Kouga and yuna relationship

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kouga and yuna relationship

Pegasus Kouga is the main protagonist of Saint Seiya Omega. Bronze Saints he is very close with, he has a deep connection with Aquila Yuna, whom in turn. The relationship of Kouga and Yuna will be more explored here. Hope you Kouga and the gang have arrived in Russia, the home of Yuna. Kouga hollered . "Yuna!" Kouga hollered. "Ryuho!" Kouga hollered. "Haruto!. Fan-Preferred Couple: Koga X Yuna is very popular in the fandom due to how fans' desire to include a romantic relationship in the franchise for the first time.

Mars himself then appears intending to take Aria for himself, but is faced with the opposition of the Bronze Saints and Aria herself who openly defies Mars. The Bronze Saints are easily defeated even after using their strongest attacks, but Aria resolves to fight and her Cosmo then resonates with the Elemental Cores merging together into a staff with which Aria can protect the Saints from Mars' Darkness as well as empower them.

Mars is pushed back by Aria's light but then throws an energy lance and impales Aria. Mars then takes the staff along with Aria's light before departing with Sonia and a horrorized Eden.

A dying Aria asks the Saints to stop Mars and save the world, before being transported out of the Ruins with Aria's body falling into the abyss.

They are greeted by Aries Kiki, who explains the situation and how they are to proceed. Taking him for an enemy, Koga attacks Kiki, to what he responds by restoring the Pegasus Cloth and also revealing to them the crucial secret of the Seventh Sense. Realizing Kiki is not an enemy, Koga proceeds to the Temple of the Golden Bull, where he is challenged by its guardian, Taurus Harbinger, and a deadly battle ensues. Meanwhile, Kiki restores the remaining Cloths, and stays behind the teenagers, to battle alone against a large group of Martians.

Kouga gets up to continue the fight, and Taurine, willing to listen to the sound of the heart of the Pegasus Saint breaking, uses his most powerful technique, the Horn Max, to create a distortion in space-time and send Yuna and the other four the other houses, leaving Kouga alone to face lo. Gemini House Ryuuho is luckily saved by Kouga, who interrupts her punishment.

Kouga grasps the situation fairly quickly to realize this woman is an enemy, and attacks, only to be taken down easily. He attacks with his full power and she blocks, with "Fortune Wall", only to be surprised when he overtakes her and breaks through her barrier. Kouga believes that he has won, but as the sky goes dark, Ryuuho tells Kouga to run, as he know the alter ego has emerged.

kouga and yuna relationship

Naturally, Kouga gets the daylights beaten out of him just like Ryuuho did, sending him in unconsciousness. Ryuuho jumps in to save Kouga before she can do so, and Ryuuho asks if she really is the same Paradox from before.

Kouga and Ryuho limps out of Paradox's temple, leaving her with a frightened look on her face. Kouga uses meteors against Schiler that attacks against the Sekishiki Meikai-Ha, Kouga grabs transforming Schiler attack in a flurry, taking both the world of the dead, in a fight in the underworld, dominated by the Kouga and the cosmos darkness, nearly kills Schiler, but Yuna stopped him and defeated Schiler who was killed in Yomotsu falling.

Virgo House Upon arriving at the next temple, Haruto and Souma are confronted by Virgo Fudo, a gold saint whose cosmos surpasses that of all the Gold Saints in the earlier temples. Yuna, Kouga, and Ryuhou join the battle in time to save their friends from a crushing defeat. But even the combined powers of the five Bronze Saints is no match for Fudo. When all hope seems lost, Eden arrive at the last minute and protects them from one of Fudo's techniques.

Unfortunately, they are confronted by Tokisada, the new Aquarius Gold Saint and the man who killed Haruto's brother. His apparent ability to control time makes him a powerful adversary and Kouga is defeated with little effort.

Then Libra Genbu saves them and reveal his true self. Unexpectedly, Tokisada took Ryuho and Haruto to a another dimension. Libra Genbu told Kouga, Yuna, and Soma to go on.

