there had been that short talk with Jun Nagase. Over the weekend Sumire had brought him breakfast and he had met Nanaka in Tenri's house.

All of those events were a bit strange, but it only got stranger after that. Some days ago, Keima had woken up and found Diana fretting over him and soon after that Ayumi had arrived and demanded he give her her first kiss back. Those events might have been strange, but they were undoubtedly real — there was no doubt about it in Keima's mind However, there had been another event with Ayumi.

One when she had kicked down the door to his room and demand he take responsibility or something.

keima and chihiro relationship with god

The problem with this one was that Keima wasn't sure it really happened, the memory of it being very vague to say the least. Now, Keima knew he played a lot of games and he sometimes hallucinated about them. However, his hallucinations pertained to game heroines. Not to real girls. Had this really happened? Then what was the memory so blurry? Was it a hallucination or a dream? But why would he dream or hallucinate about Ayumi? And it didn't stop there. Another memory was him in Mio's house.

The blond claimed Yui brought him there and he did kinda remember meeting Yui before that. But this one memory was vague as well. And why would Yui bring him to Mio's apartment of all places?

Come to think of it, the next thing Keima remembered was him waking up in his own bed. No Diana, no Ayumi, Yui or Mio. There was only Eri, claiming he has been out for a whole day. Did the thing with Yui and Mio was simply a dream? Or maybe the new memories he had received were the reason his mind was playing tricks on him?

Should he consult someone about it? Maybe Diana or the devils? Nah, Haqua and Diana would just tell him to stop playing games… Ultimately, he decided to not do anything for now. The last several days were fairly calm after all — the only real people he had to deal with lately being his family and classmates.

So perhaps it was just an isolated case, he concluded as he headed home. It was one of his new half-conscious habits he had developed after Shiori, Tsukiyo, Minami and Sumire had ambushed him here the last one twice so far. However, this time the customers were all normal adults and there was no-one he knew.

He wondered whether that was a good or bad sign. I mean, he had sent that one e-mail, telling the girls to leave him a lone for a while… but that was a while ago already. Did it mean that his life returned to some semblance of "normality"?