Kurogane and tomoyo relationship poems

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kurogane and tomoyo relationship poems

Collections of short fics written for Tumblr's KuroFai Week Prompt 1: Role reversal. Kurogane and Fai are both dreamseers. They meet in the world of. Kurogane and Tomoyo fan fiction in English, written in drabble or oneshot A sad little Kurogane X Tomoyo poem. A series of oneshots about Kurogane and Tomoyo and their ever changing but ever strong relationship. CLAMP is famous for having at LEAST one flavor of Yay in every major work, with lots of implications tossed around but a veritable epidemic of UnConfessions.

It's even clearer in Tsubasa now, that a person's true love, stays a true love, no matter what AU version of a character it is.

Saku just that they could be together. It's not the last time either. Please, if anyone could point me to one scene, in which Tomoyo blushed around Kurogane, then I might consider this pairing being romantic. She's like that, she's very mature for her age, and she can clearly sense the feelings of others, as Eriol pointed out in CCS. If Kurogane loved her, she would know. But what she's done so far, contradicts the possibility of her feelings for him being romantic.

Tomyo, for starters, is the one, who sends him away, to find a meaning of true strengh. While this like ShirubiaLamperouge said probably isn't something you can teach easily, it's something you can never discover alone.

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So, how does he find it? In sacrificing himself for Fay. And then, it's Tomoyo, who tells him "If you want him to go with you, if you wish for it with all your heart That's not something a person in love says about their potential "rival". It's just that they haven't shown any kind of romantic inclinations towards each other.

They act like friends, not at all like how touya and yukito acted together, for example. It's mostly the opposite. To elaborate with a few examples, at one point Kurogane very obediently follows an instruction from Fai which confuses Syaoran and Mokona.

Fai explains that he and Kurogane made a bet the night before which Kurogane lost, forcing him to grant Fai three favours.

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After the kids went to bed. With no explanation whatsoever as to what that bet was. Fandom has agreed it was something naughty. Related to this, Fai's second favour was for Kurogane to stand back while he tries something to judge an enemy's power.

He gets very lightly hurt and Kurogane's reaction is immediate and very, very pissed that there's blood.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship poems

And it isn't the usual explosive anger either but the quiet anger we know from situations like Tokyo and Celes. Which says a lot. In the final chapter there's a touching family scene between the travelers with Syaoran apologizing and thanking his surrogate parents. Fai just gives him a loose hug but Kurogane goes so far as to loop an arm around Fai to ruffle Syaoran's hair and then leaves his arm around Fai for a good few pages.

Which arm is that? And with Clamp, that's some symbolism right there. In chapter 83, after killing Kotori, Fuuma pins Kamui to a wall by stabbing him through his arms and legs and puts his face really close, while murmuring seductively and licking his neck. Oh, and it doesn't help that Kamui is steamily whispering Fuuma's name the entire time.

Other fan-popular pairings with a good deal of subtext include Subaru and Kamui, and Fuuma and Seishirou mostly for the symmetry, it seems. There's also quite a bit between Fuuma and Kakyou. Satsuki and Yuzuriha have their fair share of Les Yay. Yuko constantly hints and teases Watanuki that he suits Doumeki much better than Himawari doesand she constantly puts them in situations that resembles her matchmaking them.

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And whenever Himawari herself sees Watanuki and Doumeki interact read: Considering how much Watanuki disliked him and acted like a Jerkass toward him, none of that would really make sense unless Doumeki In chapter Doumeki reveals to Kohane why he stays with Watanuki. He tells of one day he saw Watanuki standing in the rain, sadly cradling a dead kitten. He hears Watanuki say, "I'll die like this too.

After telling Kohane this she asks him to take care of Watanuki and not to hesitate when the moment comes that he'll be needed. Whenever Watanuki wants to "pay back" any favors Doumeki gives him such as saving his life numerous timeshe'll cook Doumeki's favorite food or take requests to cook something Doumeki wants most often with Doumeki making some ridiculous request that's impossible.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship poems

Okay, so Doumeki already really really likes Watanukibut the cooking definitely seems to make him fall for Watanuki even more. In fact, a lot of dere-dereromantic and cutesy moments between them occur with them bantering and arguing about Watanuki's cooking. And then, later, Watanuki appears to start acting like a very typical Tsundere towards Doumeki - especially here Doumeki usually calls Watanuki "you" or "dumbass".

When he does start calling Watanuki by his name, he does it without the usual expected honorifics.

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During the Valentine's Day chapter, if you technically looked at the exchange of chocolate, after the whole mixup, Watanuki gave the chocolate to Doumeki. It's true that in the story, this doesn't carry implications, however, this is xxxHolic, where everything including the plot is subtext and symbolism. If you look at the symbolism of Watanuki giving Doumeki chocolate And then there's chapterwhere the heartbroken Watanuki reveals that, after Yuuko disappeared, he decided to make a pact to wait for Yuuko forever, never aging, and never being able to leave the shop, until the day she returns to him.

Doumeki's expression when Watanuki tells him is It looks to be a mixture of being punched in the stomach, exasperation, and a general feeling of, "oh shit, you did not just do that In recent chapters of Doumeki and Watanuki staying together at Yuuko's shop after she disappears you could hear the collective squeeing of fangirls at the sight of them acting like husband and wife a married couple in a situation that has been the set up to countless Yaoi doujinshi.

Exactly who is going with whom? Very sappy and sad Even though I'm eagerly after you, I won't leave any trace. Dedicated to Tomoyo-hime, my fave female charecter along with Yuko.

Kurogane end with tomoyo?

Slight KuroxTomoyo in a few of the chapters. He escapes to go talk to someone he has been looking for the entire journey and to find out why the heck she sent him in the first place. In fact, he wasn't really sure how Fai had convinced him to ask out the girl of his dreams.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship poems

He was seriously going to strangle Fai Kurogane's mother is meddling in her son's love life. And some confessions are made over a cup of hot chocolate. Highschool AU, KuroxTomoyo, oneshot. And yet, I know I cannot.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship poems

Kurogane must be the one that takes this journey But maybe he isn't entirely against spending the day cloudgazing with his princess.