They were overwhelmed by Sonia's great power. Soma told Koga and Yuna to go on. To there dismay they saw Aiolos' message the message where he entrust the young saints to Athena They left after reading it Capricorn House Kouga saw ionia and try to attack instantly. Ionia didn't have time for this so he said his life story. Ionia used domination language on koga so he could awaken kouga's dark cosmo. He almost suceeded until the light of the 2 athenas saori and aria turned him back to normal.

Ionia then used his most powerful cosmo to fight kouga. Kouga awakened to his seventh sense and used pegasus sui sei ken to kill ionia. Amor then restrained kouga saying kouga has the best role. Amor awakened the war gods to battle the others.

Amor battles yuna and attempt to kill yuna who is saved by kouga awakened by his dark cosmo. He destroyed the water barrier and killed bacchus. Yuna managed calm kouga. Eden then appears to attack amor. Yuna told kouga and eden to go battle mars. Battle Of Pope Chamber Kouga went up the stairs and tried to injure mars but failed. Eden then appear try to the same thing.

Mars then told kouga and eden his life story. Kouga and eden are shocked. Eden then tell kouga move on and kouga did. Kouga attempt to take aria's staff but only mars could take it. Mars appear again and kouga was hurt again. He then remebered everyone and used pegasus sui sei ken. Mars deflect it and pushed kouga off. Eden then saved kouga and they both fought mars head on. They use the seventh sense to read his movements but it failed. Mars then used his own lifeforce to save the world, but in vain as the time limit was reached.

Battle Of Planet Mars Medea came and took the cosmos of Mars, when Amor arrived she gave the cosmos to him, saying that the dark cosmos wasn't suited to her body. Amor then told his life story.

Kouga managed to break free, but was unable to win. Eden fights Kouga and is almost killed. At the final moment before Kouga Abzu unleashes the power to finish Athena off, Aria's spears along with other bronze saints cosmos gathers together breaking the chains which hold Seiya imprisoned beneath Mars planet.

Freeing Seiya from it. Guarding Athena from Abzu, Seiya told Kouga to stop the madness and asking him to get back for his senses as Athena's saints. Despites the long battles, Yuna and Seiya burn their cosmos together to fight Abzu.

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But due to the dark cosmos affecting the body, Kouga Abzu easily defeats her. Trying to save his last efforts to convince Kouga back to his senses, Seiya raised his final cosmos to the maximum and succeded in defeating Kouga Abzu and freed Kouga from Abzu influences. Kouga brought back to his normal state, thanks Seiya and Yuna for the help. But before they can enjoy the happy moment, dark cosmos surrounds planet Mars's surfaces covering the area and capturing Athena once again within it.

Without any hesitation Seiya convinces Kouga to help bring back Athena. Transfering the damaged Sagittarius Gold cloth to Kouga Seiya asked him to battle in the final fight Since Seiya's body is now nearly covered by dark element and couldn't perform his maximum cosmos.

Arriving in the realm of dark matter, Abzu reveals himself in front of Athena and Kouga. Trying hard to reach the seven senses, Kouga tries to subdue Abzu, but fails. It seems the God of darkness is too strong for Kouga. Abzu releasing his true power attacks Kouga.

Pegasus Kōga

The gold cloth couldn't shield the heavy attack, and is easily crushed and destroyed. One more time Abzu tried to kill Athena again. And Kouga never giving up attacks Abzu with his high cosmos once again.

kouga and yuna relationship

Abzu salutes him, for being the first mortal to ever really hurt his body. For that reason, Abzu brakes Kouga's right hand and burns it with his celestial power so he couldn't use it again. Being thrown to the pit of death, Kouga still tries to not give up. Meanwhile Souma awakens from the injury and asked other bronze saints to transfer all their cosmos to Kouga. So Kouga can be able to fight Abzu with all their force and hope.

kouga and yuna relationship

Once they did that, Kouga felt the cosmos containing all of the five elements fire, wind ,thunder, earth, water arriving. And with his own dark and light elements, all emerged together. With the confidence and hope, Kouga raised his seven senses again and stored all seven elements in his broken right hand. This time with all his power, Kouga launch his Pegasus ryuseken with glowing bright orange aura, being able to hit Abzu body.

Before Abzu realizes it, Kouga grabed Saori-san and flew back towards planet Mars to bring her to safety. Once again Abzu is angry about this, chase Kouga and plan to kill them both. The battle so tense that Kouga being able to match Abzu in the same level of power.

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Abzu releasing his most bigger dark cosmos so this time Athena will be trap in the darkness and die. But Kouga reached her hand. Abzu tried to stopped Kouga and crushed his head. But Kouga is to strong with all the elements he have in his right hand. Even perhaps surpassing Abzu himself since Abzu only hold the dark element power. By burning his cosmos, Saori free one more time from the darkness. And Kouga pushed Abzu again for distance so he can give Saori chance to leave the realm.

Despite of worried, Kouga told Saori that everything will be fine. He will return soon after he finish Abzu. After Kouga asked Saori to leaved, Abzu came and fight Kouga again. Suddenly the Aria holy stuff appeared in front of Kouga facing up to Abzu. This time Aria stuff releasing a huge energy blast containing Athena's light replacing the darkness surround.

Abzu dark cosmos depleted. And while being shocked, Kouga launch his final punch with all elemental with it and destroying Abzu once and for all. The explosion being seen from planet Mars. Before Athena fall back down to Mars, Seiya easily grab her body avoiding her from injury. Yuna and the gang looked up in they sky that Mars is being pushed back to the place and restored earth back to normal.

Yuna unlocked hers' alongside Kouga and the others during their fight against the Four Heavenly Kings, which, in turn, also awakened their Omega Cloths through the essence of the Macro Cosmo. Techniques Edit Divine Tornado: Yuna dives towards her opponent and deals a powerful kick with a huge wind force, knocking her opponent of their feet. Yuna produces powerful wind gusts that become as sharp as blades from her kicks, which in fact, can cut through solid rock and wood with ease.

Yuna dives at her opponent and attacks with a powerful, wind-enhanced kick. Yuna soars into the heavens and delivers a spinning wind kick while wings appear on her back, hitting her enemy with a powerful blast of wind. One of Yuna's most powerful techniques.

Yuna burns her Wind Cosmo in one powerful kick, sending an eagle-shaped force of wind at her opponent, triggering a massive and violent tornado engulfing them. She used this technique to defeat Cancer Schiller after awakening her Seventh Sense. Yuna rotates around her axis, creating around her a powerful tornado. This can be used as a two-elemental attack since Souma can combine his Fire Cosmo with Yuna's Wind Cosmo and create a flaming vortex.

The way everyone pronounces Saturn, which sounds like Sataaaun, in a clear attempt to avoid sounding like Satan, which is pronounced very similarly to Saturn in Japanese. Older fans familiar with the guy's work couldn't help giggling upon hearing Harbingir talk like an angrier Agent J or Mitch Buchannonyet at the same time they couldn't help thinking "so THAT is how Beakman sounds when he's truly angry?! Silver Saints are still being used as nothing but Cannon Fodder.

The ending of episode The results of opening that door were creepy as hell. It would be quicker to list the aspects of Gemini Paradox ' character that is not some kind of Nightmare Fuel. Pisces Amor, the most powerful of all Gold Saints by a mile and Medea's brother, has an infatuation with Yuna. While not quite played to Yandere levels, his persistent advances to the point of willingly forcing her sit next to him using his powers still come off as quite unsettling.

kouga and yuna relationship

Fudou is one distubing saint. His palace was very unsetling with that magma that drains life energy but that's not all. When he dons his cloth and lauches his attack, Nightmare Face kicks in and boy is it creepy. Abzu himself and Koga tapping into his Darkness element from 49 - No Problem with Licensed Games: Goddamn, Saint Seiya Omega: Ultimate Cosmo is just good. For starters, all the animated cutscenes are significantly better animated than the anime itself.

Also, the Triton Scale that all the player characters get to wear at a certain point.